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The Utgard-Loki is one of the five Elder Gods who were exiled to Utgard, the Utgard-Loki's personal plane, to escape the Demogorge.[5]


The Utgard-Loki was an Elder God brought to existence by the Demiurge at the creation of the Earth to embody trickery and magic. However, the Elder Gods battled each other in a cyclical battle to destroy and consume their opponents.[4] When his sister Gaea birthed the Demogorge to destroy the wicked Elder Gods, the Utgard-Loki escaped by creating Utgard and hid there. Unlike Chthon or Set, the Utgard-Loki had no problem with sharing his realm. He was joined by four other escaping Elder Gods, Toranos, Kemur, Mejed, and Nrgl, and the five of them formed their own pantheon. The Utgard-Loki gave Gaea the key to Utgard, should she chose to free them for whatever reason in the future.[5]

Disguised as the Frost Giant Skrymir, Utgard-Loki encountered the young Thor and Loki. He invited the two brothers into his castle Utgardhall in Utgard. There he revealed his true form and challenged the duo to a series of contests. Loki fought against Logi in an eating contest, but lost as Logi, a being who embodied fire, consumed the food along with the plates and table as well. Thor accepted the challenge of emptying a drinking horn, but failed as the horn drew its water from the ocean, though he did manage to lower the tide. Loki was then challenged to a footrace by Lukki, the embodiment of Loki's own thoughts, and lost before he could have a chance to start as Lukki moved at the speed of thought. Utgard-Loki then challenged Thor to best an old woman, Elli, in a contest, only for him to completely failed as well, as Elli was secretly Death herself. The final challenge was for Thor to lift a cat off the floor, but he was only able to barely get one paw up as the cat was in fact the Midgard Serpent in disguise. Though they could not complete any task, Utgard-Loki was satisfied by their endurance. He revealed the truth of what had happened, and warned the both of them that if they would meet again all they knew would be destroyed.[3]

Gaea, angry at humanity for damaging her beloved Earth, later freed Toranos. She and Utgard-Loki watched him battle Thor.[1]



Elder God Physiology: As an Elder God, Utgard-Loki is a being of immense magical power.[3]

  • Illusions: Utgard-Loki disguised the Midgard Serpent as a cat so perfectly that Thor did not realize its true nature until it was revealed.[3]
  • Abstract Manifestation: Utgard-Loki's magic transformed abstract concepts like fate and Loki's thoughts into physical objects.[3]


  • Utgard-Loki was designed by Alex Ross.[6]
  • Skrymir took his name to invoke his power.[1]
  • Utgard-Loki's true name cannot be known by anyone until he dies.[3]
  • Loki described him as the embodiment of deep magic,[3] which was used to create Purity as a manifestation of the act of cutting.[7]

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