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The Utopian Parallel is a supposed dimension out of time and of the Multiverse. It was created by the breath of and exists in the presence of the Demiurge.[1] It was later revealed to be a figment of America Chavez's imagination and that the real Utopian Parallel is on a private island on Earth.[2]


America Chavez (Earth-616) from Young Avengers Vol 2 14 003

America fleeing the Utopian Parallel

According to America Chavez, when she was approximately six years old, the Utopian Parallel was threatened by destruction. America's mothers heroically sacrificed themselves to seal the black holes pulling Utopia into the common Multiverse resulting in their particles smearing across the Multiverse itself. Wanting to prove herself as a hero and knowing Utopia didn't require salvation, America ran away from her home and her responsibilities.[3][1]


Utopian Parallel from Young Avengers Vol 2 14 001

Female inhabitants of the Utopian Parallel

Utopian Parallel from Young Avengers Vol 2 14 002

Female inhabitants of the Utopian Parallel

Former Residents[]



  • Aside from the Demiurge, the Utopian Parallel is inhabited entirely by women.[5]

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