Hello again, readers. Now that my first "Exiles: Fan Art/Contest" blog has come to an end, I will post another. Brief recap of purpose: To post my fan art of the Exiles, to have you guess the line-up in 1-2 weeks, and for constructive criticism. Now to briefly recap rules:

  • The contest will end when the characters have all been correctly guessed, or after 1-2 weeks, whichever comes first.
  • I will not hand out prizes to the winner. However, I will offer you bragging rights.
  • The goal is to name the Exiles, their reality, and for a bonus, who has the Tallus. Giving either the character or the reality gives you 1/2 credit.
  • Some teams will feature redesigned characters, or original characters. I will alert you when these make an appearance.
  • At its core, this is a fan art post, so comments and criticism about the art is welcomed.

This team will be known as "Exiles3."

This team has NO original characters and NO redesigned characters. However, 2 of these characters are from the Same Universe. Ok guys, I think I've covered everything, so good luck, and thanks for reading. Be sure to leave a comment!

Edit: OK guys, everyone has been guessed in their entirety. So here is this team, starting in the top left:

Nightcrawler (AOA): I always thought Nightcrawler would be a cool Exile, and I thought this one might be cool, since he has seen Earths 295 and 616.

Songbird: The high-flying Thunderbolt from a reality where she became an Avenger. The only thing that visually separates her from alternate counterparts is the Avengers belt-buckle that she wears with pride. She also wields the Tallus, leading her comrades into inter-dimensional battle.

E.V.A.: Fantomex's partner from the reality known as Here Comes Tomorrow. One of the last X-Men after the death of her partner, and the disappearance of Scott. She has seen Fantomex die, and she is a secondary powerhouse to her team. Despite her inorganic nature, she might be the most personable on the team.

Spider-Man (Miles): Let's face it: Miles is new to the heroics game. He needs some training to deal with his power, such as his venom blasts and invisibility. How about he does that, and saves the multiverse in the process? I envision him being plucked for the Exiles in the middle of a fight, perhaps against the Sinister Six, and then reappearing a second later, 3x as good a fighter as before. He's the primary powerhouse of the team, despite his youth.

Shadowcat (AOA): I have broken a few rules with my Exiles teams. One of these is having 2 characters from the same universe on the team at once. For an unknown reason, the Timebrokers have mind-wiped her and Nightcrawler so that they do not know they are from the same universe. They just know who the other is, in terms of codenames. Shadowcat will always feel as though she knows Nightcrawler best, for some reason. I wanted a spunky Shadowcat who was different from 616, and I saw her claws and thought, "She's in." And as for her death, all I can say is, "No one stays dead in comics."

Cyclops: In short, I wanted a Cyclops that wasn't a total tightwad. More of a happy-go-lucky Cyclops, if you will. Mutant X Cyclops fits the bill, having essentially taken Corsair's place and fallen in love with his Earth's Ms. Marvel. Plus, in my opinion, you can't beat raggedy Cyclops with a sword.

So that's everyone. Thanks for participating, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more.

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