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HOLLLY SHIAAT its actually well written then the other issues ! THIS IS AWESOME LIKE AWESOME IT HAS EVERYTHING A MIXTURE OF AWESOME-NESS AND THEN SADNESS AND BASICALLY A PERFECT SAD AWESOME MOVIE drama awesomeness goddammit u shud read it urself and i relly reccommend u to start it from #4 because they have an previously page which serves as a beautiful written prologue that i wanted it too leave it there and just read the whole story starting from then on and i swear u will have tears in ur eyes wid a small smile in the end..

heres the spoiler review !!!!!!

k right after the big brawl the surviving heroes wait for the quinjet but it doesnt arrive so they look for a transport and they rescue wolvie from drowning. then black panther, cap , punisher , deadpool and wolvie try to make a battle strategy ( since i guess they are they only battle-hardened heroes left after the brawl that arent infected) after some dp moomments we go see hulk looking for the science team to stop them from making a cure and then WHAAAMMOOSH dp is infected but wolvie lets him fight for the humans after a heartfelt speech and dp agrees.

cap and punisher go and try to take out hulks army while dp and wolvie go fight the infected hulk and its just awesome.........

that is when dp gets knocked out and wolvie si left alone.........

and then shit happns :DDD



so meanwhile cap and punisher are holding them off until cap shows sign of infection and is like to frank " goddammit frank please dont let me become the thing we fight" while shaking uncontrollably and staring at his shield... and then punisher is like exactly " u were always my favourite hero cap" before blasting his head to smitherins ( a mercy killing) and this really got me teary....really really really. it was just well written

k so after tha dramatic momment we cut to wolvie and he likes stabs hulks head so much and deep that it gives hulk temporary brain damage............sadly the hulk knocks out wolvie so hard that he is barely alive as hulk slowly aimlessly walks away........

and the sad part is the trucks ( which the science team and surviving 7 heroes or something were in) driving by wolvies unconcious body....

So thats what happnd and at this point i knew the fate of the survivors in the truck coz i read mu vs punisher but they showed an extra page labeled 2 years later which wasnt in the previous installment of this dark horror and it bought a smile to my face.........

just read it :D

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