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Esotericism is an esoteric and enigmatic power that works nearly similar to "magic", but according to Doctor Strange & Doom it is by no means nothing of the sort. This power being similar to magic means that it grants semi-magic like qualities such as casting but in the case of this power, it only comes from ones own personal source of power that they channel. User are able to exploit supernatural forces to varying degrees, with only their skill, personal power-level, imagination/knowledge, and morality to define the borders. Given the flexibility of this power system, users have essentially limitless possibilities for what he can accomplish. Due to it not being true magic, users aren't at the mercy of the usual draw backs of a user of true magic such as the power always coming at a price, etc. This power doesn’t even have an opposing art unlike magic (anti-magic) at all thus making this power superior to magic itself (in a way).

Dr. Doom, Strange, & Reed Richards have have actually taken have actually studies this power & have concluded not only is this power not magical but it doesn't fall under any other known category either (demonic, angelic, spiritual, cosmic, scientific, etc.). Dr. Doom, a master at magic & science & Shuri, one who has used science & magic mixed, have actually found that it's functions are similar to that of a mix simultaneous usage of science & magic. Dr. Doom gave his own summary of this power, "My god. This power. It's beyond any magic. It's beyond any field of science. I've wielded the Power Cosmic. I've even wielded a power greater than that! But this. This is something more. I must have it!".


Esotericism was brought into existence by Lucian using "Forbidden Knowledge". Lucian brought this power into existence in a hopes of giving himself an edge against his foes due to it being undefined in powers that can counter it & negate it. Lucian had no idea that wish for this power to exist allowed for it be fully brought into his world. after further studying what he discovered that he still doesn't fully understand it himself but what he is aware of is that it isn't as easily attain able as magic.

Attaining Power-

At first, he thought that this power can only be attained by those in which he chooses, which was partly true. He later discovered that this power is in some kind of way sentient; it chose only those who where familiar with something similar or those who seeked to understand it. This was proven by various people:

  • Dr. Doom: Being both a powerful mage & scientist seeked this power & he gained Esotericism.
  • Shuri: Having used Alchemy (Magic + Science).
  • Thor Odinson: Having a mix of cosmic & magic power, this power let its presence known to Thor but he rejected it feeling he has enough power.
  • Selene Gallio: Being an organism of science (Homo-Superior) & a sorceress, the esoteric force called to her as well.
  • Magik: Being an organism of science (Homo-Superior) & a sorceress, the esoteric force called to her as well.
  • Pixie: Being an organism of science (Homo-Superior) & a sorceress, the esoteric force called to her as well.
  • Andromeda: Andromeda seeked his

Similar to magic, users of this power derive it from their own personal source/energies but in this case it is only their own personal source. These personal sources/energies can be specific emotions (anger, rage, fear, etc.), psionic energy, chi, one's bioelectricity, & even their own blood. These said sources/energy can even determine the applications of their applications due to taking on specific traits from that source.

Manners of Preforming-

The manners of channeling this power can be in various ways:

Channeling through Glyphs.

Speaking Phrases One Comes Up with

Gesture Casting