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Mia's is raptor's sister 2nd in line for the throne of xadia & daughter of thunder (The dragon king) & zubeia (The dragon queen). Mia is the dragon princess, her body looks like the cosmos, but the body has the behavior of a water dragon, her mane and tail are also flowing but its white . Mia was raised on xadia, raptor's homeworld, & was sent to earth 4 years later in the year 2009 to find her older brother. She eventually found him having "fun" with the locals. Mia introduces herself to raptor and explains she is his younger sister. Raptor is actually surprised by this and didnt think he even had a younger sister, the 2 nuzzeled each other, and took the time to get to know each other & form a bond. Like her older brother, mia is near all-powerful, but still weaker than raptor.

Raptor takes mia to meet a old friend of his, spiderman, spiderman is shocked that raptor has a younger sister, he reveals to her that he is spiderman due to thinking she has similar powers as him. Not only that but raptor also introduces mia to toxin. Mia is confused, but raptor does explain to mia who/what toxin is.


Mia's personality is pretty similar to raptor's but she is more friendly & affectionate. Mia is also empathetic as she is capable is sensing the pain of others.

However dispite that, Mia also sees the universe and multiverse as her playground & people & other creatures as her playthings but still maintains a friendly personality. She's more adventurous due to her young age. Like Raptor, she also enjoys freedom & likes to cause mischief & like s to have fun, although she doesnt have any malicious intentions, she does not care for laws & rules as she looks up to her older brother. Like Raptor, her alignment is chaotic moral.

(Mia's body design would look like the cosmos but have watery-looking eyeballs & blue puples, her mane would & tail would be translucent blue)


Since mia is the dragon princess, the extent she can use her abilities at will be higher than Average dragons, but still not as high as raptor's.

Mia also possess similar abilities to raptor.

Storm dragon racial abilities:

Electricity embodiment

Electricity manipulation:

Bio-Electricity manipulation

Electrical Immunity

Storm manipulation

Storm embodiment

Water dragon Racial abilities:

Water embodiment


Water immunity

Matter manipulation (baby water dragons love being squeezed & stretched, my oc is no exception)execption):

Cosmic dragon Racial abilities:

Universe Embodiment

Multiversal manipulation

Cosmic Dragon Physiology

Nexus Creation