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    Ditko's Influence

    October 29, 2015 by Jamie

    Kyle and I had the opportunity to sit down with Zack Kruse, a renowned expert on the legendary Steve Ditko. In this interview, we talk about the early days of Ditko, why he left Marvel, and a list of his essential reading.

    What is your experience with the master artist and storyteller? We'd love to hear your favourite stories, and how he may have influenced you.

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  • Jamie

    Exciting new characters are introduced in the season premiere of Agents of SHIELD. Only some will be important to the future of SHIELD, but which ones?

    Where is the show going? We'll give your our thoughts, but we want to hear from you, too!

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  • Jamie

    We're back for season 2 and so is Gotham!

    The Comic Book Showcase had an amazing first season, with just over 120,000 views! Thank you for all your support. We hope to do even better this year, bringing you more entertaining and informative programming. Also, drunken reviews of comic books.

    In this episode, we talk about how awesome Bruce and Alfred's relationship is, how Jimmy G looks like he's going to mess up yet another relationship, and what we think of the way Selina Kyle is growing up.

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  • Jamie

    In what was obviously some sort of clairvoyant foreshadowing, we've named the final episode of Season 1 of the Comic Book Showcase: A Cracked Rear View of 2014.

    8 months late, but as poignant and irreverent as always, we look backward to discuss all things comics from 2014. Have a peek, but bear in mind we were much younger and more impressionable when we recorded this.

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  • Jamie

    Hello everyone,

    It is my special privilege today to announce the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Database!

    Thousands of people have come together since March 18th, 2005 to help build the largest comic book encyclopedia ever made. Today, millions of people flock to our site each month to learn more about their favourite Marvel heroes and villains. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible!

    On that note, some friends of mine would like to say a few words...

    Here's to 10 more amazing years!


    Jamie Hari
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief
    Marvel Database

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