On September 22, 2010, we saw the release of Avengers Vol 4 5, an issue that featured a map of the future. We were told by none other than Tom Brevoort that this map represented real events. And, almost a year later...many of these have occurred and we now know what they mean:

"Siege". Happened before this issue was released.

"Captain America Reborn". Again, happened before the issue's release.

"Heroic Age Begins!" Happened prior to this issue's release.

"Nine Worlds in Disarray." Still a bit iffy on this one. I still think it's a reference to Avengers Prime. Purely because two other big Asgardian events are also reflected on this:

"Who is Worthy?" A reference to Fear Itself.

"What is where Asgard should be?" A reference to Thor #617 and the storyline that followed with the World Eaters. The phrase "what is where Asgard should be?" was a repeated statement by Eric Solvang in his attempt to warn Thor and the Asgardians.

"Three!!!" Clearly a reference to the "Three" storyline that culminated in Fantastic Four Vol 1 588.

"Hope Returns?!" A reference to Second Coming and the return of Hope Summers.

"Academy Traitor!" A reference to the upcoming revelation of a traitor in the Avengers Academy. Something promised for a while, but not yet delivered on.

"Chaos!" A reference to Chaos War.

"Five Lights". The Five Lights.

"The Drumm of Revenge." A reference to the events of New Avengers Vol 2 #6 or the fallout of those events (in which case, we haven't seen it yet).

"Return of the King." Likely a reference to Black Bolt's return in FF #6.

"Where is Wanda?" A reference to Avengers: The Children's Crusade Vol 1.

"Iron Lad (Re)Turns." Likely a reference to Iron Lad's return in Avengers: The Children's Crusade #4.

"Galactus Seed." A reference to the Galactus Seed storyline in Mighty Thor Vol 1.

"Schizm". A reference to Schism.

"Yesterday's X-Men". A possible reference to the Evolutionaries storyline that began in X-Men: Giant-Size #1.

"Man Without Fear" and "Fear Without Man" seem like a reference to Shadowland or Daredevil's return, but presumably something more as well.

And a few that aren't quite clear:

"9.9.9" Connected to "Who is Worthy?" but not quite clear why.

"Master of Kung Fu". Possibly a reference to Shang-Chi's recent slew of appearances...but who knows?

"Nova Antiquus". No idea.

"Night Falls?" No idea. But I feel like I should know.

"Throwbacks!" Again, seems familiar, but I'm not sure why.

"H:I Stark Resilient." Possibly a reference to the Stark Resilient storyline that began in Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 #25, but the "H:I" seems odd.

"What's in the rings?" Seems like a Green Lantern reference...

"Steve's vision" may have to do with the big event they're teasing for next year.

And the "Ultron War" was an event that took place in the first Avengers Vol 4 arc.

So...thoughts on what else to expect? Things I missed? Where the next piece comes in?

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