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Hello. I have recently updated the X-Men page with the new information in light of the handbook. I need help with the sub teams and individual pages. Many pages need updating such as Sunpyre, Cipher, Thunderbird (Both), etc. All of these characters in the sub teams I assume are Krakoan, as it makes it very clear. I have not updated the individual pages with the new info on the X-Men page. I am talking about the last page in the handbook with the list. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Update: I have done Stacy X's page, but have not updated the Krakoa page with new residents, as well as many other mutants. All X-Men fans that care about who is on Krakoa please comment and assist in this long process. Also, somone completely re did my X-Men page, so if someone would reach out and help that would be amazing.

Newest Update: We have pretty much completed everything that needed updating. I want to thank all that helped.

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