So as many of you know, I've been going through all the old Timely Comics for a while -- updating comic summaries, creating profiles for interesting (yet often obscure) characters from that era and updating profiles of established characters from that era.

Well, as I've been going through I've been keeping tabs of all the big characters -- Captain America, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner -- YOU NAME 'EM, I have been summarizing them.

What's the point? Well I have an ambition to make the Marvel Wikia the most concise place of information on all things Marvel. That, friends and neighbors, will take copious amounts of research and more. I'm talking BIGGER than Marvel's own Wiki, I'm talking BIGGER than the Unofficial Appendix.

So... Doing issue summaries in chronological order hits some snags when it comes to keeping track of characters -- like Captain America for example. Writers have loved to go back to his World War II days and add extra stories (the most recent and prolific is Ed Brubaker these days)

That is a LOT of history. The last little while, I've been at odds how to best keep track of all the new stuff and where it fits in everything... That is until I picked up the Official Index of the Marvel Universe: Captain America TPB.. Which pretty much outlines Cap's entire appearance index in chronological order (once you do enough page turning that is)

It's getting to be a lot of information. As I'm getting close to Steve Rogers and James Barnes "last" World War II adventures (IE: Their canonical appearances from 1941 to 1945 until they were put into suspended animation) I should start focusing on adding to the information on the site about them.

So here's the catch 22: It's going to be big. For both Cap and Bucky, but I want to strive on completeness. But since Cap and Bucky are such major characters I wanted to approach the community before I just went ahead and plugged everything into the main page since there are page size/load time concerns etc. etc.

So here is my idea:

Instead of plopping it all in the main article, create a separate page for each character: Steven Rogers (Earth-616) - World War II and James Buchanan Barnes (Earth-616) - World War II .. To expand on all their wartime activities. I'm talking everything.

Then on the main article, only plug in the milestone adventures and such. I was thinking the best way to breaking everything down by years (1941-1945) and highlighting some of their more memorable adventures and epic events.

But like I said, I wanted to approach the community and see what peoples concerns, ideas, comments on this objective are.

Until that gets all sorted out I'm going to spend my time going over the "flashback" World War II stories from the past 70 years and compile that information to use in this huge update. So there's time to discuss it.

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