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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


Episode 7


The Empire has been destroyed.  With its absence, an era of warring states begins.  As Imperial remnants try to keep control, the New Republic has established itself and rushes to bring order across the galaxy.  In the chaos, Luke Skywalker has vanished to teach his new order of Jedi safely.

Despite the New Republic’s campaign, new regimes like the Republic of Mandalore and the Chiss ascendancy try to take control of more systems, while organizations like the Hutts try to maintain it.  Planets once safe under the order of the empire are caught in civil wars, as the new factions try to take control.

Little do they know, the Galactic Alliance and it’s leaders have been waiting for their moment to strike, as they had slowly grown under the noses of the unwary Empire, led by Supreme leader Snoke and his ruthless apprentice, Kylo Ren, the alliance now launches an attack on the planet Jakku, hoping to capture Senator Mon Mothma and make an example to the New Republic

The story begins in the middle of night on the beautiful grass planet of Jakku (desert planets are way too overdone) where 2 soldiers for the new republic are keeping watch outside an outpost.  A soldier hears something and points his blaster at where he heard the sound, but he sees nothing.  As the sound of wind and crickets fill the night, the soldier relaxes.

Then, both soldiers are violently tossed against the metal wall behind them multiple times before a dark figure (followed by some stormtroopers) walks by them, and the dark figure reaches his hand out towards the giant metal door.

Meanwhile, Senator Mon Mothma is having a chat with commander Poe Dameron, as Dameron wonders about Luke Skywalker.

Poe:  where is he at a time of conflict in a galaxy like this?

Mon:  he was confident we could take care of the galaxy.

Poe:  Well it looks like he was wrong, since Mandalore has control over more than half of the outer rim.

Mon:  He's just one person.  He can’t stop a society of warriors known for killing Jedi.

Poe:  Well his ‘new order’ better arrive, because at this rate, Thrawn will have taken over Coruscant by the end of the cycle!

Before Mon can respond, a soldier enters the room and tells her that the doors are opening and that a faction of what looks like stormtroopers are spilling through, but before he can finish what he’s saying, 2 blaster bolts rip through his chest and he falls to the ground.

A chrome Stormtrooper walks in, wearing a crimson cape that has the symbol of the Galactic Alliance on it.  2 stormtrooper officers accompany her.

The Chrometrooper steps over the rebel soldier’s body and looks at Mon Mothma, and raises her blaster at her before Poe pulls out his blaster and puts a hole through the two Stormtrooper officers and yells “run, senator!”  before getting shot in the shoulder by the Chrome trooper, and Mon Mothma takes off out of the room and nearly stops cold at the sight of the chaos outside.

Smoke funnels out of the top of a sentry tower, as she sees the stormtroopers of the Galactic Alliance shoot down soldiers, and she quickly runs toward the direction of her shuttle.  When she reaches it, she sees Poe trailing her as he quickly runs into the cockpit and starts up the ship.  But before Mothma can walk up the ramp, a blaster shot rips through the Senator’s chest, and she rolls down the ramp.

Poe realises that the blaster shot hit Mothma and takes off as the Chrometrooper shoots at the ship with a heavy rifle, damaging the engines.  Poe takes off in the direction of the nearest settlement on Jakku, but is shot down by TIE fighters just a few miles from the village.  

The Chrometrooper, Captain Phasma, orders a squad of soldiers to check the crash.  Among these soldiers is FN-2187 (Finn) who joined the galactic alliance to help people.  He finds the crashed shuttle and finds an injured Poe inside of the ship.  His commander orders him to kill Poe, but Finn refuses, and before the lieutenant can punish Finn, Poe pulls out his blaster and shoots 2 of the troopers, and Finn stuns one.  

Poe points his blaster pistol at Finn, not fully trusting the trooper, but Finn responds that he just committed treason in order to save Poe, and that Poe will need help getting to the nearest settlement in the state that he’s in.  Poe reluctantly agrees, and the 2 make their way to the village settlement, accompanied by their droid (Mothma’s astromech), BB-8.  

Next, Rey is in a village, she has been an orphan since she was 5 years old, and hates the Empire for taking away her parents.  That’s why she spent half of her entire supply of credits to get into the city nearest to the New Republic base out of fear of the Empire.  She sells scrap for a living, which is mostly easy to find, since there is a crashed Venator class Destroyer from the Clone Wars not far from the village.  She likes to spend her spare time practicing her shot on purple spined fang lizards in the woods.

Rey hopes that one day that the tyranny of the Empire will end.  Despite the defeat of the Empire at Endor, she knows that the Galactic alliance now wants to reign as the empire once did.  She heard that they attacked a New Republic base last night, which makes her anxious to get the next shuttle off this planet, but she wouldn’t have the money left for anything, with no way to make money.  

She figures that the New Republic will run the Alliance out of the system.

As Rey sits outside a pub, eating womp rat stew, wondering if she should sign up to fight for the new republic, she sees 2 men and an astromech show up and ask her where the nearest spaceport is, and Rey tells her where.  

Finn and Poe discuss stealing a commuter shuttle (which is a private business and not a New Republic commute service, so Poe can’t just ask to get on) and Rey asks if she can go with them, to which Finn argues against, but Poe insists that they let her tag along.  

When they find the shuttle, the galactic alliance has arrived at the village and the 3 are found just as they are getting into the ship.  Rey takes Finn’s blaster and shoots at the soldiers, but only manages to hit one of the stormtroopers.  They take off and are nearly spotted by the star destroyer orbiting the planet before they jump to hyperspace.

On the shuttle, Finn finds a leftover jacket and puts it on, and Rey asks Poe about where they are going, to which he says “the new republic.”

Back on Jakku, Kylo Ren and his knights of Ren take over the village and vanquish anyone who rebels.

Afterwards, Kylo goes back to his ship and opens up a hologram, and supreme Leader Snoke appears:

Kylo Ren:  the alliance has taken over Jakku.

Snoke:  and Senator Mothma?

Kylo:  dead.

Snoke:  good.  We must show the New Republic that we are no bumbling fools.  The death of the Rebellion’s former leader will prove to them our competence and ruthlessness.

Kylo:  what of the Mandalorians and the Chiss?

Snoke:  we will deal with them soon enough, but for now, we have to grow before we can take on a force as mighty as the Mandalorians! First, conquer the united system of Kashyyyk.  The capture of the wookiees and the trandoshans will prove to the galaxy just how mighty we are!

Kylo:  as you wish, supreme leader.

Kylo has his destroyer set course for Kashyyyk, where he plans to crush the newly formed alliance of the Trandoshans and the Wookiees.

Meanwhile, Poe, Finn, and Rey exit hyperspace and land on the planet D’qar, and are greeted by General Han Solo (Leia is the Chancellor of the Senate, which makes a lot more sense than her being a general in the army in my opinion).  Poe tells Solo what happened to them, to which Solo asks:  “So, do you know what Kylo Ren is doing right now?  because according to my reports, he has left Jakku.”

Finn:  I heard rumors that the Alliance wants to take over Kashyyyk.

Han:  who told you this?

Finn:  (pauses) ...a source directly from the alliance.

Han:  Poe, is this guy trustworthy?

Poe hesitates before saying:  yes, yes he is.

Finn and Poe both smile at each other sincerely, and Han yells at commander Wedge Antilles to get the fleet ready.  

We cut to Finn preparing for the mission, and a hooded figure appears at the door of his barracks.  He takes off his hood to reveal that he is none other than Jacen Solo (don’t worry, he’s not gonna turn to the dark side or anything like he did in legends).  he looks over to Finn and says:  “I sense something within you that has awakened...the force.”  Finn, not knowing much about the force, appears puzzled, and then Jacen explains what the force is.  Afterwards, Jacen hands Finn Anakin’s lightsaber, and Finn ignites it, and feels calm in the presence of the elegant blade.  Then, Jacen pulls out a blaster and shoots at Finn once, and Finn blocks the bolt just barely.  Jacen then says:  “you lack training, but with enough time, you could become a great jedi.”  to which Finn says:  “look, I'm not here for this ‘rebel cause’, I’m just here to make sure my friends don’t die right away, and then I’m gonna leave and put my stormtrooper skills to good use in bounty hunting.”

Jacen:  “very well.  The offer stands.”

Then, we have this awesome sequence of everyone suiting up and preparing while the march of the resistance blares in the background.  Then, Rey and Finn board the hammerhead corvette princess and Poe gives them a thumbs-up from the window of his X-wing.  Then the ships take off into the atmosphere as the fleet jumps into hyperspace all at once, and embark on the mission to Kashyyyk.

3 Star Destroyers jump out of hyperspace, as they commence their attack.  The wookie fighters are easily overwhelmed, and the TIE fighters have no problem covering the Galactic Alliance gunships (which look like LAAT gunships) and they get to the surface in no time.

Captain Phasma comes out of her gunship, followed by 2 Alliance commandos (they look like first order snowtroopers but with black markings).

Then all of a sudden, a wookiee and a trandoshan jump out of bushes, but each get shot by both commandos respectively before they can even pull the trigger.  Two of the most savage species in the galaxy are fried in seconds by the alliance commandos.  Another Wookiee appears, this time with a club.  Phasma pulls her beskar spear out and strikes the wookiee down with ease.

One of the commandos says that they should meet up at the rendezvous point where the rest of the gunships are, but Phasma holds up her hand, and raises her blaster with vigilance, with the feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Then, a commandos’ blaster goes off, and 2 Wookiees drop to the ground from the grass.  He says:  “quick, hurry to the rendezvous-AAAUUHHH.”  a blaster bolt scorches his armor and impales him, and his body rolls into the tall grass.

Quickly, Phasma runs and guns, with her commando tailing her.  A few blaster shots hit her in the shoulder, but barely leave a dent in the armor.  From behind her, however, the last remaining commando gets hit with an anti-armor shell and blows up into nothing but burnt bones and pieces of armor.

A bunch of trandoshans and wookiees circle Phasma and she says:  “looks like I have no one left to take to the rendezvous point except myself.”

Trandoshan:  you’re not going anywhere Phassssma.  And if you sssso much as attempt, we’ll shoot you ssssssily.

Phasma then activates her jetpack and flies away as the wookiees and trandoshans shoot at her.  The heat from the jetpack causes the cape to burn away, reducing it to a ragged  piece of cloth as she flies on.

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren looks on from the bridge of his star destroyer as the Galactic Alliance destroys the wookiee starfighters.  He watches as the alliance crushes Kashyyyk under his boot, and smiles under his mask.

Then, as quickly as his joy comes, it disappears as a fleet of the New Republic exits hyperspace.  X-wings fly through the air, cutting the alliance’s TIE fighters to pieces.  He looks on as new Y-wing bombers assault one of his 3 star destroyers.  

Ren puts his hand to his helmet and mutters:  “Jacen...Solo.”

He turns to the nearest officer and tells him to prepare his ship.

Meanwhile, Jacen, Rey, Finn, and some other resistance soldiers are riding in a gunship.  Rey is armed with a sniper, Finn has a modified E-11, and Jacen has a DL-44 on his right hip, and a lightsaber on the left.

The hatch opens up and the soldiers rush out, running and gunning.

Jacen says:  “remember, we need to protect the capital.”  

Rey responds:  “Then shouldn’t we converge at the border?”

Jacen:  “good strategy, but we need to wait for reinforcements.”

Rey:  “oh…”

Two trandoshans appear and Jacen orders everyone to lay down their weapons.  Jacen explains that they are from the New Republic and that they come in peace, and the 2 trandoshans welcome them.

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren flies to the surface in his modified TIE silencer, ready to end Jacen Solo.

As the tide of the battle turns, the New Republic’s navy picks off gunships before they can reach the surface, and the depleted amount of reinforcements causes the Alliance troops on the surface to begin getting pushed away.  Captain Phasma  and her troops desperately try to breach defenses, but new soldiers aren’t there to replace the old ones.

Kylo Ren’s ship flies to the surface and lands right in front of Jacen and his squad.  The second Kylo rises from his TIE, a volley of laser bolts come from a bunch of soldiers, and Kylo Ren doesn’t get hit by a single bolt. He slays every one of the offensive soldiers.

Jacen has a serious look on his face as he says to the remaining soldiers:  “stay back!  I’ll deal with him myself.”  Jacen force pulls his lightsaber into his hand and ignites it, and goes into a form stance, ready to protect his friends.

Kylo,  on the other hand, is quivering with hatred and anger.  He addresses Jacen:  “Jacen, you have no idea how much I have anticipated for this day.  All I’ve ever wanted to do is return the favor for what you did to me.”  Kylo rips off both of his sleeves to reveal his 2 arms, both made of cybernetics.

Jacen:  you threatened Master Skywalker.

Kylo:  my father (yes, I made Kylo Ren Ben Skywalker) may have abandoned me, but you tried to kill me.  I’ll never forgive you for that.

Jacen:  and I understand that, Ben.  However, I can’t let you hurt anyone else.

Kylo:  you can’t stop me.

Finn:  Jacen, what are you-

Jacen:  get back to the ship everyone.  NOW.

...and with that, the battle between Ben Skywalker and Jacen Solo commences. Solo slashes villainously, and Kylo Ren returns the same amount of aggression. Despite being on 2 sides of the force, they both want their opponent dead in the end.

As rain begins to fall, a message comes through everyone’s comlinks telling them the battle is one and to return to the fleet.

Finn stops for a second and says:  “we can’t leave him.”

Rey:  “Finn, we have to run-”

Finn:  “I’m done running and being afraid.  I’m not going to let someone die from my neglect.”

Finn takes his lightsaber out from his jacket, and Rey says:  “wait!  I have a plan.”

Everyone huddles up to hear it.

Things aren’t looking good for Jacen solo.  He tries to keep up with Kylo Ren’s continuous assault, but his endurance is running low.  Kylo Ren has the dark side and more training, so it’s only a matter of time before Kylo wins.  

Meanwhile in the air, Poe and his team of X-Wings dominate space.  Poe displays uncanny stunts and blows up more TIE fighters than either of us could count.

Then, Poe gets a call from Han that tells him to retreat and Poe argues with Han before finally giving in and ordering his squad back.  This sets up that Poe is loyal to the new republic, but sometimes his loyalty clashes with his recklessness and stubborn demeanor.

Cutting back to Jacen vs. Kylo, Kylo uses the force to push Jacen into the mud, and the rain intensifies, and lightning begins to strike in the background.

Kylo warns Jacen and says that he’ll only capture him if he surrenders now, but Jacen is too loyal to the New republic (and his father) to get captured so Kylo can get information from him.  He gets up, and tells Kylo that capture is not an option.  Kylo stays still for a second before rushing in.  he blocks the first three strikes just barely before Kylo slices him in the leg.  Jacen writhes in pain and then swings at Kylo, but Kylo dodges the swing and slices the same leg once more.

Kylo force pulls a second red lightsaber from his belt, as Jacen kneels on the muddy ground, gripping his leg.

Kylo ignites the second lightsaber and puts both to Jacen’s neck, Anakin style (like grandfather like grandson, I suppose).  

Kylo:  your head will make a fine decoration in my quarters.

Jacen:  Ben, I’m sorry….

Kylo:  you had the choice.  You didn’t have to help master Skywalker and slice my arms off, you didn’t have to try to kill me on that day.

Jacen:  you say that, even though you killed my friends.  You killed dozens of students.

Kylo:  So you tried to avenge them.  That’s the problem with the jedi, isn’t it? Hypocrisy.  The jedi are supposed to help people, but look at my father now.  He’s run off into the unknown regions to teach all that’s left.  He left you here and took your sister away to train!  If the master Skywalker believes anyone can be turned back to the light, then why abandon you for Jaina.

Jacen:  (yells) you murderous snake!

Kylo:  goodbye, Jacen Solo.

Then, Finn’s voice yells “STOP” and Kylo turns over and sees Finn, standing strong, brandishing a lightsaber, with fear in his eyes.

Kylo Ren simply utters one word:  “cute.”

He then proceeds to choke Finn with the force,  he notices the lightsaber in Finn’s hands and stops choking him.

Jacen tells Kylo to stay away from the lightsaber, but then Kylo cuts him off:  “let me guess:  a gift from uncle Lando?”

Kylo puts one of his crimson sabers away, and tries to force pull Anakin’s lightsaber to him (don’t worry, it’s still gonna be Anakin’s lightsaber in a few moments).

Then, the lightsaber flies by Kylo, right into someone else’s mechanical hand.

Luke’s hand.

The force theme plays, Luke puts the lightsaber inside of his cloak and pulls out his green one.  Kylo simply utters:  “father.”  in disbelief.

Luke pushes Kylo away with the force, picks up Jacen (now unconscious) and he and Finn sprint to the gunship.

Luke, Jacen and Finn make it to the gunship and rey says “what’s happening?  This wasn’t part of the plan!”  and Finn’s like “I don’t know, this bearded guy just showed up and saved us! Let's get out of here!”  then, they take off and join the fleet, and take off into hyperspace.

Next, we cut to Kylo Ren on the ground, enraged that his father beat him just by pushing him into the mud.  He says to himself:  “Luke Skywalker has returned.  The alliance is in danger.”

As the resistance celebrates victory in the hangar of their ship, Han pulls out a hologram of chewbacca and tells him that he’ll make sure that the New Republic sends troops over to defend Kashyyyk.

Then, a gunship opens up, and Luke steps out.

“Luke”, Han says.  “You’re back!”

In the background,  Finn moves Jacen (who’s half awake) over to the medic as Han’s face shows worriness, and then relief, before lighting back up with joy.

Luke replies, “yes, I am back to help the New Republic against the newfound might of the Galactic Alliance.”

Han:  “I’m just glad to see you again, buddy!”

Luke then childishly grins like a face he’d do in a new hope.  

“You’ll be even more glad when you see what I brought with me.”

And then right on cue, they jump out of hyperspace, and a giant ship is floating right in front of them.

Then, they get to the surface, and there is Luke’s army of jedi standing there.  Each one has their lightsabers ignited and brandished as the yavin medal ceremony theme starts playing.  Han stares in awe and hugs Luke.  Jacen shows up next to Finn and smiles at him, as they both look on at the sight of hope in front of them.

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To be continued...