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Utopia Isle is a small island nation in the southern sea where the Utopians lived. On Earth-712, the Utopians (the Inhumans of their world) had been experimented on by the Kree to the point where they became powerful beings and isolated themselves from humans.

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With the creation of nuclear weapons on Earth, the Utopians became fearful of the future of the planet and decided to leave the island in a starship of their design.[1]

Power Princess later learned that on Earth-616, at the location where Utopia Isle was on her world was the sunken city of Atlantis. This indicates that the Utopians were a large civilization, whose counterparts on Earth-616 comprised both the Inhumans and the Atlanteans.

It remains unknown what became of the Utopians, but the Squadron Supreme used the ruins on Utopia Isle as their command post[2] and speculated that at some future point they would return to aid their princess in her war against wayward humanity.

Alternate Realities

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

In this reality, the Utopia Isle exists on an alien planet where the Squadron Supreme hail from rather then an alternative Earth, this planet was inevitably destroyed by the Squadron when its people wouldn't bow to their rule. The only known Utopian currently alive is the Squadron member Power Princess.

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The High Judicial Temple

The High Judicial Temple (Pictured right)



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