Quick update, the other day I finished the preliminary chunk of Daredevil's expanded history page, covering all his chronological appearances from his birth up until his last published appearance in 1969.

Not much really to say here other than his origins have been muddled a bit with various retellings. Namely Frank Miller's version in Daredevil: The Man Without Fear Vol 1 and Jeph Loeb's version in Daredevil: Yellow Vol 1. This is further muddled thanks to the Marvel Handbooks replacing events. I won't get into them here (as they are well documented in my references) but take a look at the chunk that take place during Daredevil's origins and you'll see what I mean.

Next up I'm going to be tackling the Inhuman Royal Family, including Medusa, Black Bolt, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, Crystal, Lockjaw, and Maximus. I'll also be doing the Seeker All are going to get expanded history pages. As with everyone else I'm only doing part of their histories. Since we're getting into characters who are popping up in the late 60s I'm doing everything up until the end of the 70s with these characters. Except for Maximus who has made around 190 appearances, his entire profile will be updated to as current as possible. Also going to try and clean up the page for the Inhumans as a race, because that's lacking in details and references. This is probably going to be a massive work in progress since a lot of details about the Inhumans is scattered around in story narratives instead of actual flashback stories and probably not as easy to track down everything as say the Skrulls.

After I'm done with the Inhumans I'll be looking at doing Galactus, the Silver Surfer and Punisher cyborg.

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