My computer is glitching so i can't read comments, so atleast i won't feel bad when you shoot me down. If you have a REALLY strong opinion, message me. If you're gonna say fanon doesn't belong on this database, this is jsut to see what others will think of my idea.

             This is to see if you like my idea for a comic (Earth 1840648) Street-Level Avengers.
            A grouped formed by Charles Quinn to protect the streets of Detroit. Also, he strongly felt he needed to avenge his father's death at the hand of Mica Williams (Later known as Overkill and Blackout).
                              Founding Members

"Living Machine" Charles "Charlie" Quinn - Leader of team. Able to shapeshift parts (If not all) of his body into any machine, practical or not. Father killed by gang lead by Mica Williams. Formed to avenge his fathers death and to protect the cities, not the world. Ability gained by creating a model of the human body out of spare auto parts and wires, which he was forced to merge with by Javen Hedrick, by pushing him into chamber with the model and hitting the merge button.

"Ace of Spades Kenneth Connors - Second in command. Claimed to be haunted by "Card demons" and had an excesive urge to play cards. Had made a successfull life as a teenager until he gambled everything off, including his parents lives, under the control of these so called card demons. In his deppression and a crime streak, approached Quinn in hopes to reform, in which Quinn attemted to seperate him from the card demons with the H2-01 merging and seperation device enhareted by his father. Teammate "Double-Taker" accidently threw an ace of spadescard into the chamber before Charles hit merge instead of seperate, resulting in Kenneth turning into a grim, vigilante who attacks with cards which form into spades in midair. Frequent travels to the artificial "Card Kingdom'

Centaur Robert Halles - Third in command. Born a mutant able to fly and turn his body into a cosmic form. Approached Living Machine in hopes of being able to use his powers for good. He was gifted with body armor which resembled a kree uniform, and a shield. Both made of an unknown, near indestructable material. Later acquired a sword made of green flames capable of blasting green energy. Unknown how was recieved, most likely through Charlie. Chose the name Centaur since he thought his helmet resembled that of a centuar. He later traveled back in time to ancient Greece to fullfill his Centaur name. He has so far only gained the ability to turn into a silver horse and speack, understand, and read Greek.

Phantom Bill Drew Junior - A regular human being with a knack of sneaking up on people. He witnessed a secret S-LA meeting, and was presented with a black form fitting suit which gave him various powers, including a cloaking device, able to become intangible, and to make an energy scythe appear out of nowhere. Named Phantom because of his ghost-like personality.

Kamikaze Joseph Engler - Born with the ability to withstand all froms of energy attack, such as direct energy, fire, and electrity. he was later enhanced by Charlie Quinn with a minor super-soldier serum. It made him run faster, be stronger, and most of all, jump higher. Over the years he has been able to jump higher, now over 30 feet. He acquired two exponential rocket launchers from the black market, and now uses them to shoot the ground at high speeds while trampling enemies. Recieved the name Kamikaze by how much he resembles a living explosion when proceding with his signature move.

Double-Taker Joshua Bellard - When Charlie Quinn found out his father's dying wish was for his son to be more like Hawkeye, he thought he ment to be perfect aim. He combined Joshua with a dart in the center of the board. Something happened when he blinked in the middle of the transformation; He now had to look at the target twice to get it perfect. This presented him the name Double-Taker and a spot in the S-LA.

Jolt Aidan O'Donald - Born able to withstand electric charge because he had none, Aidan O'Donald was sent to Doctor James Quinn be an adopted child. When his "father" died, he stuck with his son, Charlie, until Charlie accidently sent an extremely high amount of electricity into his body. When O'Donald discovered he was now able to shoot electricity from his wrists, he crossed the thought of using this to "short out" Quinn in his machine form. He however quickly joined the SL-A, with secret thoughts of getting revenge on his parents for abandoning him for his slightly strange ability. 'What about these abilities, eh? Will they like these abilities' he thought.

Gravitonic Lance Hillard - No one really knows his history, they just know that one day a kid with a blue spring growing around his right arm was born. He volunteered to Charles Quinn, who had inherited his fathers amazing intelligence, to send a physical-form of gravity into his spring. He was then granted the power of jumping vary high and being able to alter gravity, on major and minor scales. He adopted a sleek jumpsui, a helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots which highly enhanced his abilities and was automatically dubbed "Gravitonic" by a sarcastic Ace of Spades.

Uber-Orb Sierra Doldly - Upon finding a orb that granted her mystical abilities, she automatically joined and became the final founding member of the Street-Level Avengers. The name was one of many randomly picked names related to her orb, and was the only one voted for by two members; Living Machine and her future boyfriend, Centaur. She picked out a simple black mask and pink suit to be her costume, and chose mainly to rely on her energy blasting power and her ability to fly, among the millions there were inside the orb. She later became connected to the orb which gradually became a faint glow around her hand.

So, what do you think? Long time to read it, huh? Yeah, well longer time to type it! I would tell you more, like the new-joiners Liverpool, Rage-Kid, Lieutenant America, Cyber-Hulk, Iron Thing, and more, but i really have to get off. My eyes ar bloodshot! Hope you think it's good and please suggest some (minor) improvements i could make! Sorry if it's not descriptive about the character i based off myself, Living Machine, but i'll include that in my next blog post along with me semi-original members.
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