V-5 was one of eight mutant children born to the scientist and latent mutant Hanna Verschlagen, conceived from different fathers, for the purpose of draining their energy to activate her powers.

When V-1, also known as Hanransha, enlisted the aid of Rictor and Shatterstar to save his siblings, the three mutants, acting on information from Martin Strong and Neurotap, who had taken V-3 and V-4 into custody to protect them from Hanna, traced the four remaining Verschuct brothers to Pochutia, Mexico, where they, accompanied by Neurotap, were captured by Hanna, who intended to use their mutant energies in her experiment to replace those of the missing V-3 and V-4 and the already-deceased V-2. Hanna began draining the eight mutants of their life, becoming a powerful being of pure energy. The Verschuct agreed that they would sacrifice themselves to stop her, and Shatterstar threw his sword through the cables linking Hanna to her children, causing her to overload and explode. The brothers died, but Hanransha was able to thank the other mutants for what they had done for his family before passing on.[1]



This article's image depicts all four of the Verschuct subjects captured by Hanna. It is unclear which is which.

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