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Phoenix Force Its Coming

Its Coming

As most of you know the Phoenix Force will be returning to the Marvel Universe in early 2012. This will lead into the Avengers vs. X-Men event.

Avengers vs. X-Men (Event)

Avengers vs. X-Men

I think it's a very safe bet to assume the Phoenix will be seeking out Hope Summers since she's been manifesting the Phoenix Raptor almost since birth.

However, there are SEVERAL omega-level/extremely powerful mutants with whom the Phoenix could bond. I was wondering who would make the most interesting phoenix-mutant combos, and here's some thoughts:

  • Elixir - Here's an omega-level mutant who literally holds life and death in his hands; who better to embody the Phoenix? Additionally, Elixir already has a "light-side/dark-side" thing going on very similar to the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix manifestations. I think this would be a GREAT way to bring Elixir back into the X-Men comics.
  • Legion - Here's a mutant so powerful, he was able to wipe the Elder Gods out of existence. With the return of Legion, how could the Phoenix not at least consider him as an avatar? Plus, would a Legion-Phoenix just look really cool?
  • Stepford Cuckoos - These girls have already been Phoenix avatars (at least for Phoenix shards), and have already discussed their bitterness of loosing the Phoenix. Even if they don't get the Phoenix, them acting out of jealousy against the new Phoenix avatar could lead to some interesting stories.
  • Marvel Girl - It would be kinda dull to have her get back the Phoenix Force, but she's likely as an omega-level mutant and past PF avatar.
  • Emma Frost - Like Rachel, Emma's had the Phoenix before, but it would also be kinda dull just to give it back to her.
  • Kid Omega - It's already been stated that Kid Omega has Phoenix potential. With him back in fully functioning character status, and being an angsty teenager with a lot of power, if could be fun to see him at least vie for the Phoenix.
  • X-Man - Nate Grey is another very possible candidate. He's an omega-level mutant (or was...), he's got the Grey Genome, and he's manifest the Phoenix Raptor before.
Avengers vs. X-Men Vol 1 0

Avengers vs. X-Men Vol 1 0 cover featuring Wanda and Hope

  • Scarlet Witch - If she survives the Avengers: The Children's Crusade Vol 1, Wanda will be one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe (mutant or otherwise). The Scarlet Phoenix could be a very frightening thing, look visually awesome, and be a HUGE source of conflict between X-Men and Avengers.
  • Wiccan - Much like the Scarlet Witch, this is a VERY powerful individual at the center of an X-Men/Avengers conflict. The initial catalyst for the entire Children's Crusade sereis is just how powerful Wiccan really is.
  • Iceman - This one is pretty unlikely, I'll admit. But he is an omega-level mutant. Plus wouldn't an ice-Phoenix look pretty freaking cool?
  • Oya - Speaking of fire and ice, although Idie is not an omega-level mutant, wouldn't she be an interesting Phoenix avatar? The girl at the center of the Schism, brand-new mutant, new questionable moral views and basically the wayward apprentice of Hope Summers (the Phoenix heir apparent).

Who do you think would make for an interesting Phoenix avatar? Post your comments and thoughts.

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