Hello this is Johnnybravo here, posting what I hope to be a weekly blog post, roughly at 5 o’clock each week. I'm starting a bit late this week because it is my first one. I also might have others in different formats, but this is just the first. Basically I'll be talking about a new event, a certain character, or another important news story from Marvel, or possibly be asking a question, or maybe even a rant (sorry Young X-Men!). So keep your eyes peeled each Friday! :)

Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001


Why not start with a pretttyy popular character? Yes, I mean Deadpool.

Keen Awareness!


Well, let's face facts: there are many reasons to like Deadpool. For starters, he understands that he is a comic book character, and he's one of the few to break the fourth wall. In Deadpool #28, when Deadpool meets Bullseye, he is well aware of their last interaction in Deadpool #16. Maybe Joe Kelly just has a sense of humor, or maybe he saw gold at defining Deadpool as just that.

Sense of Humor!

Speaking of a sense of humor.. who could forget Deadpool's? Even in the heat of a battle, he is keen to use his voice as a weapon. Often times, some find it quite annoying however, as Domino once said "He’ll talk until you surrender or commit suicide." Always throwing out jokes about the most random things too really helps Domino's case. Still, his common sense is tingling..

Popularity Contest?

James Howlett vs. Wade Wilson (Earth-10005)

Another great reason to love Deadpool his ability to get along well with others. OK, maybe I didn't pick the best image, but I'm sure you get my point. Cable & Deadpool was an amazing series. Deadpool Corps honestly hasn't been too bad so far. And even though I was at first against his addition to X-Force, Uncanny X-Force has been great so far; he makes a good member of the team. And also duh! Deadpool Team-Up!

Cover Parodies Galore!

Deadpool Vol 1 51

Many of Deadpool's covers have been known for parodying other famous covers, movies, or movie posters. Take Deadpool #11 for example, which parodied the famous cover to Amazing Fantasy #15. Or how about Deadpool #40 which parodied the famous movie poster to Alien? There are more out there too: Deadpool #42 parodied G.I. Joe, Deadpool #57 parodied the cover to Uncanny X-Men #205, Deadpool Vol 2 #7 parodied the cover to X-Men #141, the list goes on and on… Actually, the entire series of Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth’s covers were each a parody of a different movie poster, including the iconic movies: Jaws, Dawn of the Dead, Silence of the Lambs, Scarface, and Alien (again).

Too Many Series..?

Baby's First Deadpool Book Vol 1 1

Although maybe it’s not his parodied covers, but the fact that he is in.. so many books. Deadpool, Deadpool Team-Up, Deadpool Corps, and Uncanny X-Force; and those are just his current books.. He has been in plenty of limited series, one-shots, and annuals as well. Not to mention he has to be thrown in to every event.. Secret Invasion and Curse of the Mutants were my favorites of his additions. I also thought he was pretty great in Necrosha, even if he didn't have that big of a role in it. His use of Loa as a weapon was pretty funny. But is he in too many series...? Baby's First Deadpool Book? Encyclopedia Deadpoolica?

The Ladies Love Deadpool!

Deadpool Vol 1 41 Textless

What can I say? The ladies love him! But.. why? Have you seen his face..? Truly one only a mother could love... Siryn left him just for that. Lady Deadpool.. I guess puts up with it because she is in the same boat. Copycat, and the many other ladies though.. what is their excuse..? A man of power, immortal at least, and with quite a few weapons to keep people in line, maybe that is it. But is this just in comics? Do real women actually like Deadpool? I can imagine a regular mom would hate for her kid to read something like it, but what about someone else? A teenager, for example? Oh, who am I kidding? It's so hard to find any girl liking comics, let alone a teenage girl!


Wade Wilson (Earth-2149) from Deadpool Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 2 70th Anniversary Frame Variant Cover

Many of Deadpool's counterparts are also quite popular. Why do you think a frickin' dog, frickin' kid, frickin' female, and a frickin' zombie version of him were combined in a series? His Age of Apocalypse and Ultimate versions were quite popular too one could say, as far as alternate versions popularity goes.. I rather like his zombie alternate during Marvel Zombies, and it's interesting nonetheless to see him in Deadpool Corps, even with no body.

Inspiration: For and From?

File:Deathstroke meets Deadpool.jpg
Many argue that the idea of Deadpool was stolen from Deathstroke, but if we're going down that path, Deathstroke was kind of a copy of Taskmaster.. Anyways, I'm sure Rob Liefeld was influenced by Deathstroke while the thought of Deadpool crossed his mind, still, who cares? Now there are plenty of characters who have basically been influenced by Deadpool: Fantomex and Hit-Monkey to name two.

Th-th-th-that's All Folks!

Well there it is folks. Whatever your reason is for loving Deadpool, I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please comment below and tell me if you think there is more to it, as I'm sure I missed something. And if you don't like Deadpool, please, feel free to voice your problems! I understand he can be a back-stabber... Regardless, see you next week! --Johnnybravo44 (talk) 23:38, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

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