In the collective farm of Ust-Ordynski, Alexandra Rasputina helped Ariana give birth to her child Nikolas.[1]

A month after his brother died, Piotr Rasputin had to manifest his mutant powers to save his childhood friend Sergei.[2]

Some years later, Peter Rasputin was harvesting his crop, when suddenly a fellow farmhand noticed a neighbor's tractor heading straight toward Peter's sister, who was playing in the field unaware of the collision. Peter ran towards her and transformed into a metal being and snatched his sister up. Then the tractor hit him and exploded in the impact with his metallic body. Professor X arrived and offered him to come to America to his school. Peter asked his parents and then accepted Xavier's offer, joining the X-Men[3].

Some time later, Piotr returned to Ust-Ordynsky and met Ariana in a church.[4]


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