It's pretty hard to find a fault with this issue, but here's my review nonetheless. Sorry it's a little late. There will be spoilers.

Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 12

We start off with a nice talk between Wolverine and AoA Jean. They share a kiss, but a Sentinel is the moment killer. Then we get an awesome shot of all X-Men of the AoA, along with X-Force. That was cool. It's funny that this Rogue and Sunfire essentially look the same as the Earth-616 versions. OK, Rogue changed her costume not too far back, but as far as I know Sunfire still looks the same. Where has he been anyway..?

It didn't seem to make sense that X-23 was basically the leader of these people. Maybe she wasn't, but she sure talked like it. And then this MODOK was here and it supposedly had the clone of the brain of Charles Xavier. How does that make sense...? Where would they get his brain? Also, it was interesting to learn that AoA Gateway could travel through realities. From what I know, Earth-616 Gateway cannot.

There was a cool quote from Wolverine to Sabretooth: "Don't matter what world you're from Creed. You'll always be an idiot." Then we came to the cover part. Fantomex and Psylocke are talking and he basically ignores her, she hits him, then they kiss. I find this a bit hard to believe...and it does seem a tad mirrored to Namor and Emma in Uncanny X-Men recently. Doesn't it?

Anyway, Fantomex leads a group of X-Men to find the life seeds, and the rest all go to find Gateway. Now, I could have sworn that that was Gambit this whole time, and not Cyclops. Sure, Gambit died. But I don't recall Cyclops in the last AoA book..let alone turning good. Maybe I'm just forgetful..?

So Wolverine and the rest are trying to be stealthy I guess in a big Master Mold basically, and yet Iceman leaves trails all over the place. Wth Iceman? Then we get introduced into all these new villains who are essentially two characters morphed together. But instead of fighting them, X-Force just leaves. I don't see a point into them being revealed if they don't even fight. Although I could have sworn the Blob of AoA was already dead...

Finally we are introduced to the new Apocalypse- Weapon X (Wolverine) of AoA. And he kills (does she die?) X-23. So nice ending too. So overall awesome issue. I just love the AoA so much, and seeing all the X-Men again really did it enough for me. Not to mention Mark Brook's art is incredible. lol! Anyways, I'm dropping a 5 out of 5 stars on this one. Boom. There it is. Great book. I might have had one or two minor issues with it, but they're mainly from my lack of knowledge on certain characters apparently. Really the only problem I might've had is that some characters just didn't talk. Like, at all. But hopefully they can speak up soon..

Johnnybravo44 (talk) 20:48, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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