As the title might suggest this blog is about some house cleaning that shall be happening in the Temoprary Reality Number (or Temporary Reality Number) section of the Database.

For those who are unaware, TRNs are things we use here on the site to help categorize information on realities that have yet to be officially numbered by Marvel. These numbers are mainly assigned to new things (comic lines like Age of X and 5 Ronin, or upcoming movies like the Spider-Man reboot) or to fringe things and old things (Eminem Meets The Punisher, The Dimension of Suicide, or any number of forgotten "What If?" stories.

But more often than not, TRNs are handed out to the very large number of video games in the Marvel world, the majority of which were released on systems of yore like the NES, Super Nintendo, and Commodore 64. And this, dear Marvelites, is where the clutter comes from. The majority of these older games are forgotten relics that feature minimal (or no) cohesve storyline, and the best way to categorize them is an on-going discussion.

After some talks with GrnMarvl14, one of our admins here, it's been decided that, until a better way to log these video games is found, a number of the existing TRNs serve no purpose, as they are just lists of red-links (or, like GM14 pointed out about Marvel Pinball, they really don't need a reality at all). As such, we are going to be deleting a large number of TRNs.

Now, this semi-rambling blog was not to just inform you all of what was happening, but it was also to involve you in the decision. At the bottom of this blog, you will find a list of TRNs that I've compiled for deletion. This list, however, is not final; more realities may be added, or, if a good case is made, some may be spared the axe.

If you would like to save a reality: Speak up. If you feel a reality is important enough to be spared, leave a comment below about it (just make sure it's a good reason.) To be more effective in saving a reality, flesh it out. Add a history; or create character pages (which should feature more information than a bare-bones infobox). If nothing is done to these realities in a few weeks time, they will be deleted.

Also, a few side notes:

  • The games attached to deleted TRNs will not be deleted; they just won't have a reality attached to them for the time being.
  • The realities which are deleted will not be re-used (i.e. if TRN001 is deleted, it will not be re-assigned to a new comic issue; it will simply be retired.)
  • If the reality for a certian game is deleted, it does not mean the game won't recieve another reality in the future if there is a desicion made on how to handle video games, or if Marvel assigns them official reality numbers.
  • In the list of realities up for deletion, there will be a small number of non-game related TRNs that I felt, for one reason or another, didn't need a reality number at this time. Reasons why will be listed next to said realities, and they are also up for discussion/saving.
  • If you feel a reality should be deleted, and it is not included in the list below, feel free to post a comment about it, and why you feel it quaifies for deletion.
  • This will not deal with TRNs that have been given their official designations by Marvel.

We encourage you to join the dicussion below (it is, after all, the entire reason this blog was created.)

The list of reaities up for deletion is as follows:
Video Game Realities:

Non-Game Realities:

(It is roughly 4:00 PM Est. on Sunday January 15 at the time of posting where I am. To allow time for discussion, deletion tags won't start being applied until around 12 Noon Est. on Wenesday January 18.)

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