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More than just the (now seemingly trendy) "I ask you something to reply and give your opinion", is more of a sharing experience. I don't know if I'm the only guy who does this but I've felt a better sensation of intensity when I read the comic stories with some good rock music in the background. It helps me to have a better interpretation of things and give a certain sense of intensity to the reading. Here are three examples of that (and casually, all three come from the same band LOL!)

  1. Linkin Park's "The Catalyst" + Amazing Spider-Man Ends of the Earth: Spidey's "War" against the Sinister Six was a good turning point for the webhead, and the good sensation of LP's song from their "A Thousand Suns" album. Just imagine the "Lift me Up" part when Spidey confronts Doc Ock in the final encounter...just plain AWESOME!
  2. Linkin Park's "PTS.OF.ATHRTY" + Civil War: It's not just on the story...look at it this way: If you saw the PTS.OF.ATHRTY video, where there was a war between monsters and robots controlled by the heads of Linkin Park, well, just imagine that but as the final battle at Times Square...FTW!
  3. Linkin Park's "Lost in the Echo" + Avengers vs. X-Men: My most recent Comic+Music Experience was precisely with the recent issue of AvX and of course, LP's newes song...the intensity of the song was just the perfect compliment for the sadness and fury of the Scott/Xavier duel, a very EPIC experience, at least for me

Now let's hear it from you fellas, if you, just as well as me, had awesome experiences combining comics and music

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