With only two issues left in Allan Heinberg/Jim Cheung's amazing Avengers: The Children's Crusade Vol 1, the big question is: How will it end and who will survive?

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We have Avengers, Young Avengers, Secret Avengers, Mighty Avengers, former Avengers, X-Men, X-Factor, and Dr. Doom all trying to control the fate of the Scarlet Witch. On top of that we've had several Marvel writers/editors suggest that the outcome of Children's Crusade will effect the Marvel U and tie into both Schism/Regenesis and Fear Itself. But how?

Will the Scarlet Witch restore all the lost mutant powers? Will she rejoin the Avengers? Will the Maximoff family reunion last? Will anyone acknowledge that the Vision is Wiccan and Speed's dad?!

Here's my guesses: Wanda doesn't survive. I just don't see how any other can end well for her. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing she will have to end up sacrificing herself to magically save the space-time continuum or something. Wiccan's already proven he could bring her back from the brink of death, so if she does die I think it will have to be a chosen or heroic sacrifice. I just don't see Wanda reversing M-Day completely. Hope Summers is already restarting the mutant race. Wanda restoring powers to more than a few (or one) mutant is too far reaching and upsets the current status quo too much.

Then again maybe Speed, Wiccan and Wanda will all survive, move back into Cresskill, and be one happy family.

As for others potential deaths: all the X-Men and X-Factor are safe. The big guns of the Avengers (Spidey, Cap, Iron Man, Carol, etc) aren't getting touched. Doom is safe. It doesn't really make sense to kill off Scott Lang after resurrecting him for 5 minutes.

So that pretty much just leaves the Young Avengers. If I'm putting money on anyone I'd say either Patriot, Speed or Stature. Patriot's be putting himself on the outside of the team since CC#1. I've never felt like Speed had much heart, but maybe a big heroic sacrifice may finally flesh him out. Stature is another possibility because she broke the rules by saving her dad, and it would settle the whole Vision-Stature-Iron Lad love triangle.

That's my guesses, but a TON can happen in 2 issues. Anyone else have guesses, observations, discussion?

Here's a link to Heinberg's latest interview about Children's Crusade: [1]

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