Hi there!

It's been a while since I last had a blog post, so let's get into this quickly. For the hundredth time, I recently read the TPB for Avengers Vol 5 #29-34 and it got me thinking about two things.

1.) Has it actually got anything to do with Original Sin (it might do but I don't think so.) While Cap and Iron Man and Thor and Hawkeye are part of the main series, they don't mention anything like "Uatu", "Watchers", "space", "eye" or "Fury" once. It's more just like Hickman's written the start of Time Runs Out and Marvel have just stamped "Original Sin" on the cover, similar to what they did to the X-Men Gold team in Secret Empire.

2.) Iron Man just vanishes after #30. When the Avengers leave 50 years into the future, Tony is not with them, but as well does not fall and turn into a skull like Hawkeye to get back to the present. In fact, he's last seen in #30 in the TPB, and, if #34 was the last issue, Iron Man would not have returned back! Does anyone know what happened there?

3.) The future Avengers all have one thing in common: they all are future Captain Americas, Black Widows, Thors, Hyperions, Starbrands and Hawkeyes. This is strange because, while they would've been the main Avengers (or his favourite) at Hickman's time of writing, surely he would've known the line-up would've changed. I mean, it changed every volume of Avengers, and he wrote Secret Wars, which ends all the series'! And, the line-up is vastly different in 2016, just one year (ish) later. Does anyone know about that?

Thanks, and I hope you can answer my questions!

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