Dryankee17 Dryankee17 30 January 2014

Deadpool Vol 3 27

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to see where everyone is on this supposed wedding that is coming up in Deadpool Vol 3 27. Does anyone have any ideas on who this mystery bride could be, assuming it is an actual wedding and not another classic Deadpool joke. I assumed Lady Deapool at first because c'mon she is the perfect match for him being that she is him only a girl. However my theory was dis proven when I saw her as one of the brides maids. Anyways, let me know what you guys think and if you see this lasting or however you see it going down.

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Dryankee17 Dryankee17 21 September 2013

Marvel Fan-Fiction Database

Hey guys!

I have recently made the newest Marvel Fan-Fiction Database!


Please join and edit if you are a big fan of sharing your Marvel fan-fictions. I am also looking for new admins so leave a message on my message wall if you are interested.

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Dryankee17 Dryankee17 3 July 2013

Does Jeph Loeb hint towards Jesse Alexander located on Saturn

Does Jeph Loeb hint towards Jesse Alexander, the new Nova's father, being held by the Chitauri on Saturn. When Sam talks to his sister she reveals that her favorite story of Jesse and the Nova Corps is when they paint another ring around Saturn. In Nova Vol 5 #5 the epilogue shows Jesse being held on a planet looking similar to Saturn having another ring one which could be the one they painted around it. When Titus helped to paint this ring around I believe he never forgot this place and when the Chitauri, maybe from Earth 1610, came he offered them a place to settle in 616. What do you guys think, plausible?

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Dryankee17 Dryankee17 27 June 2013

New Warriors

Do you think the New Warriors are coming back?

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