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In a world, full of comic book games. one lego game...

blah blah blah, aight here it goes.

in case you're new here, I review games with a little format I call the slyme format. basically, I'll go through the gameplay, story, open world, characters, and music individually and then give my overall score at the end. now without further ado, let's a-go!


lego games have not had a history of astounding combat mechanics, and this one is no different. the whole button mashing is still here, as well as the special abilities. not bad.

as for the rest of the gameplay, it's fine. flying feels good, aiming feels good, nothing out of the ordinary. however, here comes a real problem I have the game that echoes through my criticism: the auto pick. when you need to use a certain ability, you open up the character select menu and a character is already selected.