Why Would Thor beat Hulk in a fight?

One of the most hotly debated topics for lovers of the Marvel Universe is “Who would win in a fight between Thor and Hulk?” The question was discussed so much with people running in circles trying to find a definitive answer-it was finally brought to Stan Lee himself in an interview. Lee simple reply to this overly debated question with: “I would have to say Thor because as strong as Hulk is, he’s still mortal. Thor is one of the Norse gods”( Stan Lee Reveals). But with Lee’s answer people have asked ‘why would Thor win?’Before Hulk(Incredible) was Hulk- a monster triggered by anger- there was Bruce Banner a humble scientist working in a secret U.S government facility in New Mexico trying to create a gamma bomb. A little back story on Banner. Bruce is the son of Brian Banner an atomic physicist. Brian through his work came into contact with what is believed to be alien substances that slowly changed his DNA. After fathering Bruce, Brian started assuming that Bruce’s DNA to be mutant and abused him because of it(World). Because of the abuse Banner has some mental issues. Fast-forwarding several years to where Banner was doing some tests in the secret lab in New Mexico, he look up from doing some calculations into the test room. Seeing a young Rick Jones in the room and being unable to stop the test from happening Banner rushed in and just managed to push Jones out of blasting range of the gamma bomb. Unlucky for Banner he could not do the same for himself. As the bomb went off Banner received the full blow of it, absorbing the gamma rays as they poured out. Due to Banner’s DNA he did not die from the rays or blast. Instead Banner’s mutant DNA was able to adapted to the rays causing him to “Hulk-out” (Incredible). Banner in Hulk form possess many abilities and weaknesses. In the transformation Banner in Hulk form gained 300 pounds worth of cellular structure and over 800 pounds of bone marrow and body tissue(Hulk). With all this extra tissue and structure Hulk has a strength level of 100. This strength level allows him to jump up to 1,000 miles in one leap. Hulk does not just acquire an insane strength level, but can also regenerate body parts, has thick skin that allows him to take a hit from a field artillery cannon shell and withstand a high of 3,000F and a low of -190F. Although Hulk seems like a invincible opponent, he does have some weaknesses. The most obvious weakness is once Banner morphs into Hulk he loses all self-control. Often resulting in sacking cites, towns, armies, and opponents. Another is once in Hulk form Banner loses his above average IQ and gains one of a small child. The next flaw in Hulk is puppies. Yes, something as innocent as puppies defeats the might Hulk. Puppies calm Hulk down causing him to morph back into Banner. The issue with this is if an army is fighting against Hulk in a war, all they need to do is release puppies. Thor is one the biggest weaknesses Hulk has.Thor Odinson- what makes him special? Well, Thor is a god and with the package of being one he gets the stamina, durability, and speed most people would associate with a godly being. Odin the All-Father of the Asgardian gods and the elder goddess Gaea are the parents of Thor. Being born in a cave in Norway and once weaned was brought the Asgard to live and strain as a god and warrior (Thor Vol 1 #131). One thing that makes Thor special is he has a love for humanity, though he did not always have it. Being the divine warrior Thor is, he developed arrogance about his abilities and achievements. Odin seeing this in his son cast Thor down to earth or Midgard, stripping him of his powers and memory. Once on earth Thor worked his way as humble mortal, earning the title Dr. Donald Blake M.D and soon started his own surgical practice(Journey). Having no clue to his true identity of being a god or that his father still had influence in his life, Dr. Blake decided to vacation in Norway (Odin whispered in his mind suggesting to vacation in Norway). Once there Dr. Blake went for a walk and was attacked by Kronans (Stone)he ran into a cave seeking shelter. The cave being the one he was born in a millennia ago. While in the cave trapped, Dr. Blake picks up a stick (Mjolnir in disguise) and strikes the cave wall with it out of anger and is suddenly transformed into Thor (Marvel Database Thor Odinson). Now here is where the comics split and give to backgrounds to the events that take place during and after the cave transformation. The first theory is that once Dr. Blake is morphed back into Thor, he receives all his memories is being a god and why he was cast to earth in the form of a mortal (Journey #94). The second is that Dr. Blake does not remember who he is even after switching into Thor. Instead the memories lowly leak in over a period of months with Odin after a couple years revealing Thor to his true identity ( Thor). Both versions of the cave scene end with Thor fighting off the Kronans and getting away. Whether Thor gets his memories back instantly or over time, Thor is humbled by his experience of being a mortal and develops a love for humanity. In some comics Thor actually decides to use his knowledge from medical school to continue his practice on earth, helping preserve human life in more ways than just being a defender of it from enemies. The strengths Thor possesses are numerous. Not only being a god and what comes with the godly package, (large amount of stamina and durability- these qualities help in long battles. And speed of a godly warrior.) he has Mjolnir. A hammer that only people who are worthy can wield. Who ever picks up Mjolnir can summon rain, wind, lightening, and thunder. Also, it can contain and blast energy beams. Mjolnir is Thor’s big edge against any enemy especially Hulk. In one comic Thor admits he needs Mjolnir to defeat Hulk in a fight (Mighty). Not to mention it allows the wielder the fly around if they hold on tight enough. Being a god Thor lives for a few thousand years, is one the strongest being in the Marvel Universe and one of its finest fighters.Being a god most people think of an invincible character that has no flaws and is unbeatable in a fight. This is true for most Marvel character including Hulk. But Thor has weaknesses. The Twilight Sword, Losing Mjolnir, poor decision making (once he was about the nuke China and did not think of the repercussions of the action) (Journey #93), and of course arrogance which we see in his getting cast down to earth. The loss of Mjolnir is what prohibits Thor from being able to defeat Hulk in battle. In fact Hulk uses this and two other flaws Thor has against him, causing only one time where Hulk and Thor duke-it-out and the victory going to Hulk. In the comic book The Mighty Thor #385 Hulk convinces Thor that if he really is the great warrior he’s said to be, then he did not need Mjolnir to beat Hulk. Thor takes the challenge and sets his might hammer down. Here Hulk ties in Thor’s weaknesses of loss of Mjolnir, poor decisions, and arrogance all together to defeat Thor. Simply put Thor can best Hulk in a fight because he wields Mjolnir and is a god. Complexly said, Hulk can’t defeat a divine god with a mighty hammer that lets him blast energy beams, fly, and summon a kinds of weather. Nor can he keep up with Thor’s stamina in a long fight or fighting skill that only comes from being thousands of years old and training and fighting in that time. Also, Thor has intelligence and Hulk cannot compete with an opponent that can make calculated battle decisions and control himself. Although Hulk packs a powerful punch and can receive one, he can not necessarily defeat an enemy that can out maneuver him and doe a blow delivered. Even if Hulk does manage to land a punch to Thor, being a god he can take it and keep on going. All in all said, Thor was a whole can defeat Hulk. A large part of that is being able to wield Mjolnir. Hulk cannot keep up with or match Thor when fighting with this might weapon. Hulk struggled to defeat in The Mighty Thor #385 even when using three of Thor’s weaknesses against him. If you do not believe that facts given above just take Stan Lee word for it.

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