A next-generation mech modelled after the SP//dr Suit and incorporating the biomechanical Sym Engine, VEN#m was assigned Addy Brock as a pilot and proved highly compatible with her.

However, during a battle against the energy-draining kaiju M.O.R.B.I.U.S., the VEN#m Suit stopped following Addy's commands and began assimilating her; informing her that it had always been the one in control. When May Parker arrived in an attempt to shut it down manually, the VEN#m Suit assimilated her as well, its faceplate opening into a fanged maw with a prehensile green tongue. SP//dr reactivated and engaged VEN#m, but was overwhelmed by the berserk mech's superior strength and firepower. While critically damaged, SP//dr managed to catch VEN#m off-guard with her Web-Trap Mods, though when she pried the mech's entry hatch open there was nothing inside but a mass of green tendrils.[1]


  • VEN#m going berserk, manifesting a mouth with cuboid teeth, and assimilating its pilot are an homage to Evangelion Units 01 and 03 from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.

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