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Well, I've been a pretty big fan of Marvel's recent efforts in animation. Wolverine and the X-Men and Spectacular Spider-Man were fantastic, Iron Man: Armored Adventures has been a great interpretation, the Super Hero Squad Show was pretty funny, and to top it off, I'd probably have to say that Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is one of, if not THE best animated show I've ever seen.

But the shows we've had recently and the shows yet to come, have had many precursors that have varied in quality. Animated shows based on Marvel characters have been around since the mid-60s, and to start with, they featured little animation. The quality has progressed with time, however, which has led to several different interpretations in animation over the years. For example, Spider-Man has had seven different animated shows with him as the title character. And he's going for eight this year.

To start with, many of these shows were really just more of the same thing, but with different characters. Which makes me realise how far we've come to have the variety that we have today. And for reasons of similarity to each other, old (or bad) animation quality, general corniness, as well as the lack of a nostalgic feeling (I'm too young for that), I just can't bring myself to watch them. So, I've watched every animated show since the 90s X-Men (except for the 90s Fantastic Four- working on that now, 90s Iron Man- can't get past the corny first episode, 90s Avengers- can't get past the corny first five minutes, and the Anime stuff- just haven't tried it yet).

So, my questions are:

  • How many animated Marvel TV shows have you seen?
  • How do you think they compare to shows from other companies? (Yeah, I'm talking about DC- the age old question of which is the better of the two)
  • How do Marvel's recent animated shows compare to older ones?
  • What has been your all-time favourite animated Marvel TV show?
  • And what character would you most like to see as the main feature of their own animated TV show? (it can be one that's had a show before... I mean, I'd love another X-Men one, but I'd also like something new)