1. One-Above-All (Multiverse) (obvs.): Probably the least interesting character on this list, yet most powerful.
  2. Living Tribunal: Guardian of the omniverse.
  3. Phoenix Force (Earth-616): Immortal force that can chop off portions of the universe.
  4. Zom (Earth-616): While he is like a beast locked in a cage, I elected to rank him this high because if unleashed none of the entities listed below could stop him without some help. When let loose, he even worried the Living Tribunal.
  5. Abraxas (Multiverse): Born within Eternity (Earth-616) and the embodiment of the destruction of the universe. Abraxas was able to kill other versions of Galactus before being stopped by the Ultimate Nullifier.
  6. (tie) Death (Cosmic Entity) / Oblivion (Earth-616) / Infinity (Entity) (Earth-616) / Eternity (Earth-616), Lord Chaos (Earth-616) / Master Order (Earth-616): Extremely powerful beings embodying fundamental cosmic forces, roughly equal.
  7. Evolved Cosmic Cubes: Shaper of Worlds (Earth-616), Kubik (Earth-616): I left the Beyonder (Earth-616) off the list because his powers aren't clear. Likewise, this group's power is difficult to rank because of the inconsistencies in the stories.
  8. Celestials (ranked accordingly): The Celestials are extraordinarily powerful enigmatic cosmic beings. It was difficult to rank them with respect to the mystical entities on the list.
  9. (tie) Galactus (Earth-616), In-Betweener (Earth-616): Galactus is the feared world devourer. Both Galactus and the In-Betweener have major weaknesses, which prevents them from being higher. Galactus's hunger is a handicap that has caused him to be a pawn in many schemes. Most recently, his future self was used as a giant battery.
  10. Chthon (Earth-616): Chthon doesn't get out much, so Scarlet Witch, who draws her powers from Chthon, is a good proxy for a portion of his power. With her ability to shape reality, she is deemed to be a "nexus being" in this reality Earth-616, and has defeated Dormammu.
  11. Agamotto (Earth-616): Powerful mystical being, probably could defeat the other mystical entities listed below more times than not.
  12. Dormammu (Earth-616) / Odin Borson (Earth-616): These two are probably about equal in power, but this is up for debate.
  13. Mephisto (Earth-616): Vast supernatural power, but he is defeated often. In one particularly embarrassing moment, Mephisto was defeated in his own realm by Franklin Richards (Earth-616).
  14. Kronos (Eternal) (Earth-616): Time manipulator.
  15. Adversary (Earth-616): Old powerful mystical entity. Possibly could be higher on this list.
  16. Stranger (Earth-616): Had the guts to face Thanos (Earth-616) when he had the Infinity Gauntlet (Item). Like Adversary, he could be higher up.
  17. Nightmare (Earth-616): Not conventionally powerful, but any being that dreams could be taken to Nightmare's realm and be tortured. That's a pretty broadly applicable power, which puts him on this list.
  18. (tie) Hoggoth (Earth-616), Oshtur (Earth-616): The other members of the Vishanti of less power than Agamotto.
  19. Blackheart (Earth-616): A demonic entity that I put ahead of Satannish because of his ability to manipulate and scheme.
  20. Satannish (Earth-616): Big bad demon.

I changed the way I ranked the beings in this list from the previous post, dropping a bunch of characters that were accomplished quite a bit and were hard to defeat but would have lost in a head-to-head battle with the above. However, I did not rank the above based on head-to-head alone, which would be difficult if not impossible. I'm probably leaving a bunch of characters of the list. For example, there are a bunch of powerful Elder Gods that would clutter the list too much and turn this into an Elder Gods list. As someone noted on the previous post, recent events probably puts Amatsu-Mikaboshi (Earth-616) high on this list.

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