Let's face it. There is not a single person in Earth-1218 who does not like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series is downright groundbreaking, and it has so much potential. Potential that everyone wants to be made into films, but simply can not.

There are a lot of superheroes from Earth-616 that could get their own films. But not all of them can. And we want the ones we want to get some kind of Earth-199999 counterpart. So what I suggest is that there be a lot more comic series featuring such properties, as well as television shows, video games, and other spin-off media.

For example, if the Guardians of the Galaxy movie does better than anticipated, I would like to see a Nova Corps T.V. show. And it would be nice to see a hero like Black Panther get some kind of Earth-199999 counterpart either in a movie or comic, or even something else. Essentially, what I am saying is that Earth-199999 heroes do NOT need to debut in a movie. They can debut anywhere in the universe. And they can also make references to things such as the Avengers, and vice versa. A comic series could even crossover Earth-199999 with other universes such as Earth-10005, or Earth-120703 - or even Earth-616 (oh wait; Young Avengers technically already did that...)! If those four Netflix series are going to be in the MCU, then I will see that as the first step.

Such properties suggested by Marvel include: Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ka-Zar, Iron Fist, Nighthawk, Vision, Luke Cage, Power Pack, Inhumans, Runaways, Blade, and Ms. Marvel. Any others you want to add? Or maybe you have an opinion different from me?

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