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Yasuke is an Omega level mutant. He has been stated by Vulcan himself to be an "Energy Manipulator of the Highest Order".

Quintessence Force: Yasuke can generate his own energy instead of always depending on the energy around him. The levels at which he can generate appears to be limitless. While he was training with Vulcan, the session was being able to build up endurance if his energies were drained. Vulcan was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of energy & said it was too much. Vulcan later stated he had enough energy to last him for at least a years worth of battles. With his energy power, Yasuke can preform various things:

  • Energy Blasts: Yasuke can release and project powerful energy blasts of various shapes and/or intensities, such as bolts, beams, bursts and waves, that can knock, destroy, and annihilate his targets. He can even control the movement of the energy blasts like heat seeking missiles. Yasuke's blasts can knock out beings like Apocalypse. He has named various energy blasts off of Dragon Ball attacks.
    • Energy Pulse: Yasuke can release all of his body's energy as a massive omnidirectional pulse of devastating power. He likes to call this "Super Explosive Wave".
  • Energy Constructs: Yasuke can turn energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. He favors make large talons, knives, brass knuckles, spikes, wings, tails, & tendril.
  • Ergo-Psionics: With training from Espers like Jean Grey, Teen Cable, & Prestige, Yasuke learned to utilize energy to grant himself various psychic abilities like extrasensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis, etc. Due to the power not being based on Psychic Energy Manipulation, powers that negate/counter act psychic powers specifically will not negate his power.
    • Ergo-Telekinesis: Yasuke can influence matter & other energies just like telekinesis. His telekinetic prowess is very impressive.
      • Concussive Blasts: Yasuke can project powerful blasts affect matter with concussive force. Yasuke can this force from his hands & other body parts. The force of these blast can vary greatly. He can use then to simply push opponents back or to shatter solid stone easily.
      • Ensnare Opponent
      • Force Fields: Yasuke can create protective force shields that could deflect even the most powerful of attacks (even filter bacteria from the air). The strength of his fields depend on his concentration.
      • Intangibility: Yasuke can phase through solid matter by mentally shifting the molecules of his body around another object's as he moves forward.
      • Intuitive Aptitude: Yasuke can disassemble complex devices explosively (separating every last component, such as screws, nuts, circuit boards, etc.) and, just as quickly, easily assemble complex devices.
    • Ergo-Telepathy: Yasuke has energy based telepathy & is good user.
      • Psionic Shield: Yasuke can erect a psychic shield for protection of oneself's and other's minds.
      • Telepathic Cloak: Yasuke can telepathically mask his presence and the use of his abilities from being detected by other mutants and psychic entities.
      • Astral Projection: Yasuke can project his mind from his body onto astral planes or the physical plane over vast distances.
      • Neural Jumpstart: Yasuke can increase the speed of synapses in the brain, allowing him to increase another's powers to incredible levels, with a temporary effect.
      • Trauma Healing: Yasuke can heal mental trauma through "psychic surgery", the power to stimulate or deaden the pain and pleasure centers in a person's brain.
      • Intuitive Multilingual: Yasuke can intuitively translating new languages.
    • Ergo-Teleportation: Yasuke has energy based teleportation. Yasuke received training from Nightcrawler & has mastered this ability. He's able to infuse it perfectly with his combat & can use it to gain momentum for a strike. His range of travel is vast, being able to go from NYC to Krokoa.
    • Ergo-ESP:
  • Energy Portal Creation
  • Physical Augmentation: Yasuke can enhance his physical prowess & physiology to achieve feats requiring an absurd amount of physical power effortlessly. Yasuke can freely fluctuate his level of physical might but he needs practice to reach new levels. So far, he can easily K.O. Colossus & brawl with Apocalypse & win.
  • Supernatural Life-Force: Due to the nature of his powers, Yasuke possesses massive reserves of life energy, which aids in his longevity, stamina, vitality, and healing capabilities, allowing him to withstand and survive even the most strenuous and life threatening circumstances
    • Supernatural Regeneration: Due to his augmented life force, Yasuke has immense regenerative powers that equal that of Captain Marvel's.
      • Regenerative Durability: Yasuke possesses enhanced resistance to physical damage as a result of his accelerated healing factor.
    • Self Sustenance: Yasuke physical needs are greatly reduced. Yasuke's need to eat, drink, sleep, & breathe are greatly lowered but not completely gone.
  • Omni-Energy Generation/Manipulation: Yasuke can generate, shape and manipulate all feasible and imaginable forms of energy he generates, having practically no limits on the amount or type of energy he can project or manipulate. Yasuke has proven to manipulate energies from various universal and extra-dimensional energy force on a quantum level. Yasuke is even able to manipulate magical & psychic energies allow him to redirect such attacks & absorb them. With such an ability, Yasuke has a resistance of them as well. With this level of control over energies, this has gotten him confused for being some kind of transcendent sorcerer many times. Due to Magic basically being omni-energy manipulation, Yasuke actually learned to preform applications very similar to magic but with out being magic.
    • Magic Resistance
    • Magic Deflection
    • Psychic Shield
    • Esoteric Power System: Due energy being able to perfectly simulate any power of any nature & his immense energy generation/manipulation, Yasuke can achieve virtually any power/affect he wants putting him on par with users of Magic. After studying with Magik to help learn his powers better, she stated that Yasuke's very well capable of be on par with herself (a Sorcerer Supreme). Like mages, Yasuke just needs to train & practice to reach that level.
      • Shapeshifting
      • Matter Manipulation
      • Summoning
        • Monster Summoning
        • Meteor Summoning
        • Dragon Summoning
        • Beast Summoning
        • Animal Summoning
        • Restraint Summoning
      • Banishment
      • Power Bestowal
      • Necromancy
        • Zombie Summoning
        • Vampire Summoning
        • Undead Ghoul Summoning
        • Life-Force Absorption
    • "Black" Energy Sources: Yasuke learned to generate  dark energies from various dark sources. With these said energies generated, Yasuke has achieved:
      • Umbrakinesis: By generating energy from the Darkforce, Yasuke has achieve the ability to generate & manipulate darkness. He can also make umbrakinetic constructs as well.
      • Reality Manipulation: By generating chaos energy, Yasuke can manipulate, warp, and reconstruct the fabric of existence and reality to his will, and bring about total destruction to the cosmos. Yasuke has only learned to warp reality in a localized area as of right now.