Overall the first season was fantastic, esspecially the epic 3 part finale. The Earth's mightiest heroes have already faced off against Kang, Ultron, Loki, Graviton, HYDRA, The Leader, A.I.M, and the Masters of evil. In season 2, we have a lot to look forward to. Here are some predictions to what will happen:

  • The Avengers face off against Doctor Doom
  • Ms. Marvel joins the Avengers
  • The Skrulls begin their invasion of Earth
  • The Civil War storyline may go into effect
  • The Masters of Evil return
  • The Secret Invasion storyline will go into effect
  • Nick Fury returns
  • Possibly, the return of the Red Skull
  • Possibly, the return of Bucky who may become the new Captain America
  • Black Widow joins the Avengers
  • Hank Pym creates a new robot to fill in the vacant area left by Ultron, and said robot will most likely be
 The Vision and he might join the team 
  • Thor might possibly don a costume based on the Olivier Coipel design from the modern comics
  • Giant Man will appear in his Yellow Jacket costume
  • Possible appearance from Spider-Man
  • The Avengers bump into the X-Men
  • The Avengers and the X-Men face off against Magneto
  • Possibly, Loki returns to seek vengeance on Thor and the Avengers
  • The Skrull invasion divides the avengers because they will begin to suspect that some team members have been captured and replaced by Skrull imposters
  • The Fantastic Four return
  • Captain Marvel returns
  • Kang the Conquerer's fortelling of Cap betraying Iron Man will become real
  • Possible guest appearance from Stan Lee
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