Spoilers as always if you have not read the issue yet. It's been a while since I did a comic book review, so here I am again. I'll probably have two to three a month, so overall not terrible.

While AoA Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Deadpool hunt down AoA Iceman, Psylocke, Fantomex, Captain Britain and friends pay their last respects to Jamie Braddock.

Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 24

So, Iceman is in Earth-616 which I found weird, as I thought he went off wit Dark Beast and friends..? Whatever. Anyways, he's in Madripoor, and he's jsut chilling with all of these random chicks; just plain enjoying life. And then Deadpool has to ruin things, and the ruin the kill too. Seeing Deadpool dressed like that makes me shudder and accidentally think of the image of him in Jean Grey's outfit..ew. When Deadpool done goofs things up, Wolverine and Nightcrawler have to come help out with a fancy grenade. When they done goof up, the bomb goes off all over Wolverine, apparently sparing all civilians, I can't really tell for sure. That was cool, reminded me of Synch's sacrifice for some reason.. After Iceman is done being all badass, Nightcrawler teleports him to some coal burning factory or something, and since there is hardly and moisture in the air, Iceman is nearly powerless. They have plain hand to hand combat, and though Iceman appears to have the upper hand, Nightcrawler wins. Enter: a furnace, where Nightcrawler throws his old friend into, saying "Shiro sends his regards." We see the majority of Iceman melt, and can presumably safely assume he's fully dead. I just had my doubts only slightly, though. First off, I thought he went off with Dark Beast? Second off, there is a tiny little puddle of his ice left over when he's thrown into the furnace, I wouldn't be 100% surprised if that is still "him". I dunno..

Meanwhile, Jamie is laid to rest. Fantomex doesn't say "I told you so", though Captain Britain is a huge jerk about it..not really sure why Remender wanted him to appear as a jerk, he even was a jerk to his own sister too. I only scanned through the past few issues, so I'm not compeltely informed of all that went down, maybe there was something that could close enough explain this..? So at first Fantomex and Psylocke appear on bad terms, but by the end of the issue... So Fantomex talks to Evan (Genesis) for like a second, mentions Led Zeppelin, Evan has no idea who that is, and Fantomex wonders what they teach him at that school. Made me think of School of Rock. And then Psylocke shows up, Fantomex wants to talk, but she has *ahem* other ideas.

Overall, the issue was pretty good. Should have been $2.99 imo, but whatever. If you missed the Captain Britain issues like me, but wanted to jump back in for the upcoming Omega Gang and new Brotherhood coming up, you could go ahead and pick this up. It's really just Jamie's funeral and Iceman's death, but I still kinda liked it. It's good to see Nightcrawler get revenge on at least one guy so far. Upcoming images for the new Brotherhood show Mystique, AoA Blob, Skinless dude, and a few others, one of which looks like maybe Kurt will find another (Blob) villain from his time to kill too in the future. What do I rate this book? Out of five stars, probably 3. Which isn't bad, mind you, just not an amazing book at 5, or a really great one at 4. It's good, but while it could be better, it really couldn't since that was all that was going on in the book lol. If you have an extra $3.99 to spend, go ahead and pick up this book, and you'll enjoy it enough. :)

--Johnnybravo44 17:05, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

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