Alright, the first issue of the Fantastic Four. Not TOO fantastic, but it was definitely interesting and overall great story-writing. I was actually surprised how this really covered a lot in about 24 pages. You get the introduction, a super team that is called together by its leader, Mister Fantastic. You see the characters, each with special powers join together to fight their first battle. Then, you have a flashback of the origin of the team before they hit the ground running off to the first mission. I did find a few things odd though. With first issues you sometimes lose what is happening by cramming a bunch of story into so little. The good thing is that it makes you ask questions. Some that will eventually be answered in future issues.

I did have questions though. One question I had was, why the Mole Man? Kind of a silly character and pretty determined ugly man. He crashes on Monster Isle and suddenly they all follow him? Whatever. Why did the team have to be called together with a signal flare? Why did the National Guard fire a nuclear missile at the Torch without question?

I also thought it odd that for being an amazing scientist, Mister Fantastic wasted no time in researching the consequences of "cosmic ray" exposure before subjecting his fiancée, future brother-in-law, and friend to follow him in space. No wonder the Thing hated him for dragging him along. Luckily, they had the drive to beat those "commies" into space first to learn about the rays. Too bad, it came at a cost. Fortunately though, they turned out to use their powers for good. They must truly be... fantastic.

--M1shawhan 03:30, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

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