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This is It, True Believers!! After weeks of witnessing the hot, now comes the Hottest, the "Creme de la Creme", the Holy Grail of Insanely Hot babes, the final goal of our journey, Here they are...the Top 20 of Marvel's Hot 100 all the way down to the Number 1. Who shall be the beauty with the trophy? Let's find out!

Before we jump into our main list, I'd like to take a moment to give a quick mention to those beautiful and sexy chicks who, for one reason or another, failed to make this list, but maybe, they'll make it the next year


Danielle Moonstar = Native American, Mutant, Valkyrie, all around hottie

Kate Bishop / Hawkeye II = Never understimate the power of a hot Avenger

Jubilation Lee / Jubilee = Maybe those new vampire powers she has helped her to sum "Hot points"

Kristen McDuffie = Daredevil's new legal assistant...even lawyer assistants are hot and she's the proof (But she now has very serious competition for Mr. Murdock's affections)

Janice Yanieski / Joystick = She struck us like a Thunder(Bolt) and we miss her videogame-ish hotness

Rumiko Fujikawa = Tony Stark is one hell of a playboy, 'cause he sure knows how to pick them

Betty Brant = Peter Parker was smitten, Flash Thompson loves her, who could resist?

Liz Allan = Harry osborn was a lucky dog, although her Ultimate version (a.k.a. Ultimate Firestar) is the one worth it on this list

Moondragon = Whatever happened to this hot Avenger?

Daisy Johnson / Quake = Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avenger, and with that look she remids us of Maria Hill, but she gives a whole new meaning to "Shake our ground"

Michelle Gonzalez = The 3rd lucky lady who got intimate with our Friendly Neighborhood Spidey, her firey attitude is her hottest appeal

Contessa Valentina de la Fontaine = Nick Fury's lover, the one who could tame this good "bad" guy

Tandy Bowen/Dagger = The Lady of Light (although thanks to Mister Negative is now the Lady of Dark) has the body, the looks and the smoking hot outfit to comply our desires

And now, without further ado...Our Top 20

#20 = Greer Grant / Tigra There's no way anyone can resist to this sexy tigress. Tigra is one tough hottie not just because she's an Avenger, but is because how can a guy resist to a rocking body like that, even in her feline mode? The best part is that she has the guts to work her body in that little bikini...Heart Attacks are in order with her, that's for sure

#19 = Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk The final piece of the Hulk family, the original She-Hulk, the one who absolutely knows how to rock the green. Not even Betty Ross can gain the same amount of Hot Power that Jen brings. Her smarts and personality are just compliments for Marvel's finest (and hottest) lawyer and nobody can object that

#18 = Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird Whether is that bird like leotard or that sexy skin thight outfit as New Avenger, Mockingbird is the kind of blonde hottie that can kick your a** and still look fine doing it, just look at her, and not even Hawkeye can deny that, so now that she's single, there will be surely a new pretender on her sights

#17 = Madelyne Pryor / Goblin Queen Sure for some she was just a clone of Jean Grey and the mother of Cable, but...nobody, and I do mean, NOBODY, can look as Hot as Madelyne as the Goblin Queen. The best part is that there was no Goblin thing about her attire, whether is the black leather or that VERY revealing version of...well...bikini, she sure has one fine body that can turn anybody on, so Mister Sinister, THANK YOU for creating this very Bad Girl

#16 = Linda Carter / Night Nurse When we talked about Jane Foster we said "Nurses are hot", they're a recurrent fantasy for us dudes, but no one pulls it off nice and hot as Linda Carter, the Night Nurse (quite a sexy name, ain't it?). Linda has that beauty that says "And working for the good of the heroes" but also has that attitude that says "I'll defend them no matter what" which is quite atractive. Doctor Strange is quite a fool for letting her go that's for sure

#15 = Ororo Munroe / Storm She struck out hearts like a Thunder, then she melted them with her fierce personality and her african beauty, and she froze us from shock when she rocked that Punk style, but no matter if she's a punk rocker girl, a member of the X-Men or the Queen of Wakanda, Storm is one of Marvel's major beauties in the Universe as the Queen of the Elements, a power that can be quite atractive (and also, who can deny how hot Halle Berry made her look in the X-Men film trilogy)

#14 = Anna Marie / Rogue Souther Charm is said to be quite effective to make men fall to the ladies, maybe that's the best asset from Miss Anna Marie a.k.a. Rogue. Of course many have fallen to her charm (and her death touch), especially Gambit. Anna PAquin gave her an innocent appeal in the X-Men trilogy but what makes Rogue hot is that desire to reach the untouchable girls

#13 = Susan Storm-Richards / Invisible Woman A Genius in her own right, with the beauty to combine, Susan Storm puts the Fantastic in the Fantastic 4 and sizzles even more than her brother Johnny. Her Ultimate version takes the prize for her more sexual aproach in her life and even Jessica Alba nailed her looks in both F4 movies

#12 = Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch She may have wrecked more than once the Marvel Universe, and now she's hitting off with Doom, but in spite of that I doubt anyone can resist to fall for a spell from Ms. Maximoff. Wanda can be a true seductress that even non-humans can fall to her charms (just look at Vision)

#11 = Elizabeth Braddock / Captain Britain II / Psylocke European looks, asian looks, overall she's one stunning and strong hottie, that's who Betsy Braddock is. As Psylocke she proved to have one fine rocking body that sure shows us that good ninja training makes good for her body, from Fantomex to Archangel, even the toughest ones can't resist to a hot ninja chick

#10 = Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman "The First, the Best", that's Jessica Drew, the first Spider-Woman (although that line was from Veranke while posing as Jessica). Jessica has a striking beauty and of course, one of the nicest and sexiest bodies of the whole Marvel Universe. Jessica can stun any man into her feet with that figure no matter what circumstances are, ask Hawkeye

#9 = Amora the Enchantress She played with Thor, she played with Loki, but more than evil, she's just deadly seductive. Our final Asgardian on the ranking didn't need her magic to work her way out in here, her body and beauty and sexiness did the job by themselves and boy did that work. Who wouldn't want to fall into her spell?

#8 = Elektra Natchios Deadly, Dangerous, Unmerciful, and mad enough to go out to kill in such little clothing. Elektra Natchios redifines the phrase "Beautiful but Dangerous". Matt Murdock fell for her, Wolverine fell for her, and it's not just on the battlefield. Her body is indeed one of the hottest on Marvel, and even her Ultimate version shows that leather feels so d*** good

#7 = Natasha Romanova / Black Widow Hailing from Mother Russia, one of the most dangerous spies in the world, and the only one redhead who can look so good in leather, call her Natasha or Natalia, we can settle with "So freaking hot". Even her sound of that voice (well, Scarlett Johansson's) can make you drop to the floor and bow down to her hotness (and Scarlett's too thanks to Iron Man 2 and the upcoming Avengers movie)

#6 = Raven Darkholme / Mystique By herself, Mystique is a true master of seduction, with looks that kill, a fine body that even semi-nude (as Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence proved in the X-Men movies) shows that we're going for one hell of a ride. The bonus: She can take the shape of all of the other 99 hotties as well, what's better than that?

#5 = Jean Grey / Phoenix Now the Hot list goes Omega Level courtesy of the most powerful mutant on Earth, and the Hottest of all Outer-Space, Jean Grey, a.k.a. Phoenix. Of course by herself is just one hot piece of pie, but not just that, her genes gave such major contributions to this list like her clone Madelyne Pryor or even her genetic grand-daughter Hope Summers. This fine redhead can turn on any man in the world, and she has the power to do so

#4 = Mary Jane Watson The Girl Next Door, that's how Peter Parker defines her and that's quite a fit for her. Beautiful, Smart, Charming, Stunning, Fierce and Sexy are the best qualities of MJ that made her become the love of Peter Parker's life (until One More Day) and if you don't believe it just look at how Todd McFarlane used to draw her in sexy lingerie or even better, Amazing Spider-Man issue 671's cover. That can make lots of Spider-Senses tingle

#3 = Carol Danvers / Ms. Marvel The title of "The Hottest of all Avengers" has officially landed to the one and only Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel. Military girls are quite atractive by themselves but that Kree fisionomy that gave her such a powerful attitude in battle and of course one of the sexiest bodies of Marvel are the ingredients of one sexy recipe that can blow out and guy's mind

#2 = Emma Frost / White Queen Oh definitively know how to turn on the house. She's as devious as sexy, hell she made lingerie her work uniform! She may be as gorgeous as a Diamond, but she's as HOT as the Club she was when she was a bad girl (and we LOVE her as a Bad girl) Scott Summers took her love but Namor is also vying for her so she's so gonna shake the hearts of many with that smoking hot style of hers

And we are, the Hottie of Hotties, the Sexy Mama of the Marvel Universe, the one who rocks the whole world with just being her is...

#1 = Felicia Hardy / Black Cat Where to begin with? The on-again, off-again lover and ally of Spider-Man has earned her place as the epitomy of hotness for...well...LOOK AT HER!! First of all, who else can rock that sexy leather and a very, VERY sexy clevage (a clevage that went all the way down to her navel during the 90s) and who else can combine the beauty and elegance with sultry, seduction and smoking hot. Her heart always went to Mr. Parker (after all, she was the one who put the "Man" in Spider-Man, if you know what I mean) and even after that, men from The Foreigner to Puma, Wolverine and currently Daredevil all fall for the sexiest of the sexy. All of us Marvelites can truly be thankful to Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard for creating her and all of those who drew her (Very Special mention to J. Scott Campbell for that INSANELY HOT covr of Felicia wearing Spidey's shrit on Amazing Spider-Man issue 607) for giving us the Hottest Woman of Marvel

With this my friends Marvel's "Hot 100" wraps it up year if the bosses allow it, but thanks for the support and for giving up ideas and comments

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