It may have seem the X-Men has lost one of their best team players, Scott Summers, (or better known as "Cyclops"), in the 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand movie. Bryan Singer (producer of the X-Men films) does admit that he regrets killing Cyclops in The Last Stand, but will Singer bring him back for X-Men: Days of Future Past? It has been previewed in The Last Stand and The Wolverine films that Professor Xavier does return in the upcoming 2014 film, leading to a possible Cyclops comeback. Is it too good to be true? Not all mutant roles were posted on the IMDb movie database, a camouflage for hiding other fan-favorite characters. Could Cyclops be that sweet surprise in this upcoming, epic film? The opportunities for a possible return of Cyclops lie in the story lines of The Last Stand and Days of Future Past where there's the assumption of Cyclops death (with no trace of his body) in X-Men 3 and the time traveling in Days of Future Past. Cyclops's fans, THERE'S STILL A CHANCE FOR THE REAPPEARANCE OF SCOTT SUMMERS IN THE 2014 X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

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