GREAT comic. I'm not even sure what else to say.

Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 5.1

The Reavers came back this issue, and all of them too. (Except obviously Donald Pierce was out, still "dead" from Second Coming, surprisingly.) It sure was nice to see Lady Deathstrike reunited with all the past members, unlike during Messiah Complex, when there was just the "new" Reavers, all unnamed. Which was lame.

When was the last time the Reavers were even shown altogether like this?

2001? I hardly count that.. That story was terribly written in my opinion. And with the new Skullbuster, it really turned me off.

2003? Nope. That was just Donald Pierce, along with all those other humans. Oh yeah, and Elixir..

2006? Already said and done. No way. I still despise Lady D's look during that crossover. Why it continued into Uncanny X-Men afterwards, I'll never know.

So.. basically they haven't fully appeared altogether like that since 1991. And that was the issue they died, so it's not even saying much. That wasn't a way for them to go. By Sentinels? Come on! They share a common goal with them! But I guess with Fitzroy in charge..

Still, the comic was great with them in it. Nice to see Gateway again, and be reassured he's not dead. It was nice to see Lady D not just plain trying to kill Wolverine for once. And I loved how Cyclops and Magneto were right there as Psylocke killed the remaining Reavers. ON Utopia. It was also interesting to see how these Reavers almost took a religious side against mutants, similar to the Purifiers.

New X-Men Vol 2 45 Textless Bianchi Variant

Not to mention the artwork. Superb!

But the best part was that this was Psylocke’s grip with the fact that she is a murderer. Even though she was warned by Wolverine not to make it a revenge thing against the Reavers, she did. And freaking killed as many as possible quite brutally, especially since her telepathic powers were useless against cyborgs. Samurai swords are a close second. She didn't really kill in the first issues of Uncanny X-Force, but she sure outdid herself this time.

If you didn't get this .1, you sure should. You really don't need to know past or future issues at all to get this one. You know it's good if I actually post a blog on it. Wasn't a fan of #5, but this made up for all Deathloks..

--Johnnybravo44 (talk) 03:08, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

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