Hey readers! Today I will unveil a new type of blog that has similarities and differences as compared to my "Exiles anyone?" blog. For now I will call this new blog "Exiles: Fan Art/Contest" until or if I think of a better name. Anyways, let's get to it:

The purpose of this blog is mainly to share my Exiles fan art. But I also want to make it fun for you guys. So I'm making it into a contest. To start, I will only post the picture. You guys will have 1-2 weeks to identify the Exiles and their home reality. Now for the boring part:


  • The contest will end 1-2 weeks after I post the team, at which time I will reveal the line-up by editing the post. Delays can be made by request. On a general basis, I will also post the line-up if everyone has been correctly guessed.
  • Your goal is to name the Exiles and their reality. You can name either their name or their reality for half-credit. I will not discredit wrong answers, so make as many guesses as you wish! Edit: Forgot to mention that I forgot to draw who has the Tallus in each one. You may also guess who has the Tallus.
  • Unfortunately, there is no prize. I have not thought of one, nor do I have the money to supply a prize for as often as I'd want to do these blogs. Don't let that stop you from guessing though!
  • Some teams will either have slightly redesigned characters, or original characters that I have come up with. You may guess these too, and I will tell you when any original or redesigned characters appear in the line-up.
  • Don't forget: at the base this is still fan-art: so comments and critiques are allowed and recommended!

Enough chatter! Here's the first team:

Here's the team I will simply call "Exiles."

This line-up has only 5 characters. It is the first line-up I ever drew, so please keep comments gentle. All future drawings will have 6 characters. This line-up in particular has NO original characters, but 2 redesigned characters. These are the characters at the bottom-most left and top right.

Have fun guys! Make as many posts as you want in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Edit: All right, you guys are too smart. So, here is the team, starting in the top right:

  • Spider-Man 2099: The alternate Miguel O'Hara that has already paid the Exiles a visit from Earth-6375. He will hold the Tallus due to his previous Exiles experience, and this will get him into fights with Dark Claw and Juggernaut who both feel they deserve the position of leader.
  • Dark Claw: Amalgam's merger of Wolverine and Batman (a pretty bad choice in my opinion).
  • Juggernaut: The alternate Professor Xavier that gained the nearly-immeasurable power of the Juggernaut in addition to his own psychic prowess. I removed the helmet because, for my version, his mind can't be read, but he also can't read minds while wearing it. I also wanted him to be visually different from other Juggernauts, so I slapped some black on his costume.
  • Iceman: The alternate version of our Bobby living in a world that just left Apocalypse's thrall (AOA). He's trying to prevent ever learning about 616, and thus prevent his death. I picked Bobby for his omega-level powers.
  • Sorcerer Supreme: The alternate Iron Man that became the master of the mystic arts. In the comic (which is one of the few I own) he has two armors, one basic armor, and a more amped-up armor. This is the amped-up armor. I thought this was one of the cooler What If? characters, so I had to make him an Exile.

Well, that's all for now, so thanks for participating, thanks for reading, and have a nice weekend.

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