Spiderman(Earth-616) Spiderman(Earth-616) 30 July 2012

sorry guys

hay its me spider-man anyway I am about to become just Dan my real name and the reason I am telling you this is because peter Parker the actual spider-man tracked me down and told me that he wanted his username back so yeah he will be on this wiki now. by

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Spiderman(Earth-616) Spiderman(Earth-616) 29 July 2012

chain reaction

hi it spider-man and it seems me and deadpool have started a chain reaction,seriously it all started with the hulk,deadpool and me spider-man and then other people started making up user names like ours for instants kick-ass,taskmaster,ultimate deadpool so when you read this whoever it is stop making user names like ours you might be a really major fan but be a really big fan some place else no offence to anyone who takes this as a offence.

but on the plus side marvel is going to make a ant-man movie and before other websites tell us what its about I wanted to know if anyone has any wishes for the movie like what they to happen,costumes,characters and villains.

post comment and opinions

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Spiderman(Earth-616) Spiderman(Earth-616) 28 July 2012

suit up

Hi its me the amazing spider-man,just the other day I was looking through my closet and I have to admit it I have way too many suits,it took me forever to find my red and blue jumpsuit and these are the suits I stumbled upon.

Future Foundation suit

sinister six armour

the iron spider armour

the big time suit

my spider armour

scarlet spiders old suit(how did that git in there)

my very first costume(that brings back memories)

my new amazing spider-man suit(from the movie)

and my spider-man suit

witch ones your favourite suit?

post comments!

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Spiderman(Earth-616) Spiderman(Earth-616) 27 July 2012

spidey 3 awesome or not

Hay guys its me the amazing,friendly neighborhood, spectacular and ultimate spider-man.is it true I've got a movie that sucks that's out on DVD i mean spider-man 3 wasn't that bad was it?

The Good

  • its got me in my actual suit not some made up one like the amazing spider-man.
  • its got venom witch is pretty good.
  • my friend harry gets a better suit then all of us in the movie.
  • and the grafics are pretty stunning

The Bad

  • im way to serious in this series of movies.
  • Mary Jane keeps acting like a bitch(don't tell her i said that)
  • when i get the symbiote my suit looks nothing like that.
  • and sandman is in it.

so what do you think?

post comments.

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Spiderman(Earth-616) Spiderman(Earth-616) 26 July 2012

poor Eddie Brock

Eddie Brock was a half good half bad friend of mine,The good side being when he had the anti venom symbiote and the bad side being when he hated me and tried to frame me and tried to kill me but he still was a friend in a way...when he was good that is so everyone bow there heads for a minute in honor of Eddie Brock.


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