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"A fellow Elder God spawn. Nice to meet you." - Kai.

Kai aka Dragon Sage is the son of the Elder God dragon Shrenloe the primordial dragon (fanfic) & the half-brother of Psorceress. He is also the creator of the Draconic Pulse.



Kai was born & raised partly by in K'un-Lun. There he was trained in the arts of fighting & mastering chi. Due to his potential, he was trained harder than even Iron Fists. He grew up fairly happy there. The other half of his life was raised in New York City. There, he studied the world, human nature, heroes & more. He enjoyed a comfortable life in NYC but he was constantly reminded of the one's who aren't so lucky.

Early Life

Kai wanted to help people so he enrolled to a charity center for homeless young people/kids. The organization was run by a group of kind women (named Delilah, Jezebel, & Eve) that Kai suspected nothing from. Kai worked there for free because he just wanted to help. Later on though when Kai returned after his shift only to witness a grim truth. The whole charity was a front for it to actually be a Black Web brothel & Delilah, Jezebel, & Eve ran the operation. They themselves participated in raping many of the young girls & boy there. Kai was utterly traumatized by this & ran several blocks away. His immediate reaction soon after was too go back & stop them. he did so in an very violent way. kai burned Delilah, Jezebel, & Eve so that they would be scared permanently & be permanently injured but not dead. The victims of the operation he keep hidden away & brought them food, water, clothes, & other things to. Kai himself was traumatized just by what he saw himself. He experience irrationally large amounts of anger & rage for no reason. He would get angry of the smallest things. Kai returned to K'un-Lun for a time to heal & continue training. When training to control his rage her learned of the technique Tranquil Fury; it is were one doesn't suppress their anger. Instead, one constantly channels it through their mind & body allowing them to think & feel like a normal human. In battle though, their ferocity is immense but they are able to think soundly. Kai returned from K'un-Lun as a new man with a new plan.

Taking Down the Sex/Human Traficant system

Kai decided to use his power & skills to disassemble the sex trafficking's system. along with him, he trained the young adults from the charity. He had trained them in his own fighting style, the "Blood Fist" & he granted them the Dragon Pulse. However much they trained determined their power applications. They learned enough to kill many thugs in the system easily.


Kai is generally a very funny person who always tries to make his friends laugh. He also is very positive. He has a vast knowledge of cosmic entities, creatures, & cooking. He also has shown to have a ginues level intellect for fighting as well. He can also be very cluless with a quite a few things. He's also very kind & caring. He also is very empathetic, going as far as to use his telepathic powers to feel the pain others feel so he can make them feel better. When in battle however, Kai is very violent & brutal. Depending on who he's fighting, he may be too angrey to wise crack (which is a bad sign).

In short, Kai is a sweet, hilarious, semi-slow cinnamon roll you don't want to piss off.



Squrriel Girl/Doreen Green: By far, Kai's best friend is Squirrel Girl. This can be seen in when they crossed paths at Starks Tower. Upon seeing each other they screamed, "WWWAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSUUUUUPPPP!".

Deadpool/Wade Wilson: Kai is very good friends with Dead Pool & actually loves his crazy nature. They have also greeted each other by saying, ""WWWAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSUUUUUPPPP!".

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers: Kai & Captain Marvel are very good friends & she enjoys having someone to laugh at her cheesy jokes. Captain Marvel enjoys doing karaoke with, watching old movies, & playing Monopoly (even though it often ends in a brawl).


Kai hasn't dated many women really. He has stated to have only been serious with two women, Gaea & Sersi.

Gaea: For Gaea, he had a crush on her ever since he was 16. He didn't make any moves because in mind it was illegal. He did act on it once he was 18 though. He admitted his feelings. She didn't really reciprocate but did state to have "a kind of loved & fondness". He was a little confused by this though. She engaged in in-depth conversations with him & she did describe some female views that would be useful for him (a male) should know. He did eventually asked if she would have intercourse with with which she agreed. Like many other young ones, he expected it to be special. He stated that physical aspect was exemplary, he did state the emotional connect he was looking from it ceased to exist. In the end, he just felt a little dirty & guilty & vowed not to sleep with another person until he knows they are the "one". He broke off his relationship with Gaea in which she expected. she stated if he ever needed someone to talk too, she was there. He did go back & talk to her. They are good friends.

Sersi: Kai meet Sersi sometime in New York City. He saw her & he was startled by her beauty. He was observing her from a distance but then noticed her head was turning towards him. He then used his immense speed to move his head quicker than he could see. He thought he was in the clear but he could hear her read his mind. He instinctually responded. They both thus, accidentally exposed their identity. They talked on the roof about who/what they are. They started a good friendly relationship talking to each other for a while. During his time dating her, he discovered the charity at which he worked was corrupt. He experience a low point & even seekde therapy. Sersi herself also aided him in his healing. After 2 years of talking & her emotional support, Kai eventually realized "the one" was Sersi. He admitted his feelings to her & she reciprocated. They almost engaged in intercourse but the memory of the young people being assualted by the charity's owners. He stopped & said that he wasn't really ready. Time went by & they built up their relationship. He proposed to her once he fully mentally healed & after he formed the team '"Dragon's Wrath". She gladly accepted & they got married.


"Transcendent Dragonborn" Physiology (Elder God Dragon/Human Hybrid): Kai is then offspring of a human and the Elder God dragon Shrenloe. Biologically, he's a dragonborn (human/dragon hybrid) of transcendent level status. Due to his unique physiology, Kai has various superhuman attributes.

  • Superhuman Strength: Kai possesses immense physical strength. During a sparing matches, he traded blows with Captain Marvel, Thor, Hercules, & other of Marvel's physically strongest heroes. He was also able to heavily damage Dormammu in a barrage of strikes.
  • Superhuman Durability: Kai possesses high levels of superhuman durability. He's able to trade blows with Luke Cage & not be affected. He's also capable of brawling with beings as physically strong as Thor.
  • Superhuman Speed: Kai can reach Mach 100 on foot. He can even evade lasers projecting light thus displaying he can move FTL. Kai has stated that he can perceive the world at light speeds as well but this is only when he uses his inhuman speed.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Kai can endure many physical stresses that most people can't. He can go many days without food, water, or sleep. He once stated that he trained literally non-stop for 1 month before tiering.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Kai has been able to stay awake for an entire month before tiring. Despite this, Kai always sleeps.
  • Superhuman Agility & Reflexes: Kai reflexes, agility, balance, and bodily coordination are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete. He can easily evade a chain gun's bullets.
  • Superhuman Senses: Kai's senses are well bound that of the average person. He can see objects as far out as the edge of the Solar System, allowing him to track objects traveling faster than light, and laughing from the other side of the planet.
    • Superhuman Touch: Kai's sense of touch is unnaturally more acute than other beings in his world. Kai can feel the impressions left on anything including intangible substances/surfaces/structures (such as light waves, gravity, layers of space-time, and/or even the fabric of reality) as well as touch individual molecules/atoms/subatomic particles.
      • Seismic Sense: By touching the ground, Kai can able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact with the ground, enabling them to perceive their surroundings as precisely as normal sight. Users are able to sense the structure and materials of solid substances, including the presence of caves, material changes, structural weaknesses, etc.
        • Hyper Awareness - Kai can sense everything around himself. He is aware of illusions & the invisible.
        • Danger Sensing - Kai can detect incoming danger.
  • Supernatural Regeneration: Kai has regenerative powers so potent that he's rendered near immortal. He regenerates almost at the speed of light. He once fought Nitro & his healing factor didn't even allow him to become a skeleton.
  • Flight: Kai can fly at various speeds. He's even able to keep up with the Silver Surfer with ease.
  • Chi Manipulation: Kai has mastered the art of manipulating chi. He can manipulate it in others & himself. He can use this power to augment his attacks, his body, & the power/bodies of others.
    • Concussive Blasts: Kai can project concussive blasts of chi from his hands, feet, mouth, & eyes. His blasts can stun, shatter steel, & can reach planetary destruction.
    • Chi Beam Emission: Kai can project beams of Chi that are extremely potent.
    • Chi Wave Emission: Kai can release waves, spirals, rings, pulse, blasts, balls, and bursts of chi.
    • Chi Constructs: Kai can make almost anything out of his chi. The more complex it is, the more like a real object it appears to be. For example, when making a Bow staff it looks like energy. When making twin machine pistols, it looks like actual pistols.
    • Kiai: Kai can release his chi in the form of a destructive battle cry.
    • Quintessence Force: Kai can generate limitless amounts of chi from his own body. He can then use this for various purposes.
    • Power Level Control: Kai can lower his power level down to the point of being a street level hero & raise it to the peak of what his body's capable of. This allows him not to loose interest is battles.
  • Slayer: Kai can kill/destroy any being and slaughter entire races of even the most powerful entities. He can quite literally kill all Elder Gods, Gods, & even Mephisto himself. Kai has stated his ability to kill is like 2 normal people have the capacity to kill.

Kai's father, Shrenloe, had control over Primordial Force which gave him immense powers putting him a step ahead of most other Elder Gods. Due to his immense power, he knew his son would have immense powers & without training could result in an unstable power set. Shrenloe allowed Kai to create his own force with rules, limits, & rivals.

Draconic Pulse: The force that Kai wields immense and unbelievable draconic power than beyond that of worldly comprehension. The draconic aspect of this power allows him to control draconic energies & also allows him to overwhelm weaker dragon as well as surpass most draconian entities. Kai can also control relics, objects, weapons, etc. that are draconic in any way be it in power or a dragon power link. The other aspect of this power allows him him to fight on par with, & overwhelm other beings of transcendent power. The power grants various abilities in general:

  • Draconic Chi Manipulation: Kai's chi is of a draconic nature making it much more power than chi manipulation.
    • Draconic Element Manipulation: Kai can generate/manipulate elements draconic in nature. These elements can be  used offensive & defensive purposes. These elements surpass basic elements & rival (& in some cases) surpass other supernatural ones.
      • Draconic Pyrokinesis: Kai can manipulate fire draconic in nature. It doesn't require oxygen to burn & can burn  anywhere (underwater, space, etc.). These flames burn hot enough to harm almost anyone. He was even able to harm Galactus.
      • Draconic Electrokinesis: Kai can manipulate electricity draconic in nature. Due to this fact, it surpasses basic electrokinesis & this form of electrokinesis surpasses even Thor's.
    • "Steel" Fist Punch: Kai can produce a punch so great it surpasses the Iron Fist. He can harm the likes of Dormammu with this strike.
    • Dimensional Travel: Kai can create nexus points between dimensions.
    • Draconic Projection: Kai can project his draconic energy in various shapes & intensities (draconic attacks).
    • Chi Psionics: Kai can utilize his chi to grant himself psychic abilities.
      • Cosmic Telekinesis: Kai can move entire galaxies with his telekinesis. He can also generate telekinetic blasts strong enough to pulverize an entire armada.
      • Cosmic Telepathy: Kai can read the minds of everyone in NYC & stated he can go much much further.
      • Cosmic Teleportation: Kai can teleport from earth all the way to where Knowhere was.
  • Dragon Morphing: Kai can transform into dragons, partially or completely, as well as use the abilities, traits and appearance/physiology of those said dragons. Kai's able to transform into dragons that exist, alien dragons and/or dragons that are extinct.
  • Dragon Companionship: Kai can form powerful bonds between himself and a dragon, and they both tend to protect and care for one another and assist each other in multiple situations.
  • Dragon Manipulation: Kai can create, manipulate, and destroy dragons. He can control them to do his bidding, helping him during situations, using them against foes, and using them to see locations and gather information about a particular place. Kai can see through the dragons' eyes that are controlled allowing him to attack others.
    • Dragon Summoning: Kai can summon dragons/draconic beings from other worlds to help him fight.
    • Dragon Creation: Kai can create dragons/draconic beings from nothing. He does this usually to give as pets for his friends.
  • Draconic Power Absorption: Kai can absorb and steal the powers of dragons, rendering them powerless and vulnerable.
  • Draconic Power Negation: Kai can negate other draconic powers (even magical) that other may be wielding.
  • Draconic Pulse Power Bestowal: Kai can grant others the Draconic Pulse. In doing so, the recipient turns into humanoid dragons; they have all the powers of the dragon (plus more) but are in the body of a human.
    • Resurrection: Kai can revive the dead by granting them the Draconic Pulse.
  • Omni-Energy Manipulation: Kai can create, shape and manipulate all feasible and imaginable forms of energy, having practically no limits on the amount or type of energy he can absorb, project or manipulate. Kai has displayed his reach of this power to be on a quantum level, granting him control over the fundamental forces of the universe. With this power, Kai can achieve any effect he desires. His mastery over this specific trait has gotten him confused for being a sorcerer many times which he has stated he isn't using magic. Dr. Strange was convinced but upon facing an Anti-Magical foe once, Kai was unaffected.
    • Anti-Magic: Kai manipulate a unique form of energy that can negate and destabilize all forms of magic and even destroy a magic user's capability to ever use magic. Kai has a variety of destructive effects on magic users, including crippling and/or killing them just for using magic. Like magic, Kai has various Anti-Magic "spells" in which he can counter magic in a particular way. He has stated that those who utilize Meta Magic are unaffected by this power.
      • Anti-Magic Constructs: Kai can make weapons & walls/domes out of Anti-Magic.
      • Anti-Magic Infusion: Kai can imbue anything with Anti-Magic magic it have the same affects as Anti-Magic itself.
      • Curse Removal: Kai can remove any curse.
      • Curse Negation: Kai can negate any cursed placed on anything.
      • Magic Immunity: Kai is completely & utterly immune to all forms of Magic.
      • Magic Bypassing: Kai can completely ignore any form of magic, spell or enchantment that protects any object, person, etc.
      • Spell Negation: Kai can negate any spell. He did this once when Psorcerer was bonded by the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.
      • Magic Negation Field: Kai can emit a field that negates all magic within the radius.
    • Ethereal Manipulation: Kai can create, shape and manipulate Ether, the purest type of energy. This power alone puts him on par with full blooded Elder Gods.
      • Absolute Force Manipulation: Kai can create, manipulate and shape force in all its forms, whether physical, transcendent, natural, mental, cosmic, etc. i.e. all the absolute forces that make up the flow and nature of reality. With this power, Kai can literally destroy the earth simply by touching it. He can immediately calm a raging storm.
      • Nether Manipulation: Kai can create, shape and manipulate Nether, the "Chthonian Element" that flows through the realms of the living, and the Dead. Nether is most known as the substance that makes up the Underworld. It represents the destructive part of reality and as such all such forces are derived from it. Kai calls this the "Dark Element".
        • Necromancy: Kai can go beyond magic & manipulate the essence of death itself. With this, he can raise zombies, drain life, & many more death related powers.
        • Dark Energy Manipulation: Kai manipulate energy of a dark, malefic nature purely only cause death, agony, & suffering. He can see one's sins, trap them in their greatest fears, & project energy beams that disintegrate any living matter.
        • Time Manipulation: Kai can control the essence of time.
      • Aether Manipulation: Kai can create, shape and manipulate Aether, a powerful and unique celestial element said to flow throughout the universe.
        • Spatial Manipulation: Kai can create, shape and manipulate physical aspects of space within an area of one's choosing, including an area and whatever is inside of that area. He can trap subjects or objects in space and push that space, throwing subject and object away from him or to create wormholes, paradoxes, and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around.
          • Spatial Perception: Kai is able to perceive the spatial distances: the dimensions (length, width and height), distances between objects, shapes, and sizes of things, etc. He can discern how far away something is and the exact measurements of the proportions of an object. This can also be used as a warning to danger.
        • Life-Force Manipulation: Kai can create, shape and manipulate life-force, the fundamental force that allows life to appear/exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe.


Weapons Master: He has been trained in the use of almost all martial arts weapons.

Master Martial Artist: Kai is trained in various martial arts. He's a master at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, & Krav Maga.

  • Mixed Martial Arts Intuition: Kai can combine and utilize his multiple forms of martial arts at once, allowing him to effectively create a new fighting style unique to him and flawlessly move from one form of martial arts to the other, improvise new attacks and more. He's a force to be reckoned with in battle due to his exceptional martial arts skills and being very difficult to predict and counter.
    • "Blood Fist": Kai developed his own fighting style based around striking spots of the body that will result in serious injuries such as shattered spinal cords, ripping out hearts, etc. Kai refers this as "the martial art that cannot be used for subduing".

Parkour Master: Kai is the best parkour artist in the world. He relies on this skill mostly when traveling.

  • Parkour Combat: Kai can combine parkour and free running skills with physical fighting, allowing him to take on his opponents while overcoming obstacles and changing his direction. He can make use of his surrounding environment and use it to dodge attacks and confuse opponents.

Tranquil Fury: Kai has learned to attack in full rage while retaining control and are able to attack with the relentless strength but can think out his moves.


Chains: While Kai can use various weapons, he chooses to use chains as his weapons. He proves to have great skill over them & while they seem short they appear to be limitless. He can grab onto/throw things/people & he's even used it to slice. These chains are made of some unknown material as Adamantium. He bounded his life-force to this weapons & they obey his command.


  • Kai has stated that immense energy manipulators like Vulcan, Nate Grey, & Captain Marvel can rival him. Though it would be a knock out, drag out fight.
    • Anti-Energy users can counteract Dragon Pulse to a degree.
  • Kai rarely ever uses reality warping. He feels it's unethical.
  • Anger Issues: due to his past trauma, Kai internally struggles with immense anger. He has learn to mitigate the negative affects via Tranquil Fury.
    • If Kai gets too angry, his tranquil fury will become unstable.
  • Kai has stated when magic is mixed with another energy/power (like the Odinforce & Psi-Force), it becomes immune to his Anti-Magic & his Magic immunity is weakened to a resistance. He can only uphold that resistance with concentration & vitality.


  • Kai's Likes:
    • Video Games: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1-2, Dragon Ball Z Fighter, Infamous series, Pac Man, Disney  Infinity 1-3, Star Wars Battle Front II, Star Wars: Force Unleashed 1-2, Horizon Zero Dawn, No   Man's Sky (to list a few).
    • Anime: Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball series, Fist of the North Star, BeastStars, Gundam series, Dr. Stone, Attack on Titan, Free, & Digimon series (exclusively these).
    • Movies: Pacific Rim, A Quite Place, It 1-2, Rock & Rule (he regretted it partly), Where the Wild     Things Are, I am Number 4, Chronicle, & too many more.
    • TV Shows: Stranger Things, Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Magic School Bus, Kim    Possible, Jetix shows, Class of 3000, & more.
    • Music: BTS, August-D (clean), Quiett, BIGBANG, T.O.P., G-Dragon, Taeyang, K/DA, Eminem   (clean), Run DMC, N.W.A. (clean versions he can find), Grandson (clean songs), Daft Punk, Martin Garix,  David Getta (clean songs), Awolnation, Billie Elishe, Imagine Dragons, Green Day, & more.
  • Kai's dislikes:
    • Anime fanservice
    • Magic
    • Demons (mainly Succubi)
    • Sex Offenders
    • Sexism (in all its forms)
    • Racism
  • Kai has stated to be neutral on whether he supports or goes against the lgbtq community. This can be seen in a statement he made, "I find it kinda odd really & truly. But at the same time I'm not saying they are abominations, disgusting, etc. They're sentient so they deserve my respect & kindness".
  • Abortions actually is saddened by the idea of abortion but doesn't judge people on it...well unless their reason is faulty. This is seen during a statement, "I don't really like little kids but the idea of babies not even getting a chance to live? That hurts me. I wish I could take those kids & place them in K'un-Lun. There they would live, prosper, & even be healthy. I mean, I don't hate or dislike those who do abortion, though. That is unless their reason is faulty like 'they aren't alive', they forgot or didn't want/want to go get contraceptives', stop intercourse before it happens because they didn't have it, or didn't want to use it. Now when that happens, that actually makes my blood boil a little. Not enough to feel hate though."  
  • Kai also has a zero tolerance for sex crime. That's why he barley watches anime.
    • Kai has stated that if sex crimes are present in entertainment, it's sole purpose should be realistic  in representation & & the damage it causes. When sex crimes are made into fetish or sexualized, Kai  will get triggered.
    • Kai is especially angry when sex crimes/harassments against males from females are committed.