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American Frontier

During the days of the American Frontier, Utah was traveled by many famous gunfighters.

Along the Wasatc Range, the Ketchum Gang attempted to prevent locals from using a much needed windmill by perpetuating a hoax that it was haunted. However, traveling cowboy Tex Taylor exposed the hoax and helped locals retake the property.[2]

20th Century

In 1938, archaeologist Professor Rangley explored the local tar pits and recovered an intact Tyrannosaurus Tex egg. Rangley brought the egg back with him to New York City to try and hatch.[3]

In 1941, the Sub-Mariner travelled through the region seeking out Nazi spies that were operating in the area.[4] In 1945, Utah was the state where the Radium powered car the Meteor III was tested. When the criminal Dr. Throttle attempted to steal the car during a test run, the Whizzer was on hand to stop him.[5]

In 1949, the hatched and fully grown Tyrannosaurus (dubbed "Tyranno") rampaged through New York City and was mortally wounded battling Captain America and Golden Girl. The creature returned to the tar pit of its birth to die.[3]

Alternate Reality Versions

Old Man Logan (Earth-807128)

In this universe, Utah was renamed into "Hobgoblin State Park". It was site of a battle between Hawkeye and the Juggernaut forty-eight years after the fall of the heroes.[1]

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