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MCU Spidey sucks. He has no sense of responsibility. He is literally just an Iron Boy Jr. He can't even make his own suit. Everything he uses is made by Tony Stark. The only thing he made were webshooters, but even Stark was able to replicate them as well as enhance them, so it's not even that big of a deal. I was willing to get behind that, but Far From Home was so damn boring that I got nothing to say about that freaking movie except for that it's the only Spider-Man movie I hate. Also, MCU Aunt May is weird. She is apparently A-okay with her teenage nephew going out every night to get beaten up by thugs. Tony Stark is almost like Spider-Man's adoptive father. Peter always needs a mentor. Tony Stark, Nick Fury and in the future, Doctor Strange. Even his villains are people who were somehow pissed off by Tony Stark. I could say more, but that would turn into a rant. So this is an in-a-nutshell explanation. For more info, check out this video which I feel explains it perfectly.

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@Anuraagrjetty15: I respect your opinion.

@Adour: Fair point. I guess it just caught on after the youtuber Tobey in the MCU used the phrase in one of their videos.