Okay, having gotten positive feedback on both my actual blog post about Scott Summers and comments I've made elsewhere, I've decided to start a themed blog.

Simple premise, anyone in the Marvel Universe is up for grabs. Pick a character and a universe, and I will review them. Now granted if it's someone with a lot of history, say 616 Norman Osborn, that would take a lot of time to go through everything personally, so I will likely be using our good wiki as reference in several cases, but the basic premise is simple, you guys pick a character, I will read/hunt down what I can about them, and review.

Now there are some places I do have a fairly decent knowledge of right now, so I'll give those as a jumping off point.

Ongoing Series:

Most of the current X-Books, Uncanny Avengers, Iron Man and Avengers Arena

Completed Series:

Avengers Academy, New and Young X-Men and Incredible Hercules


Marvel Zombies and Marvel Mangaverse


Days of Future Past, AVX, Age of Ultron, Age of X, Battle of the Atom and Venom: Circle of Four

TV and Games:

The X-Men Animated Series (90s through to Wolverine and the X-Men), Ultimate Spiderman, Marvel Anime and X-Men: Destiny

Now then, for those interested, feel free to pick a character and I will review them in my next post. If you don't get picked, don't get discouraged, I will almost certainly get around to your suggestion.

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