PJC65 PJC65 14 October 2019

Badly Written

Silver Surfer, Vol 3, number 75.

This was the 75th issue, and doubtless was intended to be a landmark.

Unfortunately, scripter Ron Marz was not up to the task. The power-mad Morg is an uninteresting villain, utterly monomaniacal, and completely without nuance or conflict. (This is not better illustrated in a later issue, when the heralds and other celestial powered super-beings were captured by Tyrant. Rather than join the other heralds in their struggle against the vastly powerful Tyrant, Morg took the opportunity to continue his vendetta against Terrax, thereby taking both himself and Terrax out of the conflict against the Galactus-level Tyrant. further reducing his own already dim chance of survival.)

The Heralds' collective struggle again…

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