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Tremorfan94/My Marvel Fan Character: Scar

Real Name
Scar Arresin
Current Alias

Lead Ranger, The Shell of the Unknown, FEAR.


Dracotorra Arresin, Bruce Linelle Arresin (deceased), Lilly Arresin (deceased), Morrot Arresin, Lagrion Arresin.


Base Of Operations


4, 8 ft.




Unusual Features
Plasmic Electo-Skeleton Shell/Armor, White Pupils.


Marital Status

Hero, Keeper of Justice.

Highly advanced, IQ of 2033

As a child, his parents were highly respected people of the Univerian race. His mother a doctor and care-taker and his father as the most powerful martial artist. His race predicted events that will happen and his planet was located in the center of the universe. One day, a dark entity so mighty came to his planet and killed his father. His human mother sent him and his brother, Dracotorra, to a planet that would support them and their lives. For decades, they lived in a small pod, heading toward Earth, knowing of the the rest of their race's tragdic faith. When they landed, they were taken in by an old man, who was, sadly, killed by a Bandit. Scar, enraged, found the man and killed him. After serving in WW1 and WW2, Scar makes his own team, after seeing all the injustice they had done, to keep the peace of his town and even, on some occusions, the Earth.

Place of Birth


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Early Life

As a quiet and shy child, but still very serious, Scar was raised on a planet called Unversia, which is in the center of the Universe. His race, the Universians, decided the faith of others and events to happen. They believe strongly that they were made by a almighty being known as "The Great One". Not only that, but they were made of pure soul energy, which they had to protect. So, they used a paster with a special membrane used to keep even the loosiest if things in place. Scar was so interested in the history of his kind, but not too much was known of their origins. He went to school, like other Universian children, and he was highly praised because of his parents' reputation. Sadly, his world ended when a evil monster known as Cratoz destroyed and killed their father and his planet was soon coming to an end. He and his brother, Dracotorra, was put in a small pod by his mother to keep them safe and sent them to a world where they could live without fear. For decades, they lived in that pod, knowing what had happen to their home where they once lived and their family and friends' horrible demise.

After landing on Earth in 1633, Scar and Dracotorra are swiftly taken in my an old man named Issac. He was warm-hearted and gave the boys food and a home. Scar spent years helping the old man collect wood and house work. Since Scar never really got to know his father that much, Issac was the closest thing he had to a dad. One day, while Scar and Dracotorra were gathering some leaves for a fire, Scar saw a man run from the house with some money and a knife in his hand-- with blood on the edge of the rigid blade. Scar knew that was a bad omen. He quickly swarmed into the house to find Issac lying on his back with a stab wound to his stomach, he said everything would be okay and he'd make it out of this, but he added if he did die, that he assured them he loved as if they were his own children. Issac, sadly, did not make that night. Enraged at what the man had done, he used his telekinesis that he had been hiding from Issac and hunted his killer down. (Scar's telekinetics spawn from his high intellect, which all universians are gifted with). Once he found the bandit who had killed the old man, Scar viciously beat him to death without any sympathy or remorse. While the man pleded for his life, Scar grab his head and snapped his neck, finally putting him to an end of his torment and Scar's vengeful motives finally granted. He looked emotionless at the still body.

World War 1

Despite the many years of going through towns, looking for a refuge to take, Scar and his brother took a job in the army, serving for World War 1. Still bitter over the uproar of Issac's death, he knew serving the army would suit him greatly. He used his telekinesis to fight many of his battles during the war and infilltrating enemy bases as a spy. He soon found himself up in the higher ranks of the US Millitary, as a mercenary for hire. He soon became a true marksmen of many guns, including his favorite, the Sniper Rifle. Using his telekinetics during one part of the war, he actually skinned a man alive for killing a harmless family, who had taken the soldiers in and fed them and done no wrong. He soon saw the fear that striked his fellow teammates when he did this. He hid his telekinesis for the most part, but used it when needed in the line of fire.

He grew strong bonds with the general of the army and the other privates. His good friend, Sgt. Luke Dynamite, would unfortunately die in the war. He mounded the death of his fellow soldiers, showing that despite his vile actions for some ruthless thugs, that he still had emotion like a real human being. It was a hard long road to becoming a soldier in the army because of the records of how frequent he and his brother went because they were homeless, looking for someone, anyone, to take them in. But, miraculously, they got in.

World War 2

During this time, Scar had been living in the base of the US Army. But when the word of Pearl Habor reached him, anger and agony, like with Issac's murder, took over him. A vengeful Scar took arm and joined the others in the fight against the nazis and the asians. He pursuaded Dracotorrra to join him, reculantly, he did. He soon took off to Germany, with his improved phychokinesis. He had learn to train on the field when the other troops were not looking and advanced his psiconesis abilities. He knew he would need them for his fight. Even kill mercilessly to those who deserved it. When they got there, he lead his troops into the fight against the nazis. His brother was violently assualted by a ambush of Germans, leaving in a wound which would hanicap him the rest of his life. Scar soon forced them off Dracotorra with a phychokinetic push. He soon recooperated his brother for the battle. He showed that he was able to blow a person up with his telekinesis for the man's cruelty toward slaves and captives.

Once in the main base of the nazis, Scar confronted the Geramn leader himself, Hitler, who was training a student, as it would appear. That student turned out to be his right-hand man, the Red Skull. Red Skull back-lashed every chance he got when Scar was facing Hitler. But instead of killing him, Scar retroted with a smug smirk and let him get his justice by his fellow troops. He soon took place as a spy, sending vauable details to the US Army Base about life in Germany and what the nazis were up to. He soon degusied himself as a German scientist and sneaked into their labs. Scar witnessed the bioligoical warfair they were designing. Putting dieases into mosquitoes such as pleague and other higly lethal compounds. He reported it back to base about this. This is when the found a teasonist spy in their base and trapped him into a pod where he was exposed to deadly toxicans. Surprisingly, as it would turn out, Scar's race did not have a normal organ system because they lived off soul energy. Using his untamed strength, he broke the pod and escaped. Soon afterword, he was reported back to base, learning of how James' squad took over and vanquished the nazi army.

Forming the Rangers

After seeing so much injustice and corruption in the world, Scar decided to make a team devoted to keeping peace and righteousness in the world. Along with his brother, they found a organization which helped the town of Horrian, North Carolina. He was able to coinvince them over a period of 3 years to help fight against crime. His team was soon made, consisting of himself, his brother Dracotorra, Sonia (a woman who is advanced in martial arts), Lee "Old Man" Arnold (a old samurai who turns out to have some alien blood in him), and R.A.M. (a mechinical dog who aids them in their battles).


In their early years, Scar and the Rangers mainly fought off small time villains, such as robbers, bandits, gang violence. However, as their organization grew, they caught the attention of much more evil people. Scar soon battled with wizards, mad scientists, and other alien life forms such as himself. His heroic actions soon made US Government officals to notice him. After a quick feud, they decided it was best not to put up a fight and let Scar be, as long as he promised that he didn't reveal to the public his true origins. Scar was rewarded many medals for his work and saving innocent civializans.

Seven Mercenaries

A corrupted business man, named Crang, discovered Scar and his team on a mission that would compremise his plans for becoming mayor of Horrian, which could lead him to be a representive of Carolina and perhaps even governor. When he finds this out, he calls in seven of his best hired killers and sends them out to hunt down and slay Scar's team. Scar finds himself conflicted with the safety of his fellow Rangers and his own protection. Scar wears himself down by fighting off the poison master, Twisted, and a hulking creature known as Grat, who broke into the Ranger's base. Tired and fatguied, Scar soon hears cries and exclaims of pain and agony from his teammates. However, he is unable to help them, due to his uncontrollable fury and rage to seek out whoever sent these assassins to rid of him.

Scar afterwords meets the leader of the assassin gang, nicknamed "Bear". Scar demands him to explain who and why they were sent to kill the Rangers, but Bear refuses to give those sources. In a fit of anger, Scar pounces at Bear. As the battle continues, Scar, for the first time in his life, is losing because of his impulsive actions and untamed furociousty. Swiftly, Scar gets back on his feet and decides to clear his head before moving on with the intense battle. Scar comes up with a plan to defeat Bear and his large barbaric sword. Despite using all his telekinesis, nothing seems to wear down Bear. When Bear uses his "Dragon Thunderstorm" attack, Scar finds this to be the best chance to attack a defenseless Bear, in the open. With a successful blast, he sends Bear to outer space and burning, due to the extreme speeds he is leaving Earth's atmostsphere. Scar knew that if battling a person who takes orders was that difficult to subdue, that the one who hired him had to be much stronger. Scar had to think out his plans before heading on, instead facing the man straight on and possibly lose the fight.

After anaylzing the huge building in which Crang lied for battle, was large and heavily guarded by robotic soldiers. Scar entered through a air continding vent. He then broke out of it and destroyed some of the robots that defended the office where Crang awaited. After busting down his door with a telekinetic push, he found himself face-to-face with the man who had supposedly sent assassins after him and his team. Crang was equiped with a metal claw for hand, which he assumed he'd lost in some incident and a red laser eye. Surprisingly, Scar was flabbergasted when he was reveal Crang was Sonia's corrupted father. Scar primed himself to fight the man. The man showed that his metal claw could produce a electric covering on itself. The battle was soon under way when Crang devilered the first strike. Scar was extremely wounded and weakened by electricity (due to it being one of his weaknesses) during half-way through the fight, which would last hours. Taking on multiple blast to his chest from Crang's laser eye and being limb from the electrical claw, Scar managed to fend of Crang by surpassing his physical stamina, due to Scar's race lacking of fatigue in their bodies, and was able to out last Crang in their fight, making him the victor by diffult.

After the battle, Crang soon gave up his life of crime and went straight, during from bad to good, after his experiences with Scar and taking care for Sonia, and left the company he once proudly ran.

Blitz Saga

A few years after the defeat of Crang, the Rangers went on and fought their normal enemies, such as Madam Devious and Shockfield. However, a warlord alien soon arrived on Earth, endangering life as Scar knew it. Scar sensed Blitz before he even arrived on the planet, because of his energy radar ability. Scar and the Rangers soon approached the ship in which Blitz had arrived in, priming themselves for a whole millita to ambush them, they were astonished to find it was only Blitz. He soon shows why he didn't need anyone else by ambolishing a entire island with a simple blast of energy. Scar, viciously, blasts Blitz for his lack of emotion for other human lives. Blitz was unharmed and goes on to assault Scar with a powerful combination of physical strength, overcoming Scar. Staggered by what kind of power he just felt, Scar must train for weeks to catch up Blitz's power. As he trains, the other Rangers try to defeat him with no success and easily submits each of them. As the weeks pass, Blitz conquers more and more towns on Earth, holding the people captive. Blitz destroys multiple cities and lakes to make his guesture that his power is unmatched in all the universe. Scar travels around the world to help hisself in the upcoming battle, and is put to a stressful stitution when Scar sees what Blitz is doing. Scar, fueled with rage, wants to completely annihalate Blitz and his narcistic ways for causing great turmoil on Earth, a peaceful which had done nothing wrong to him. However, learning what had happen with Bear, Scar must focus and concentrate on a plan to defeat Blitz. He gathers his brother and Sonia to aid him in his fight with Blitz.

Scar faces Blitz in a nearly burnt down city, where Blitz is torturing innocent people. When Blitz turns to face Scar, he laughs, claiming he is pathetic for trying to defeat him in a, soon to be, failed attempt. Scar is now ready to battle him with all of his power and every mite of it. Scar and Blitz float in the air with their levitation abilities and starts the battle. While on the ground, Dracotorra helps the prey of Blitz into a safer area. A series of blasts of energy and driving one another through the rubble, Scar and Blitz are equally match. Scar fears of a stalemate and turns up the heat by acceralatering his power against Blitz. Blitz uses his last resort - A thump card - to turn the table in his favor. Blitz shows Scar his telekinetics, which is only a few classes lower then his own. Scar, stunned and shocked, knows he has mastered telekinesis but seeing this new development, he knows this will be more then just any fight he would expect. Blitz and Scar embark in a fierce battle, blasting energy waves at each other and using their telekinetics to throw one other around. Scar, keeping his focus on the plan, gives Dracotorra a sign to attack. Dracotorra claws at Blitz back, leaving himself wide-open to Scar's attack. He uses a phychokinetic force, pushing him into the ground from the air. Though successful, Blitz attacks Dracotorra, enraged that he was taken for a fool. Scar, angered at Blitz's attack on his brother, starts to blast him into the ground with a barrage of energy waves. Scar and Blitz continue their battle. Scar lead Blitz to a open mountain field, where they finally ended their battle. Scar transformed into his true form, the soul body, and completely vaporized Blitz with a full charged blast.

After Blitz's death, Scar and the Rangers helped clean up the aftermath of Blitz's brutal and unrelenting path of destruction. This took a toll on Scar and realized that if he had been stronger and had more troops, they could've stopped Blitz before any of this had happened. Scar soon looked for new recuirts for the Rangers. During most of this time, Scar and Dracotorra spent their time working on cases and helping those in need. Scar learned that he was not the most tamed person and set out to find inner peace. Scar soon found out that a place in Brazil offered a peace-finding program. He entered it, in hope of finding ways to tame his anger and impulsiveness. For many years, he trained with a monk named Ollisma who taught him how to control his emotions and pulse rate, or in Scar's case, charakra. Throughout the years, he trained with other students, including Mr. Magoil. However, he also met a rivalist student called Linton. During his training, without rage, telekinesis, or energy, he defeated Linton time and time again. Haunted by the memorary of the body count of Blitz's horrible murdering, he left the school and returned home. He had learned enough from Ollisma to control his anger better. At this point, Scar had learned a new physhic capablity: Teleportation, which he would master later on.

Cleaning up & New Rangers

A few years after Blitz's attack and people continue to clean up the disaster that lay wake for those last days of his attack. Scar and the rest of the Rangers helped restore the towns attacked by Blitz. During this time, Scar was looking for new members for the Rangers Squad. He found three new trainies: Bobby Durian, Horro "Flashlight" Anderson, and a man who goes by the name of "Smokescreen". Bobby is a talented machinanic, who takes his part by aiding the team by fixing old, broken, or glitchy machines. While Horro and Smokescreen helped in fighting crime. They discovered that Horro could harness the power of charged sparks in air and was able to manipulate them into light rays. Smokescreen used hand-held farming scyhes to fight and climb walls with, which were handy in battle. Scar sent many hours on end training the new recruits for battles waiting ahead.

During one of their first missions, they were called by the government to get rid of a couple of bandits causing mischief. Scar sent out his troops to follow him at the US Base in California. They met a guard and soon dispose of the trouble-causers quickly. However, to their dismay, another sign of trouble sparked when they saw a large meteorite striked a field a couple yards away. When they arrived at the scene, they saw a almost-identitical lifeform to Scar. When Scar questioned his name and reason why he's here, he responded that he was the evil born from him and called himself, "Scorch" and soon approached the Rangers with a maleviolent smirk on his face. Though the new recruits had already proven themselves well-trained enough to handle normal crooks, Scar was weary to let them in on a real battle. Realizing that his old self would not, he decided to let his new Rangers fight along side him against this new threat. Scorch showed that he was able to mimic Scar's telekinesis, the fight was dead-even between the two. Smokescreen and Flashlight soon joined the intense match and help turn the score for them. Quickly outnumbered and out-matched, Scorch retreated, to plan his next move and attack. While Scar and his Rangers were training, a plan by headed by a army of Shockfield's finest machines and robots. They let firey rain upon multiple villages. When Scar and his Rangers discovered this out, Scar went, along with Flashlight, Smokescreen, and Sonia, to stop Shockfield's armada of robots that was laying waste to defenseless villages. Knowing there was nothing he could've done to stop this onslaught, Scar's mental state did not go through a toll of regret and depression. Because of this, Scar was able to tear through the robots and defeat Shockfield with relvantive ease. During his time at Georgia, he witness many of the Avenger's fights. His brother, always interested in crime fighting since birth, was advised by Scar to join their team, saying they would benefit greatly to the Rangers and their technology. Dracotorra went through all the trails to test if he was ready for being a member of the Avengers quite well, without any strain.

Not much happen within the time spand of Blitz's death those years, besides that most of the towns were already re-built and the families who had lost their homes were finally with closure when they got a new home to reside in. The greif was finally releaved off Scar's mind and his mental block was gone. During Dracotorra's training, he and Sonia started dating, which is when their relationship began to pick up. They brought a friend to Scar, named Miguel, and offered Scar how to transport himself, with a machine he had built, back in time. This machicism, sadly, cannot go into the future. Miguel sends Scar and Dracotorra into the past, into 1669, to ancient China. As it would turn out, Miguel had tricked them and trapped them in the past, taking Sonia hostage. When Scar quickly discovers Miguel has no intensions to bring them back to the present, Scar becomes infurated. Soon, he finds something coinvincent to his trip back to the past. He sees that Old Man was still alive during this time. He soon sees that that warlord Old Man had spoke of all these years. Scar, taking advantage of this chance, decided to face this warlord Old Man claimed, who had tortured him for so many years. It was revenge of his friends, as Scar saw it. Followed by a weary Dracotorra, who had wish he wasn't easily fooled by Miguel's persudive attitude, was now worried for Sonia's safety. When Scar fought his way through a slew of Chinese guards of the warlord's fortress. When Scar finally came face-to-face with the warlord, known as The Great Shogun, Lee (Old Man) was by his side, being treated like a slave. When Scar demanded to let him go, the Shogun snorted at him and challenge him to a fight to the death. Highly skilled in double-headed lances, Scar's weapons were equally matched, along with skill, against Shogun's sword. This was the first time Scar has ever had a difficult time defeating a non-superhuman. Equip with two blades in each hand, the two fiercely fought one other with equal pace. Scar wanted to test how strong he was capable of without telekinesis (he informed his brother of this when he asked why he was holding back). When Scar defeated Shogun successfully, he was worried he had changed the past. Lee was freed from Shogun's twisted control. But, in a fit of rage, Shogun took Dracotorra and endangered his life in front of Scar. Scar had no choice but to kill Shogun, ultimately changing the future. Now Scar had one thing left to do- handle with Miguel and find out what he's plotting.

When Scar twirls his double-headed lances at a adequent pace, it will open a portal to the present time. Scar is not sure if it would happen or not, mainly due that he was going on a hunch. When he arrived at the Rangers' base, he found Miguel with a unconious Sonia in his hands. Dracotorra quickly pounced on Miguel, infueled by pure rage, but was forced back by a magical attack. Stunned at what he just saw, Scar demands some logic for how he did that. Miguel transform into a green skin being, claiming he is a wizard and is a expert in all types of machinery. Scar then engagues in combat with Miguel, calling himself Concord now, in a battle beyond any other Scar had fought. He's never had fought against a wizard or any magic-based foe, so Scar was at a disadvantage, not knowing what he was in for. Though Scar had sensed something odd about Miguel through his energy radar, he had never imagined the scale and magitude of his true powers. Scar was surprised that his armor is able to tolerate magical assaults, and soon overwhelms Concord, defeating him. Dracotorra, having human blood flowing through his body, was extremely damaged by his magical porjectiles but still was included in the combat. Finally, Old Man and the other Rangers arrive to assist their fallen teammates. Concord left the scene, in a cowardice fit.Dracotorra and Sonia quickly recooperated from their repercussions.

Throughout the rest of this saga, Scorch would challenge Scar again and again. Scorch resorted to ambush, embarassment in front of his teammates, using even armies of robotic minions, but nothing to his avail of defeating Scar. Overcoming him every time, Scorch is sometimes pushed into desperation to defeat his long time rival. He once used Scar's sadness of Blitz's fury and terror upon the Earthlings, enraging Scar to the point where he could not control his anger and almost beat Scorch to death. Though Scorch's actions seemed foolish to Scar, he was a formitable rival due to his telekinesis being equal to his own.

Mastermind's Reign

Nearly 5 years after the rigerous assault from Blitz and peace finally back to normal, a new threat appears. While at a science lab, Scorch gets infected with a strange parasite, which takes over his body as a host. Soon he renames himself, in the body of Scorch, as Mastermind, due to his extreme intelligence and imense power. As soon as he is able to, Scar senses a dramatic change in Scorch's energy scale, and rushes to find out what had happened. He discovers a infected Scorch, emitting off great levels and spikes of energy. Scar, hesitantly, decides to combat with this new Scorch, unaware that Scorch s unable to control his actions. Scar is able to fend him off but not subdue him. Scar is soon put in submission because of Mastermind's unimaginable physical strength and his advanced telekinesis, which now surpass even Scar's. Mastermind also showed that using only 1/6 of his power that is is able of destroying an entire moon, far beyond that of even Scar's limitations. Mastermind soon starts dominating towns, cities, and even states within days. Try as they might and even when Scar breaks some of his limits in all classes of his abilities, Mastermind is able to keep every Ranger in submission, not even using the full extent of his power. His actions catches the attention of the X-Men and the Avengers. Soon confronted by Captain America and Nick Fury, telling Scar that since this is his enemy he should be able to defeat him with staggering power, but elobrates that he himslef even has limits which Mastermind has surpassed. Astonded, the Avengers and the X-Men decide to fight this world-wide threat. However, one by one, each are defeat and taken control of by Mastermind. Scar, stunned, shocked, at what he sees, is in unbelievable shock. Mastermind has the ability of mind control, and takes command over Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and even Luke Cage. Even worse, Mastermind comes up with a energy wave called, "Annihilation Ray" which can turn any who is hit by it into ashes, vaporizing them. Mastermind's infectous looking arm is also a problem. If anyone who is exposed to it, expect Scar (due to him not having a organ system), will purish a slow, painful death from the disease/infection. While Scar must comprehend the stitution at hand, the X-Men diverse a plan to overcome Mastermind - ambush him. His team, the Rangers, are still in recovery because of their intense and serve wounds. The only one is able to come with Scar is his brother, Dracotorra. However, as they make it toward the place where dwells Mastermind, they are attacked by Hulk and Iron Man under Mastermind's control. Scar must battle some of his closest friends to fight one of his most powerful foes yet. While fighting them, Dracotorra becomes hanicaped when Hulk used his Thunderclap, causing Dracotorra to yowl in pain, due to his keen, enhanced hearing. Then, a possessed Captain America and Squirrel Girl. Scar gave a direct order to Dracotorra to fend off the two while he tangles with Stark and Hulk. After subduing both Iron Man and Hulk, after a long rigerous fight, he stumbled on to Mastermind's lair.

As Scar approached the menacing palace where dwell Mastermind and lie his plans for world domination, Scar is greeted by the sound of a motorcycle droning and a sudden burst of energy he detects by his energy radar. He soon meets face to face with Ghost Raider. He agrees to aid him in the long battle that awaits Scar in the palace of Mastermind. As they walked down the corridor of the enterence, they are attacked by a robotical replica of the Rangers, which Mastermind had design in the intensions of making a evil group of henchmen along with his controlled slaves. They were easily taken care of by the two. By this time, Dracotorra had already rejoined with his brother and his new-found ally. Along with a undercover Wolverine and Cyclops, they enter the throne room of Mastermind, with the intents to ambush him. Mastermind, due to Scorch's mimiced ability to sense someone's power or presence by using the energy radar, quickly identifies them and starts to attack, however, he decides not to waste his time and teleport them back to the ruinous town. The X-Men's backup swiftly arrives, and Scar is blown away at the tremmbling amount of energy he senses. He, along side with the other X-Men, greet the following and much needed backup. Scar doesn't hesitate to pick out the one with near-limitless energy source- Phoenix. After the backup was informed on what they are suppose to do, Scar held Phoenix back to answer some of his questions. Scar was peaked with a astronammical amount of curiousity on how she had so much power lingering inside her. She explained that the Phoenix Force was inside her and used her as a host. Understanding her stitution, Scar had remembered the stories of the legendary Phoenix during his brief time on Universia when he was a boy. Scar was worried that he might have to had killed her to for the safety of everyone, good or bad, if it were to become untamable. However, Jean assured him that she had calmed the beast within. Finally, they were able to renter the base again, with no time to spare. Meeting with Mastermind again this time, he was very pestered and agitated and didn't even care to put forth the effort to teleport them again. Instead, he decided to face the resistance. Taking him head-on, Scar battles with the peak of his power, but to no avail, and is soon downed by Mastermind. Mastermind showcases his full power by adding more then 1/2 of his full power and uses his "Annilation Ray" to kill a innocent slave of his. Angered by this unjust act of random violence, Phoenix unheathes a unimaginable amount of power onto Mastermind, only coming out with minor burns, scratches, and injuries. Mastermind was fiesty to put Ghost Rider and Cyclops into submission with ease. Scar, in severe pain, watched as the battle wagered on, unable to do anything. He saw as Dracotorra plunged fearlessly into battle with Mastermind, only to be forced back by his overwhelming power. Scar finally regained his strength and lunged forth at Mastermind. He knock him down once again and even more. Mastermind decided he had weathered away enough of his time. He had a energy wave that would suffice just enough to make Scar feel his own demise, however, deep inside Mastermind's phyche lay awake Scorch's subconious mind. He resisted his body from striking Scar, claiming he would be the one to kill Scar, with his full knowing of it. As the two fought mentally, Mastermind's slaves had freed themselves from his manipulation. Dracotorra saw this as a chance to overcome Mastermind at his weakest, and assaulted him. While the two fought, Scar told the now-aware Captain America and the others that Mastermind's energy scale had deceased drasticly. Some (Cap, Spidey, and Nick) told him to kill him with a fire of a blast of energy, saying that this might be his only chance, while others (Cyclops, Phoenix, and Stark) tried to sway him not to, claiming that he might endanger the life of Dracotorra if he does. Coping with a internal conflict raging inside him, Scar's mental state and sanity could not bare it anymore and blasted both of them while they were clashing between each other, catching them off-guard. A huge explosion took place and the still bodies of Mastermind and Dracotorra lay there.

Scar dropped to his knees. He had unpurposely murdered his brother. Mastermind regained his footing, but feel over. The nasty, infectous yellow color sprang from Scorch's arm and lay the parasite that had caused it all- a super-intelligent cockroach. Fury scooped him up to examine in the S.H.E.I.L.D. labs and find out what he is and why he did this. They also wanted to comprehend why he was able to morph himself into a ick of infection and take them as a host, along with how he earned his intelligence. But none of that mattered to Scar. He was dumbfounded and stumped that he had took the risk of dangering his brother's life. They tried to coinvince him that he had no other choice, that it wasn't his fault, yet he was still overcomed by extreme sorrow and grief. Mastermind was defeat, but it did not even relive him a bit. It had been for something, that his death was not in vain, but it was. He had died to save thousands of lives, they said, but Scar ignored their presence. This had upset him greatly. This had brought him depression beyond comprehension beyond human's understandings.

Deep Depression

After the tramatic loss of his brother, Scar had not been to his funeral, claiming that it would only cause more grief and shallowness. He felt a loss in a void of his life without his brother. The next weeks after his death, Scar sobbed for hours on end, not relenting for a second. He felt nothingness. He left the Rangers to travel around the world to adequitly smother his grief. He had wished that he should've kill Scorch when he had the chance to prevent any of those tradgetic events from happening. From Paris to Greek, nothing seemed to help sufficely enough to heal that sorrow that he was suffering from. Dracotorra's death took it's toll on Scar's sanity and mental stableness. At one point, Scar slipped into a deep sleep that he wasn't able to wake from for several days, having dreams of Dracotorra's death. Scar traveled through Brazil, in search of help but sadly, not finding any. Scar would go as far to Taiwan, where there he found a buddist who would help resolve his inner turmoil. The buddist tried very hard to find out Scar's problems, by asking why and how is coped with it. The man told Scar that he could not help him, but knew of one that could be of assistance. He told him of a man in India who could aid him in his soul searching. As Scar approached the man's temple, he remembered Dracotorra's sacrifice. He had wonder if it were in vain or not. Soon he found himself with the man the buddist had spoke of. The man offered spiritual guidence, though Scar had claim he was here for something else. After explaining to the man his inner conflict, the man understood his problems. The man studied Scar and sensed that he was on the brink of sanity. He saw Scar's mental state had had taken a large blow from some short of problem. The man had Scar focus in on the "other side" with him. Skeptical at first, Scar remembered his heritage, that they, themselves, believed in a Great Being. Accepting the man's offer, he mentated with him. Scar was asked why he had gone through these problems and why he had traveled the world in search of help. Telling the man of his stories of his battle with Mastermind and his brother, the man told him to contact those he had lost and was to close to him. He was having visions of his father and that terrible day. He then saw his father confront him. Stunned, Scar watched in awe as his father told him that his brother was fine and that they would rejoin sooner than he thought. Scar questioned how that was even possible, but like the drifting, whispering wind, his father was gone. Scar, still perplexed, was snapped out of his trance. Still weary from the vivid images of his father during his trip back home, he came across a strange scientist who was raving on the fact of a reanimation type of thing. Scar, filled with curiousity, asked the scientist what he was speaking of. The scientist told of a stone that had some magical proporties that could bring someone back to life. However, the stone had been drained of it's powers many o' ages ago. Scar demanded the location of this so-called mystic stone. He said that it was in a cave somewhere in Greece. Scar soon got the went to Greece by his teleportation. He famished around Greece, looking for caves everywhere. With no luck, he went to a play to let the frustration of looking for this stone, that might not even exist for all he knew, go. The play was the telling of the greek titans, of their raise and fall and told of a cave where Zeus' mother had hide him from his monsterous father. Then, it hit him. After the play, he asked about the cave that had inspired the cave in the myth. After finally receiving a reliable source, Scar set off to find it. After a few weeks of searching, he had found what he sought after for so long - the stone of reanimation, he named it. He could tell it a part from the other due to his energy radar. The scratches it had told a story, of a long, vigerous trip filled with hardships. It was something Scar could relate to muchly. He compared himself to the stone and found they weren't so different. He sensed the magic potential it had, which made sense considering the logic that it could bring others to life. But the stone was dull and faded, like the scientist had claimed. He soon sought after Concord, to spare some of his magic to the stone. After swiftly finding him, Concord refused the demand. Scar was not in a testing mood and beaten him until he had no other choice but to do as he was intructed. He offered a adequit amount to the stone, just enough to ressurect his brother.

As he laid the stone down on Dracotorra grave, he commended Concord to grant his wish and chant the words to bring his brother back to their reality. After chanting the lyrics of the spell with his raspy voice, they saw a glimmering light raise from Dracotorra's grave. Digging his grave the found a dirt-smothered coffin. With a deep breath, he opened the coffin and found his brother, cracking a joke about how sleeping on wood felt, and embraced him. Concord didn't like the touching moment and fled the scene, before something was to happen to him. Scar didn't care that he got away, he had his brother back and that was all that mattered again.

Skrull Invasion

After a few years pass and the Rangers are back to business, Scar senses an unusual presence. After discovering from Iron Man that a Skrull invasion was taking place, Scar and his Rangers joined the fight to aid in the resistance against the skrulls. Soon fighting off countless skrull imposters and copy cats, Scar is ready for more. Thanks to his energy radar, Scar is able to detect wheather or not the people he's fighting with or against is a skrull or not. Scar isn't swayed by the next trick they try to pull over him- that the skrull rangers are really the actual rangers. Scar senses their lies and wastes the skrull ranger counterparts without breaking a sweat. Once in the city with other heroes, Scar had to face an overwhelming number of skrulls. Though he was relentless in his attacks, he was overcome by the staggering amount that he had to fight and was evenutally knocked out in the course of the fight.

When taken hostage by one of the skrulls, they were agruing about how they would be able to morph into, excusing that it would be impossible, due to his amazingly unqie shell paster. Easedropping on their conversion, Scar knew this to be the perfect chance to attack them while they were wide open. After saughtering the skrulls, he skinned them and took their flesh to the Rangers' labs to be tested and find out why they were able to keep themselves in such a long morphed transformation. During the skrull invasion, he was attacked by Wolverine, mistaken as a skrull. Explaining why it would be impossible for him to a skrull, Wolverine understood and trotted off to fight with the others. Scar was there to witness the defeat of the skrulls as they took back their planet. It had been a peaceful rejoining with the Rangers after the war was over.


During the time after the skrull invasion, the Rangers would go on to fight normal crime fighting and cleaning up the cities who had suffered from the war. Throughout this saga, they would help the Avengers fight against some of their villains at a time, since Dracotorra had sent for help. Most of this saga deals with Scar helping and cleaning up some of the rumble left behind in the destruction.

A while after the invasion, Shockfield attacks the city with full intent of taking control over it. This time, he came with much bigger and stronger robots, along with a new team, "The Anti-Rangers." This team consisted of Shockfield, the leader, Madam Devious, Scorch, Great Shogun (using a time travel machine), Concord, Twisted (the poison master from the "Seven Mercenaries" saga") and a new villain, Vile. As the raided the city for gold and power, the Rangers made their move. Flashlight and R.A.M. attacked the robotic armada while Smokescreen and Sonia handled with the tanks that had been called in from the Anti-Rangers base. Scar and Dracotorra found themselves faced with old enemies. Quickly surprised that Shogun was with them, Scar questioned his presence. After the story of Concord using his machine to travel and equiped him with a portable time travel machism. Now that that question was answered, Scar demanded the knowledge of why the team was founded. Shockfield theorized that alone they weren't powerful enough to defeat their common enemy - the Rangers. With the promise of destroying the Rangers, each of the members accepted his offer to join to team. Scar knew that, despite overpowering all of them in the past, that together they would be too much, as he learned during the skrull invasion. Scar called the rest of his Rangers to come to the fight. Now with the odds almost even, they started to clash with their counterparts/rivals (Sonia vs Madam Devious, Scar vs Scorch, etc.). The battle soon came to a stalemate, with only 2 people on each side still standing, Scar and Dracotorra & Scorch and Shockfield. Shockfield, as cowardly as he is, fled from a battle he knew he could not win. Seeing this, Scorch stepped back and accepted his defeat. More and more would the anti-rangers try to take over the city just to fail because of the Rangers interfering. Now considered to be a minor threat, the Rangers did not take much action to kill them.

Now with the anti-rangers constantly attacking the city, they had almost no rest for any other threat that would come across the town. Scar quickly grew tiresome of the team, he decided to give them a shock they wouldn't be able to with-stand. With the help of Smokescreen and R.A.M., they single-handedly destroyed their base, giving no refuge for the villains to go, Shogun went solo and Concord left the team. Angered by Scar's actions, Shockfield began to attack random people with no logical reasoning and even put in danger of innocent lives. Scar was extremely raged by Shockfield's intentional acts of violence. Shockfield then contacted the race of Blitz's army and ordered a plasma laser canon to be in space for his own diabolical purposes. After traveling into space, Scar tracked him down with Drcotorra at his side to put an end to his evil ways. Finding a half-insane and power hungry Shockfield with his apocalypsetic canon, capable of destroying the Earth, Scar had no other choice but to challenge him to a last stand. Rash and unthinking, Shockfield quickly attacks Scar and his brother without warning. Scar had known he was a problem in the past but never imagined that he would get so out of control, and chaotic. Shockfield had somehow overpowered Scar, putting him into submission. Shockfield, thanks to his weakness to electricity, had weaken Scar to the point where he could finally rid of the nusiance that had pestered his plans for world domination for far too long, found the greatest chance to slay him. Dracotorra, seeing how Shockfield had no remorse nor mercy in the state he was in, could not do anything but kill Shockfield. With one fierce swoop, Dracotorra shoved his claw right through Shockfield's chest. Pleading for mercy, and with Scar back to coniousness, granted him none. Scar and Dracotorra planted a bomb within the heart of the canon, blowing it up, along with the corpse of Shockfield's body.

With the Anti-Rangers broken up, crime in the town, even the state, started to lower. Thanks to the help of Bobby, the Rangers' technology acceled greatly. Now with the ability to contact Avengers and Stark's inc., they used it for help and updates on crime in their section. They report back them in case backup is needed. The Rangers' bonds with the Avengers grew greatly through this access of communication.

Just as he did last time, Scorch would go on to try and defeat Scar again. He caused massive problems, one time needing the Avengers to help the Rangers deal with him. He caused wide-spread fires and panic through the town. Realizing that Scorch has become much more powerful since their last battle, Scar cannot let his guard down unless he's beaten. Scorch continues throughout the rest of the years that he's more then a match for the Rangers and becomes their top priority to keep in check if something is to happen. Despite countless captures, Scorch always seems to slip through the guards and escape. Resorting to calling in Dr. Doom once, Scar comes to the realization that Scorch is much more then he appears and decides to find out who he really is. Knowing a lot from his past, Scar must soon discover what Scorch has been hiding over the years, with the knowledge that no one, unless they were, could've known what he did.

Scorch's Secret

After doing some detective work with his brother, they saw that the genetic patterns with that of another foe from their past. Curious, Scar decided to take his finding to S.H.I.E.L.D. to find out if it matched anyone in their data base. Unfortunitly, there was no exact matches, but it did shorten the list: it was someone from the seven mercenaries. Knowing that 4 was still alive, of Scar's knowledge, that only left 2- knowing that Bear had no chance of surving that blast.

After searching out where Scorch was hiding for these last few months, Scorch was interogated by Scar for the knowledge of his past. Scorch, with a smirk on his face, kept quiet, refusing to answer his countless questions. Question after question, Scar started to lose his paitence. Scorch finally gave in and decided to tell, although there was a catch. If Scar battle him at full strength, and beat him, he would cough up his secrets. Revealing that he could transform into a soul body, showing that he knew of Scar's full power. Accepting his challenge, the two fought each other, ending with a stalemate, acknowledging that they could not defeat the other. With a chuckle, Scorch claimed fair game and a true test of his power and wits. He now decided to tell Scar, first, that he would turn his evil ways and join the Rangers, claiming that he was no longer any match for them. Scorch finally told Scar of his journey to Earth: The truth was that he was Bear. By some amazing feat, he had survived the blast and what was left of his particles clashed with that of a dorment Universian body in a hollow astroid, which must have been there for many ages. His particles was attached to some of Scar's concentrated energy, allowing him to use his powers. After learning of his new found body, he searched for a special armor, like the one Scar had. By some stroke of luck, he found one drifting through the void of space. Then he planned to arrive back to Earth on a meteor and defeat the one who cursed him with this body, despite the benefits it produced. Scar, flabbergasted at Scorch's story of strokes of luck, soon saw that Scorch meant that he wanted to turn from evil, it was all a pointless conflict.

Throughout the rest of the series, Scorch and Scar would share a frienemy relationship, but mostly serve to cooperate and defeat crime. Though very "make-my-own-rules" type of character, Scorch listened to Scar's demanding commands.


When Dracotorra calls for a heed of help when the Avengers are trying to fight off the siege at Asgard, they are stopped by a mad berzerking Blitz. As it would turn out, the same stone used to resurrect Dracotorra had enough magic left over to bring back Blitz. Osborn promised he could get his revenge back at Scar and have a place when they take over Asgard. Though Scar alone could not handle Blitz, with the aid of Scorch, they so overpowered him and he was subdued.

Soon joining his brother along with the other heroes, Scar and the Rangers fend off the siege, however, as he learned in the skrull invasion, he is overwhelmed by the vast number and had no choice but to stand down. Scar, refusing to give up, is defeated by the siege. Taken in by Thor and healed of his wounds, Scar rejoined the battle again, just to be overpowered by the armada yet again. However, in a fit of uncontrollable rage, destroyed the raiders and headed directly on to face Loki head-on. Loki easily submits Scar and with ease. Finally seeing another being strong enough to take him down, Scar and his Rangers are discouraged to fight on. After being captured by Lester and Daken, Scar is still sore, more then his first defeat by the raiders, and sees the siege continue. Unable to do anything, Scar becomes uncomfrotable watching his allies fall, one by one. Scar watched in awe and fear as Sentry kills Ares.

Scar regain his will to fight when he sees Cap returns into the battle, and the Avengers reassemble. Joining the fight, Scar helps take on the Dark Avengers, easily plowing through them, until meeting face-to-face with Loki again. Worried and fearful of another defeat, Dracotorra faces him, without any recollection of his brother dramatic defeat at his hands last time. Dracototrra is soon put into submission. Angered, Scar jumps onto Loki, attacking him in vain and soon loses once again. Scar had only been beaten by another (Mastermind), so this shocked him. Surprised that Scar could not defeat the god, he decided to hold off the other raiders for the Avengers to fight off the Dark Avengers, a fight he would have to miss to buy them time.

It was only a matter of time until the Thunderbolts prepared their newly stolen weapon: Odin's Spear. Now holding himself off from the attack, along with the other Rangers, they say as the weapon primed and aimed. However, they soon were caught off guard by Sentry being fully engaged with Cap's Avengers, now possessed by the Void. Try as they did, the Rangers were of no help to stop the Void, completely destroying the teams. Scar saw as one of his strongest opponents sacrificed himself as he fought virously against the Void, being outmatched. Scar couldn't help, seeing how the two beings were stronger them. Scar then helped Stark command the H.A.M.M.E.R. agents and moved the Void and Loki out of Asgard. Seeing the Void turning back to normal, Scar helped in the fight, defeating the weakened Loki. Scar turned and walked away as Loki was facing his judgment of death or life. Scar had done his job and fought off the siege of Asgard. Rejoining the beaten and worn out Rangers, they returned to their base.

After the siege, things started turn back to normal and helped repair the ruined and damaged parts of Asgard, being the Rangers they were. Scorch had saw Scar's two defeats at the hands of Loki, pondering what kind of affect it had on Scar knowing that he could be beaten. Not bothering to ask in spite of his cat-like curiousity, Scar went on to train countless hours, in jealousy of Loki's surperior strength.

Meeting Cratoz

After the end of siege, Scar went back to his normal daily crime-fighting work. He is informed that Dracotorra's and Sonia's relationship had gotten to a whole new level: Dracotorra had gotten Sonia pregnant. This meaning Sonia would be unable to fight for a while, in fear of harming the child in the process of aiding the Rangers, she was held back while the fought crime. Scar found this to be an agitation since Sonia was a useful member. Angered that Dracotorra had not told him of this new development, he confroted him for an answer. However, they were interupted by the cries of Sonia in pain, exclaiming that the baby was ready. Getting her to the hospital, the baby was delivered successfully. Dracotorra named his new son "Courage" in honor of his father and mother, who had fought to save his and Scar's lives. Scar was pleased that they had a new offspring to continue the Universian name, however, Courage was only 1/4 Universian, due to Dracotorra inheriting the human genes and DNA from his mother and not Scar, who was, somehow, a full-blooded Universian. As Scar was asking about why he had kept this fact hidden from him, Dracotorra retorted that he was worried he would be irritated that one of his best Rangers would be out for a while. Scar understood, though he had wished he had told him so this wouldn't be a conflict.

Scar is soon troubled by a large cluster of energy which had been sensed for many days from space. Expecting an demonic entity, due to the dark vibe of the presence, prepares for a battle. After landing on the planet, Scar confronts the alien life-form, and is astonished at what he sees. It was him, the same being who had destroyed Universia: Cratoz. Quickly enraged and filled with vengence, Scar attacks Cratoz head-on. Failing miserably, Scar is beaten and weak. Cratoz claims he wants to fight him and the other Universian, refering to his brother, and cease the Universian race - forever. Scar, tremored with the idea of him and his brother dying at the same hands of the beast who destroyed their planet, hesitated at answering his question. But consumed by his pride and vain, he accepts his offer. After arriving at a desolated place where they have decided to battle, Scar asked why he had tracked them down. Cratoz growled that he wanted to rid of the Universian race for good, that they were stuck-up and aggrogant. Angered by this comment, Scar attacks Cratoz once again. Scar is, yet again, overwhelmed by Cratoz's massive sum of power. Soon joining the fight, Scorch attacks Cratoz while he was caught off guard. Stunned that there was another Universian presence with them. Scorch answered that he had took over as the host for the lifeless body when he blasted into space. Though Scar and Scorch shared an almost equal amount of energy, combined they were still no match for Cratoz's unrelenting assaults. Sonia, seeing the Scar engaged in intense combat, she joined the fight. Dracotorra called to her, telling her to back away from the battle but was too late for what to happen next. Cratoz easily blasts her with a shocking wave of energy. Angered, Dracotorra and Scar both run at Cratoz, and Scar takes a back-hand to the face, knocking him away. Unfortunely for Dracotorra, no such mercy was offered for him. He was stabbed by Cratoz's sharp, demonicly enhanced clawed-gloves and blasts into a pile of rumble. Dracotorra's life flashes through his eyes, knowing he might not be able to raise his son after this. Enraged with an uncontrollable fury, just like his fight with Mastermind, he charges at Cratoz and is yet again subdued. Sonia, in extreme pain, cannot help but watch the pointless continuing battle go on in vain. Scar and Scorch were outmatched by the amazing and powerful Cratoz. Sensing a soul-eater in Cratoz's hand, Scar warned Scorch not to access his soul body form, due to the fact that he may be devoured by the soul-eater and die. Scorch could only watch in terror as Scar fought in vain. Unaware to Scar, Dracotorra was being trained in the after-life by the spirits of the tiger and the dragon, training him to summon them and use his body as a host along with calling upon their powers. They did this because his mother, as it would turn out, was the spirit of nature on Earth. With these ties, they were able to help him in his plight against their race's destroyer. Scar, weaken and badly wounded, still fought, refusing to give up due to his rage and pride for his race. After finally being put into submission where he could no longer be able to recover, was soon to be slayed by Cratoz. When all hope seemed to be lost Scorch, pulling back his braids, kicks Cratoz in his head, getting him off Scar and keeping him from killing him. The other Rangers, R.A.M., Old Man, and Smokescreen, came to their aid.

Try as they might, they were easily defeated by Cratoz without much of a fight. Finally coming to, Dracotorra returns to the fight. Stumped seeing his brother back on his feet, Scar regains his courage and strength to fight. But he is stopped by a marvelous breath-taking scene. Dracotorra chants and summons the spirits of the tiger and dragon to aid them in their losing battle. Scar watches as his brother power dramaticly increases and his body is used as a host by two conflicting spirits. He no longer senses one, but three presences in one body. Amazed at how this was even possible, he decided not to question it. Seeing the new Dracotorra still transforming, a jaw-dropping awe sight, he soon engages in battle with Cratoz and is able to hold him off, somehow. Scar and Scorch decide to join the fight to help Dracotorra. Still injured by his previous fight, Scar stays out when Dracotorra and Cratoz are at neck-to-neck which each other, knowing that if he interfered, he would be wounded by even his own brother unintentionally. As Scar watches the battle go on, he finds this to be the perfect oppuranity to strike. During the course of this battle, a meteor headed toward Earth. Dracotorra, in a state of intensity, could not refrain the meteor from striking Earth. Scar decided to take this matter into his hands and held the meteor there, and after a many hours, threw it back to and returned ti the savage fight between the fierce entities. As Cratoz becomes weaker and weaker throughout the battle with Dracotorra, Scar gives a call to him so he can strike. Taking a tremendous risk and transforming into his soul body form, he blasted Cratoz half-way across the universe from their planet. Though it was inevitable for him to return, Scar knowing this, he prepared himself. Knowing the reasoning that why he had tracked was to destroy all the Universians, Scar still pondered what Cratoz had against him.

After doing some research, he discovered that Cratoz had had a feud with the Universians over a part of land. Though it wasn't much, it isn't something he could kill an entire race for. He then discovered that Cratoz had lost his sanity when studied by the Universian's long time rivals-- The gorgians. they had tested Cratoz, who was some short of new species, and caused him to inherit enmous power and, due to the lack of chemicals in his brain to fight off the testing, went insane. Now understanding, Scar traveled to find the weaken beast. Pin-pointing his large power source in the vast universe, Scar teleported to Cratoz. Weak and defenseless, Scar wanted to ensure he would never endanger any other planet again. After provoking him, Scar vaporized, or so he thought, Cratoz. Scar returned to tell of his journey to his crew.

Fear Itself

During the raid from Asgard, Scar tried to fight off them, then upon learning of the Serpent, he try to run through the raid to find the other Avengers, in hope of stopping the raid. Once arriving, Thor elbroated that the Serpent had come to claim Earth and Asgard with Skadi. Hearing of this, he tried to presuade Odin to call off the raid with Stark. Though it was called off for only a few minutes or so, Scar found this to be the perfect time to go and fight with the rest on Earth. He soon entered the Rangers HQ to find Dracotorra and Sonia among the rumble, wounded and bleeding profusely. After helping them back to their feet, their reunion was cut short thanks to the raid. Now joining the rest of the heroes, Scar senses Hulk, Thing, and Juggernaut had changed their strength and energy presence. He could tell they weren't of conious mind, due to his energy radar.

Soon fighting with against the raid, he found himself almost in a surreal world, seeing how easily everyone was being defeated. Soon hanicaped by the battle, Scar found himself on his feet watching in awe as the Serpent arrived and completely destroys Cap's shield. Scar, trying to regain his footing to blast him for his cruelty, but is put to a halt when he slams the ground with the hammer, when causes the most amount of pain Scar had ever felt in his life and was absolutely subdued by the force. After Parker had gone off, Scar confronted Cap, giving him a pep talk to not lose faith, but after not being able to convince him, Scar returned back the house he was raised in. Looking at what was left of the burnt house, Scar had sit down, realizing the man who had more faith then anyone he had ever known was swayed that they were fighting a war they couldn't win. Now in a state of realization, Scar asked himself if it were true. The Serpent was stronger then any opponent he had ever fought, and wondered if it were any good to fight.


Normal Form

Scar is about the average size of a man in his early to mid 20's. While he appears to be young, Scar is actually hundreds of years old. He was 105 when he first arrived on Earth in 1633, making him 438 years old. Scar has a moppy mess of blackish-brown, curly hair and has no pupils, just whites. Scar wears a odd looking pair of something that looks like it's from overalls, the part that grasp around the shoulders and around he waist he wears a purple cloth, which contects the purple straps. His shell is pale white in color and has little lines going down his face and chest. These are there to access to his true form, which is the soul body. He uses it only in dire stitutions.

Soul Body

For Tremmy

Scar's soul form.

In this form, Scar has no visable legs, but he stand himself up, spruting from the ground. His curly hair is transformed into a whipping, consentrated sting of purple energy and his eyes emit a purple glimmering light. He also as arms, strangly, though not legs. The rest of his body is white as the soul energy is made of.


From childhood, Scar has always been very serious and uptight. He is law-abiting and demanding of his Rangers. Scar is very relautnat to whom he trusts. He also is very proud and sometimes let's his pride and rage take over him, which becomes a very important conflict throughout the series. He also cares for his brother and the protection of the weak or innocent. This is the reason why he was troubled by Blitz's ramaging and the death of his brother, which he had accidently caused. Scar has a "tough guy" title, to put fear into those who try to cause harm in is town or wherever he's at, hints the reason he got the title, "FEAR". Scar is very strict, which is why many of the students who tried to earn the labling of Ranger never passed any of the trails. Scar has made many friendships with other heroes, including Captain America & Wolverine. However, because he goes out of line and on some occausions, doesn't listen to direct order, his loyalty comes into question. Despite his conflict with others, he still has many friends along the line of battle.

Powers and Abilities


Scar's race is capable of things that could normal render a human useless. Scar also has great strength, intelligence, and is a master of telekinesis, rivaled only by Prof. X and a few others. Scar also has amazing speed and outstanding endurance thanks to his armor. Another amazing ability is Scar's radar sense, which allows Scar to have faster reactions and sense presence of others, which is extremely convinent during battles.

Telekinesis: Due to Scar's extreme intelligence, he can move people and other objects by just the thought of it and focusing. Scar is capable of orbiting multiple objects around him all at once, showing he has not only mastered telekinesis, but has some of the strongest psiconesis in the Marvel Universe. During his battles with Iron Man and Hulk (whom has a superb resistance to telepathic waves) he relied on his telekinesis and was able to hold them off. Anything Scar picks up with his telekinesis, they emit a purple-pinkish glowing aura around it, due to Scar's energy. Scar knows the most basic telekinetics, from throwing things around around and paralyzing someone, to some of the more complicated ines which involve breaking one's bones or even making them explode, emploud, or skinning them alive.

  • Phychokinetic Force: Along with basic telekinesis, Scar can create a invisible, moving, sound-breaking wave/force that can push something back. Despite this psiconesis power to be very basic, it has no limitations. A pshychokinetic force varies from pushing a opponent back three feet to creating a crater on the Earth. The damge of this power delt to a target depends on the user's markmenship in telekinesis and a target's defense. Though not always successful, Scar uses this many time throughout his battles, never underesitmated bu his foes.
  • Psiconetic Assault: Scar uses his telekinesis in many ways, but none more uncommon than this one. Scar has learned a way to manipulate his telekinesis along with his physical fighting. Just by think it as well as throwing a fist or leg up, Scar can hi his opponent from a long distance. By focusing the force and preasure of his opponent of his kick/punch on a spot of a opponent's body, with the help of his telekinetics, Scar can hit an opponent a mile away, quite literally.
  • Telepathy: Scar has ability to use telepathic waves to converse mentally or read someone's mind without saying a saying anything. He has most recently updated his telepathy and can read inactive thoughts, dwelling in the back of a person's head, allowing Scar to know their weak points and fears.
  • Psychic Barriers: Scar has the advantage of creating force fields to protect him from in-coming attacks, wheather it be blasts of energy or a surprise attack. These force fields are made of harden, concentrated energy. The only drawback of the barriers is that it depends on what the physical and mental state of Scar is that determines the strength of the barrier. If Scar is fatiged or servely damaged, the force fields are easily broken and fragile.
  • Levitation: With the assistance of telekinesis, Scar can lift himself and fly, in a sense. Scar commonly uses this as a quicker form of transportation. He also uses it to fight airborn enemies or targets.
  • Teleportation: One of Scar's more newer powers, he quickly mastered it. This power allows Scar to transport himself anywhere just by the thought. To perform this, Scar requires extreme concentration and energy. His teleportations skill show he can teleport one inch in front of him to teleporting to other galazies. Recently, Scar has quoted that if the distance is short enough that he does not need to focus dor it, reling mainly energy for it. Teleportation has shown to take a lot of energy out of Scar, exhausting him, depending on how far the distance is.

Superhuman Intellect: Showcasing that he's so amazingly smart enough to have telekinesis and uses more then 60% of his brain, Scar has vast knowledge of many things and is profound in every field. He has also built technology succeding far past that of Earth's greatest inventions. His intellect is only rivaled by Mr. Fantastic and Thanos.

Superhuman Strength: Like most Marvel heroes, Scar has a strength which is beyond that of a normal human. Scar has shown that with his strength, he can left up to 8 tons. This is because his race have a unnatural strength. But unlike most Marvel heroes, Scar doesn't use his strength too often, because he relies mainly on his telekinetics.

Superhuman Endurance: Because of Scar's etco-skeleton shell, he can with-stand almost any attack and any enviroment.

Superhuman Durability: Scar has taken head-on against fire, magic, energy waves, and even other telekinetic attacks. This shows that Scar can take on any opponent and that his body can tolerate anything.

Superhuman Speed: Scar's speed has been shown to not only break the sound barrier, but even go back in time (by accident). Dracotorra has quoted that his brother can travel at a average of 80 mph and faster during the heat if battle. Wheather it is on foot or levitating, there is no doubt that Scar has no limit to his speed.

Superhuman Agility: It has been shown that Scar is tatical during tense stitutations. Scar can quickly jump around to aviod something. He also has a realization skill that is 10% better then that of a human. He is very quick in his reactions.

Superhuman Reflexes: Due to Scar's energy radar, he can quickly avoid danger. He has even caught a bullet once with his amazing speed and reflexes. It has been shown could sense danger.

Superhuman Longevity: Like all Unversians, Scar's lifespan can last from milluens to even eons, Universians aren't in a sense immortal as a god would be. They can't die frim natural causes but from loss of too much soul energy or from battle. However, it is possible for a universian to live forever. Scar has actually been around since the 16th centuary (though he lived on Earth during the 17th and so forth).

Superhuman Stamina: Scar lacks of the fatigue in his body. He is possible of with-standing things no normal human could survie. His body is especially resistant to fire, energy waves, and large amounts of weight, such as things like trucks and blouders. He is capable of traveling long distances without becoming exhausted and last days-on-end holding heavy objects, as shown when keeping a meteor from crashing into Earth for almost a day and a half, which prolonged his fight with Cratoz.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Due to his Universian blood that flows through him, Scar is able to heal at a much faster pace and more effiently then a average human. Not only that, but Scar can also regenerate his electo-skeleton plaster.

Immunity to Disease: Because of Scar not having an organ system, he is completely unaffected by humanly poisons and other infections, including pleauge.

Energy Radar: Scar's amazing telekinetics has developed a genetic installment in his brain. Scar has the ability to sense someone by their energy - which he claims tells alot about them. Scar can identify someone by the size and negative or positive vibe of it. Scar can sense people sneaking on him and it had been noted that the type of energy can indicate even what race they are. He can tell if someone is losing their energy or containing it. He can even tell when someone is perishing by the loss of their presence of energy. This gives him an advantage if he hanicapped in battle.

Energy Projection: By concentrating his energy, Scar is able to blast his opponent with major damage along with some minor burns. This varies from beams, bursts, waves, balls, etc. Scar can also has enough energy to vaporize is opponent, as shown with his battle with Blitz.

  • Energy Combustion: Along with his extreme focus, Scar can concentrate his energy into one curtain space and then instantly release, causing a small burst of energy to stun his opponent or take them by surprise. This happens when brain nerves are able to focus in on a curtain preasure point and the charged particles are collected and then released, which in turn, activates the small explosion of energy.
  • Compressed Energy: Due to the ecto-skeleton plaster having small seams and creases going through it, Scar can released compressed, tightened energy to devastate his opponent. The energy being released is similar to nuclear fusion, where energy is compressed and collides together. Once there is an opening, it rushes and becomes like an solar flare and surrounds Scar, protecting him in a sense.

Ectoplasmic Ecto-Skeleton Shell: Also refered to as a plaster or armor, Scar has a special shell that is used to keep a Universian's soul energy from scattering apart at a young age. It is mostly used for defense during a Universian's later years in life. The shell is actually strong enough to deflect bullets. The shell is made of a special membrane that makes it next to inprenable. It also has little seams down throughout the shell to access the full sould body that it protects. The shell was made to lower soul exposion and prevent sould eaters from stealing soul energy,

Soul Body: Every full blood Universian is made of soul energy, whcih is irreplacable. They use shells to protect themselves. However, if a stitutaion is desoerate enough, they can release their true form, where they're at full power. While in their true form, they have unlimited power, due to the fact they're not solid and transperant, the sould energy acts as a gateway for the power surrounding them, while they're their strongest, they are also at their most vunerable. In this form, they can be easily devoured by a soul eater. They can also lose too much soul energy (which is what they live on and is irreplacable), causing them to die. In this form, Scar has shown telekinetic powers beyond his already mastered levels, but his weaknesses are enhanced ten fold.


Expert Martial Artist: Claiming to know every fighting style known to man and being trained in the army, Scar has shown many fighting stances from Crane, Judo, Tae Kawn Duo, etc.

Expert Interrogator: Serving along with Dracotorra as an detective during the mid-1800s and so on, Scar is able to manipulate and make people breakdown in order to get his information he needed.

Skilled Marksmen: Claiming his favorite gun was the sniper, which requires extreme precision, it is assumed that during his years in the army, Scar was a very profound gunsman.

Multi-Lingual: Scar has vast knowledge of every type of dialect and language in human history, knowing not only ancient languages, but all every-day languages.


Electricity: Because Scar has so many advantages with his telekinesis, he only has one flaw with it - electricity. Because Scar has such a intense amount of telekintic energy, his brain's electromangnetic field is sensitive to more then needed electricity. If there is too much eletricity or an overload of it, Scar will be weaken and hanicapped. Scar is unable to use his teleikinesis or even move when being strike by electricity. It may be noted that Scar is weary of machines with exposed wires and lightning rods.

Soul Exposure: Since soul energy is irreplacable and is what universian live off, it would be a threat to have a opening in their armor. This leave himself wide open for a soul eater to quickly devour his energy or lose it, which if is great enough, will kill them. Scar has delt with his armor being cracked open if a attack is vicious enough to hurt him.

Implusive Behavior: Scar may become filled with uncontrollable rage, which sometimes will cost him a fight or a chance to defeat his opponent. This is shown with his fight with Bear and his first encounter with Blitz. Scar has also killed someone (during a case) without getting the information needed from him, costing them a chance to save another's life. Though this weakness has not been a problem later on in the comic, it still has happen.

Telepathy Limitations: Scar has explained that despite his advanced telekinetics, he says that if a memory is forgotten or was not very recent, he is unable to find this data, which has been shown in some of cases when people's minds are weaken, gone through some sort of drama, or the event took place many years ago. Due to this, Scar's telepath waves cannot detect them or recieve them. Scar also cannot read the minds of the not sound-of-mind or insane, saying that they live in a "shattered reality." Scar's telekinesis are also affected by the surroundings, such as gusty winds, and the weight of an object, which can make it hard or easy on carrying them with telekinetics.

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