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Quote1 [T]he Utgard-lands...the shadow-lands, home to those who sit above even the Gods. Quote2

Utgard is a place outside the Ten Realms and all realities.[3] It is home to five exiled Elder Gods of Earth (the Utgard-Loki, Toranos, Kemur, Mejed, and Nrgl) who escaped the Demogorge.[2] It is implied to be the home of Those Who Sit Above in Shadow.[1]


Utgard-Loki (Earth-616) from Immortal Thor Vol 1 8 001

The Utgard-Loki giving Gaea the key to his realm

When the Elder Gods of Earth warred amongst themselves, the uncorrupted Elder Goddess Gaea conceived Atum with the Demiurge to wipe out all the degenerated demonic Elder Gods. Atum became Demogorge and killed nearly every Elder God. Other Elder Gods like Chthon and Set escaped to their own planes, but the Utgard-Loki questioned why only one per plane, as there was strength in numbers. After forming his own plane, Utgard, he joined with four other surviving Elder Gods: Toranos, Kemur, Mejed, and Nrgl. Together, the five created their own pantheon. The Utgard-Loki built a gate to Utgard that lay in all realms and no realm and then gave his sister Gaea the key, in case she would ever wish to release them.[2]

Long millennia after,[1] Loki visited Utgard to talk with Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, as he wished to gain their favor.[4] He ultimately proved himself unworthy of it, however.[5]

During the end of a Ragnarok cycle, Thor journeyed to Utgard in order to confront Those Who Sit Above in Shadow and break himself and his fellow Asgardians out of the cycle, which was feeding Those Who Sit Above in Shadow with the energy they needed to survive. He succeeded in his mission, seemingly slaying Those Who Sit Above in Shadow.[6]

As the last incursion approached, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow took Odin's astral form to Utgard during a dream of his, revealing themselves to still be alive. They told Odin to slay his enemies in the last days of Earth-616, promising to grant him anything he wished if he did so. Odin tried to rally the forces of all Ten Realms in an effort to prevent the destruction of his universe, but failed.[3]

Following Earth-616's destruction, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow got out of Utgard to confront Loki in the Land of Couldn't-Be-Shouldn't-Be, but returned soon afterwards for fearing Loki's theory of them simply being stories given life by the Asgardians' belief to be true.[7]

Wishing things to be better than they were, Gaea unlocked her siblings out of imprisonment and sent Toranos to the long restored Earth-616 to test her son Thor. If Thor failed to become what he had to become, everything would end.[1]



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