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The Utopians had been experimented on by the Kree, to the point where they became powerful beings and therefore isolated themselves from humans (much like the Inhumans of Earth-616).[1]

Utopians hail from Utopia Isle, a small island nation in the southern sea.[1]

Early Years

At the time humans was producing flint spearheads to slay each others, the Utopians had developed a society based on peace, fellowship, and knowledge; free of poverty, injustice, sexual discrimination, crime, or war.[1]

Modern Days

With the creation of nuclear weapons on Earth, the Utopians became fearful of the future of the planet and decided to leave the island in a starship of their design, leaving Zarda behind as their emissary.[1]

The Squadron Supreme used the ruins on Utopia Isle as their command post and speculated that at some future point they would return to aid their princess in her war against wayward humanity.[2]

Alternate Realities

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

In this reality, the Utopian race coexisted in the same universe with the Inhumans but as aliens from another planet rather than an alternative Earth. At some point they once fought alongside Asgardians in the battle of Muspelheim. The planet they lived on was inevitably destroyed by the Squadron Supreme when the people of their world wouldn't bow to their rule. The only known Utopian currently alive is the Squadron member Power Princess.

Heroes Reborn (Earth-TRN852)

Utopians (Race) from Heroes Reborn Vol 2 6 001.jpg

On Earth-TRN852, the Utopians were warriors who possessed magical articles and wielded equipment and weapons reminiscent of Ancient Greece. Power Princess served as a warrior for the Utopians since she was a young girl. One day, she left Utopia Isle for the outside world to satisfy her love for war.[3] However, when she returned to her home, she unintentionally brought with her pathogens that wiped out her fellow Utopians, leaving Zarda as the last Utopian.[4] While the Utopians were gone, they left behind relics that some have used to empower themselves, including the Wrecking Crew and Girl Power.[5]



Zarda Shelton (last remaining Utopian)


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