As I recall, my first exposure to super-hero comics was a 3-pack from my local pharmacy. While I had been reading G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Vol 1 and Transformers Vol 1 comics before this (also in the 3-pack format), the first super-hero stories that I read were:

What’s interesting about these three books is how they have influenced my comic-reading habits even up until today.

The way the X-Factor team talked and acted seemed weird and the villain, Infectia, just downright creepy to this 10-year old boy’s sensibilities. The X-Men story dropped me into the middle of an epic tale and it was difficult to figure out what had happened before. Silver Surfer, however, caught my interest. The issue’s story was nothing too exciting, but the character of the Surfer, the world that he was in, and the cast that he was interacting with made this a unique experience for me.

The Silver Surfer quickly became a favorite of mine. Silver Surfer Vol 3 27 was the first comic I bought off the newsstand. My hunt for early issues of Silver Surfer Vol 3 lead me to discover the local comic book store and the local comic convention scene. While I’ve read many, many comics during my years of comic collecting, the Silver Surfer has always been the constant. Starting with that issue #27, Silver Surfer comics would always be on my monthly stack. I still read his titles now (whenever they come out) and I’ll probably read them until my end.

The X-books, on the other hand, I’ve never been able to get into those…

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