And here we are once again my fellow Marvelites, counting down the 100 hotties that we love, adore, and fantasize about from the wonderful Marvel Universe. So far, you've seen 60 beauties, we're getting closer to the Number One Spot, but we got lot's of hot chicks to view before we reach the final destination so...let's keep the ranking moving

#40 = Lily Hollister / Menace Of course you're asking "Isn't that one of the Goblin lookalikes?", Yes, she is...or was, but let's not focus on her Goblin side and focus on her human side, she's rich, she's smart, she's evil and she has that Beyoncé like appeal that can make a guys like the Osborns fall for her

#39 = Medusalith Amaquelin / Medusa The Inhuman representation on the ranking reaches its apogee thanks to the Queen Medusa herself. Black Bolt's lady is one quite royal hottie, with a fierce attitude and of course, one hell of a hair do that can cover her body entirely (as we saw on one of the covers of the Secret Invasion's tie-ins) so that is one hot piece of Inhumanity

#38 = Ophelia Sarkissian / Viper Doesn't matter if she still has the "Madame" or not, Viper is one of the hottest bad girls today. The clear evidence? Nobody has the looks and the body to become the leader of one of the largest criminal organizations in the world, both feared and revered, she's one true evil beauty

#37 = Selene Gallio Consider her Emma Frost but brunnette, black leathered and waaaaaaay more evil. She's just cold on her heart but outside is just so...freaking hot. That little piece of clothing sure SHOULD help her to be on a higher ranking but with all the other hotties out there, plus her death, that didn't help her to reach even the Top 20, but this fine piece of sexiness will forever live in our ranks

#36 = Patsy Walker / Hellcat Who would've thought that starting as a "Girly Model" character would end up as one hot piece of a superheroine? That's what Pasty Walker a.k.a. Hellcat is all about. Determined and beautiful, she's one of those rare packages that combine those elements at its best, and even going so far to actually marry the Son of Satan himself, talk about "Girls who like Bad Boys"

#35 = Jacqueline Falsworth / Spitfire World War II veteran turned British Spy, Spitfire is one of those fresh youth faces we love to watch on this ranking. Being European gives her some classy level of hotness and of course her beauty is outstanding, making men like the 3rd Union Jack or even vampire-hunter Blade fall for her charms in a snap

#34 = Jessica Jones / Jewel / Power Woman Avenger, reporter, mother, is there anything Jessica Jones can't do? She aces the term "M.I.L.F." (You all know what I'm talking about) on this universe and obviously you can see how worked out her body is for a mother, and that's quite Hot in Marvel levels

#33 = Julia Carpenter / Spider-Woman II / Arachne / Madame Web II We've seen Mattie and Anya, now is th turn for former Spider-Woman now turned Madame Web, Julia Carpenter. This beauty ranks as well as Mrs. Jones in the field of "Hot Moms" of the Marvel Universe and after she gained the mantle (and powers) of Madame Web during the Grim Hunt, this new precognitive personality of hers can be quite a turn on

#32 = Jane Foster Nurses can be quite Hot, just look at Jane Foster, Thor's Mortal Lover. She can be quite fearless since she stood face to face with the Asgardians, Odin included, and that combination of strenght and swetness is deadly in the terms of charming, and to sum up the points, let's not forgeet her film incarnation played by "Hollywood's Sweet Hottie" Natalie Portman in the Thor movie

#31 = Coleen Wing Former Hero for Hire and participant of Shadowland, Coleen Wing is the one of the deadliest hotties on this ranking. She can be nice as well as dangerouse and her petitte figure sure can knock out some on the field, so this asian beauty can be quite a thrill for all her fans out there

#30 = Athena After so much of the Asgardian goddesses (and there's still to come) we need a good dose of other kind of goddess, so here we got Olympian representative Athena in our ranking. Just as beautiful as powerful, Athena is just as we all know she would be when we learn about the Greek Mythology: They can appeal with such amaze that the strongest heart can fall to her charm

#29 = Betty Ross / Red She-Hulk A long path she walked from being the Hulk's greatest lover to becoming another "Hulkized" member of the Green Monster's family, Betty Ross remains as one of the major beauties in the Marvel Universe. Normally, she would be just another pretty face, but then came her revelation as the new Red She-Hulk and that boosted her up the charts of hotness, so maybe Jen Walters should beware of her to reach a higher rank

#28 = Sharon Carter / Agent 13 She conquered Captain America's heart with her strength, smarts and beauty, she conquered our hearts with that skin thight white uniform. Sharon has become one of the major hotties thanks to her romance with the Sentinel of Liberty, so S.H.I.E.L.D. sure knows how to recruit hot chicks

#27 = Silver Sablinova / Silver Sable European charm, wealth, skills, and a shiny silver outfit that defines her rocking body. Mix all up and you got Symkaria's deadliest soldier, Silver Sable. Even the silver hair (I think it's silver) makes her one fine elegant piece of hottie for this Marvel Universe and of course she's quite the heartbreaker since...well...nobody can fill her love life

#26 = Sif Thor is one lucky dude. On Earth he has Jane Foster but in Asgard, his heart is ruled by none other than Lady Sif. Mighty, beautiful and Sexy, that's the best appeal for this major warrior goddess (and Jaimie Alexander nailed that profile in the Thor movie)

#25 = Janet Van Dyne / The Wasp Superheroine, fashionista, founding Avenger, that's the list of Janet Van Dyne's resumé. This Earth's Mightiest Hottie sure knows how to sting a guys attention with her fun yet serious personality and her amazing appeal even when shrinked. Many of us went sad when she died in Secret Invasion, but, just as in Hank Pym's, will always be in our hearts

#24 = Misty Knight One of the toughest fighters in the Marvel Universe, Misty Knight works up the rank thanks to that street smarts that combine with her funky style and of course, that attitude that doesn't always follow the rules, that's what made her one of the leaders of Heroes for Hire and she sure got us as customers

#23 = Maya Lopez / Echo One of the greatest assets from this hottie is that nothing says "atractive" more than overcoming impediments. Echo is deaf but that didn't stop her from becoming one major threat to evry villain she faced off and the Avenger status gives her major hot points. Sadly, she died after helping her lover Moon Knight (therefore joining the list of tragedies that befall former Daredevil lovers) but she will remain in our memories

#22 = Karla Sofen / Moonstone / Meteorite / Dark Ms. Marvel Evil, cunning and deadly beautiful, that's Karla Sofen, whether she's on the skin tight silver outfit as Moonstone, as the bronze armoresque look of Meteorite or even rocking the retro version of the Kree champ Ms. Marvel during her time as a Dark Avenger, Moonstone is one hottie you won't dare to mess with, becuase she'll find out many ways to manipulate you into defeat and that's quite hot

#21 = Angelica Jones / Firestar And soaring to the skies of hotness arrives Angelica Jones a.k.a. Firestar. From the scenes of "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends" to the pages of New Warriors, she gained the way to the hearts of fans with her charm, her sweetness and her fiery personality. Also, she's strong both in heart and mind, being a cancer survivor and nothing says Hot better than a brave fighter

That settles the countdown to 80 hotties so our next and final stop will be the Top 20, the ones who truly are the Hottest in the Marvel Universe

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