Okay this review will be shorter than Marvel Comics #1. Reason being that this one was not as larger than life and it brought things down a notch. Okay, so the first issues of comics tend to get hyped up and reading them after the fact is usually a let down. In the first issue, this was fine and it was actually surprising. I assumed this one would be just as good since it was just a continuation of the other stories... I was wrong!

The Human Torch - although the story was definitely defined and had a beginning, middle, end - it was almost too long. I mean, the Torch reveals to the readers that he killed his maker (COMPLETELY out of the blue - sorry for the spoiler) between the first issue and this one. So now he is stuck in a "world that hates him" type of atmosphere and he killed the one guy that could actually help him cope? Psycho-robot! Then he uncovers a HUGE plot on a racetrack. The story involves a Bonnie and Clyde duo that try to kill the Torch. They then go back to racing and the Torch gets them in the end -- sneaky Torch. The Torch is obviously a sadist since he almost allows the villain to burn alive, tricking him into confessing to his crimes in return for the Torch's help out of the burning car. Apparently kids did NOT see what their kids read in the 30s. He then gets the confession and rather than helping the evil victim, he derides him by telling him that he was wearing an asbestos suit the whole time?!? He gets the confession and then after giving it to police, he "mysteriously" disappears except for a pair of single burning footprints... Oddly, this made me more interested in reading his stories.

The Angel - This story was actually more involved than his first. It shows that he is a "people's vigilante" rather than just a person out for revenge. Too bad they placed him away from his fan-base in this story and it almost felt a little misplaced with the characters in this story. Other than that, I liked it.

The Sub-Mariner - In this story, he finally begins to learn about those pesky land-dwellers. He comes on land to create chaos for all of us. After falling in love with a woman and then kidnapping her, trying to drown her by taking her underwater, and killing a policeman who tries to save her, the Sub-Mariner disappears in the deep leaving only bubbles on the surface. This was a story about how NOT to get a girl. It was an odd one, and I still say that the Sub-Mariner was one of the stranger Marvel characters. I mean, he mugs a bum for his clothes in this issue -- come on! Overall, I just have to see what this idiot does next.

The Masked Raider - Ugh! Come on Tex, shoot him!

American Ace - I actually think this one is interesting... though it goes NOWHERE! It's about some odd Queen Ursula who plots against Attania. She has their ambassador assassinated to cause a war. Eventually it gets to the main character, American Ace to come to Attania's aid against the evil Queen Ursula and he lands in the friggin' war zone!!! Bombs start falling and one hits a little too close. That's a cliffhanger? I gotta read it just to see if Queen Ursula turns out to be as bad as she appears to be.

Death-Bird Squadron - Another short-story in a comic book! Sadly it is the Angel and he already had an earlier story in this same comic. I wonder if they put these in to try to give background to the characters (almost like a flashback). Whatever the reason, they need to stop.

Ka-Zar the Great - Ka-Zar, Ka-Zar, Ka-Zar. When will you ever learn that messing with plotting monkeys in the jungle is NEVER a good idea? The monkeys steal a cub and carry him into the trees. Ka-Zar comes to his aid! Luckily he tricks the monkey Bardak into dropping the cub and fighting Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar kills Bardak and then shows the monkey tribe that he is dominant over them. Finally the mate of Zar accepts this human into their pride. Yes, I did just write a review on Ka-Zar and his animal adventures. Luckily Ka-Zar is in comics for years to come. Thanks Marvel.

Overall, not a great showing but that psycho Torch and Angel are must-reads. Sub-Mariner (and the drawings) kinda freak me out. The rest is just filler... though that Ursula, she's a cruel one. --M1shawhan 02:05, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

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